1975: Maypole dance at old Stockton High School

Record File 1975

Students outside the old Stockton High School dance around the Maypole on May 30, 1975.


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1967: Classier chambers for Stockton City Council

The City Council moved back into its City Hall chambers last night (Aug. 7, 1967) after a seven-week, $27,000 remodeling job that left it looking like this. The room is dominated by a massive new walnut council table that sits in front of the south wall, facing the foyer. There are 75 new spectator seats, nine less than before when the council sat in front of the west wall. But the new seats are more comfortable theater-like versions upholstered in gold fabric. There also are new greenish carpets in the center aisle and vinyl tile flooring elsewhere, a revamped sound system, new drapes, and an overhead projector to aid staff members in presenting visual displays. RECORD FILE 1967

A large crowd turned out for the first meeting in the re-modeled Stockton City Council chambers on Aug. 8, 1967. The remodeling process took seven weeks. The total cost: $27,000.

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1988: The changing face of downtown


A series of photos showing construction of the then American Savings Plaza in downtown Stockton.

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From the ’70s … the 1870s

Record File 1966

When workers were reconstructing Airport Way in 1966, they stumbled upon this 15-foot-wide cistern that was dated to the 1870s. It was built at an approximate cost of $300 to help save storm water for firefighting.

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1945: Downtown Stockton, post war

Record File 1945

Stockton’s Main Street as it looked in 1945.

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1986: A once barren intersection

Calixtro Romias/Record File 1986

You know how “built up” Arch Road is now at Highway 99? That certainly wasn’t the case in 1986.

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1975: First class all the way

This Dalmatian named “Class 1” auditioned outside Stockton’s main fire station on Nov. 12, 1975. The dog was a gift from the Saunders family of Stockton. Said Frank Saunders: “We are giving an A No. 1 first class Dalmatian to an A No. 1 first class mayor, council and fire department.”

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1983: Come sail away

Record File 1983

The Stockton Sailing Club, circa 1983, was filled with members and their boats.

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1977: Where does growth stop?

Record File 1977

Once upon a time the elevation of Stockton was 14 feet above sea level. That’s still pretty much the case. Once upon a time, the population was 122,000 and City Manager Gerald Davenport and much of the city council wanted growth to stop at Bear Creek. The population is now almost triple that, and growth most assuredly has not stopped.

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1971: Keeping Time

Record File 1971

Robert Soares, of 999 N. Lincoln in Stockton, had a 17-foot antique clock installed on April 8, 1971. The clock had originally been in front of a jewelry store in Chehalis, Washington, beginning in 1890. The clock had to be wound with a crank.

Record columnist Michael Fitzgerald wrote an update about the clock in 2013, read about it here.

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