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Winter of Our Discontent

2017 has been a wonderful year for rain and snow. Storms have found their way to California and dropped badly needed and much welcomed precipitation. Reservoirs are full or filling, snow is so deep in places that it covers the chair lifts at ski areas, and for at least one season the drought is no [...]

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‘Dyeing’ on Credit…

I’m retired and for most of the year I can ride whenever I want with no pesky employment obligations getting in the way. But every fall I accept a seasonal job working for a walnut processor. When asked what I do, I could say that I create and manage the grower database, weigh trucks, draw [...]

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Menu Cycliste

The English language, according to ‘Global Language Monitor’, has over 1 million words. And yet we need to borrow words from French, and sometimes change their meaning in the process. One example: in France an ‘entree‘ is a first course of a meal. In the US, it refers to the main course. And we use [...]

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Tires and Tubes and Trouble

In my last post I alluded to a series of unfortunate events that resulted in me sagging twice in the van; first on a long descent and later for nearly an entire day. Here is the tale. On our 3rd day of riding, we started out by climbing the Col d’ Izoard, and on the [...]

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Candle Power

I have just returned from a spectacular week of cycling in the French Alps. Six riders, all friends with Stockton Bike Club connections, hooked up with the touring company 44 | 5. The roads, food, accommodations and social ambiance were all first rate; we had a terrific trip. Allow me one shameless plug: if you are [...]

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Multiple Mechanicals

Perhaps the moon and stars are misaligned. Or maybe our bikes are just getting tired from being ridden so many miles (I just passed 6,000 for the year.) Whatever the cause, recent club rides are being affected by ‘mechanicals’. This is a cyclist’s term for a problem with a bike that occurs during a ride. [...]

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Detective Story Update

Last Sunday I wrote about the irritating noise the CoMotion Tandem was making and my efforts to use my brain and my knowledge of bicycle mechanics (which is not extensive, but also not non-existent) to deduce the culprit and take steps to make sure it didn’t offend again. Recall I had used the ‘little grey [...]

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(un) Truth in Advertising

About 17 miles from the end of the ride, as I was laboring on yet another 1/2 mile of 11% uphill pavement, I was startled by a black bear that emerged from the forest and lumbered across the road, about 100 yards in front of me. The bear moved considerably faster than my 4.2 mph [...]

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Detective Story

As Stoker and I were pedaling about 5 miles from home at the start of our Sunday jaunt to Clements, our CoMotion tandem started to make a very irritating noise. I would describe the sound as something between a scrape and a click. And it was driving me crazy. People who know me and my [...]

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A Near-Death Experience

As we enjoyed a much-deserved post-ride lunch with some much-needed dry rose wine, I noticed Stoker was eating with more enthusiasm than usual . She had ordered a croque monsieur that came with fries. Normally I would expect her to eat about half of what was delivered, but as I finished my salade nicoise I [...]

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