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Rich Freggiaro

Richard Freggiaro is a Stockton area native who grew up on his family’s farm. After an nine year detour to Davis for College, Washington DC for work, and Iowa for graduate school, he returned to San Joaquin County and spent the next quarter century farming with his father. He has been married to Diane for 31 years. He is (mostly) retired which leaves him plenty of time to ride each of his 4 bikes, and he is an enthusiastic and passionate cyclist.

Participation Trophies

I love Strava. I am happy to pay the $60/year it costs to unlock all of its features. The amount of data there is incredible: power curves, heat maps, heart rate numbers, feet of climbing. And segments. A Strava segment is a stretch of road that your GPS measures your time over. Some segments are […]

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Happy Anniversary Stoker…Covid Style

Today is our Anniversary. 38 years ago Stoker and I got married in our rented condo in Des Moines. There were 7 guests and we did our own catering. The Wedding Cake was an ice cream model from Baskin Robbins. Four months later we left our white collar professional lives for the uncertainty of living […]

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A Gambol Gamble

Our Ride Coordinator came up with something completely new yesterday. We started the club ride at Harrah’s Casino on Coal Mine Road. As I drove to the start through some of the worst fog of the year, I knew I was taking a gamble on the weather, but I decided to roll the dice. Not […]

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A Major Mistake

Yesterday I did something I deeply regret. I behaved badly. I want to apologize to the people involved. Rest assured that before I publish this I will have already apologized in person. They do read my blog so they will see it only after I have told them how sorry I am. I’m not going […]

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It’s Over When I Say It’s Over…

…but who is ‘I’? Someone I know put this on their Facebook news feed: It’s a New Year!What are you most looking forward to doing once it’s “safe?” That’s easy. I’m going to get on an Air France flight in Business Class and head to Malaucene. Without a mask on. Stoker will be with me. […]

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Saturday’s Club Ride was full of adventures. LB got a flat just out of Linden. He was at the back and only Dorothy waited. I was ahead and didn’t see it, but I backtracked 1 mile to check on him, then I got in front to pull them both towards the regroup at Escalon Belota […]

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Merry Christmas, Foothill Style

On Thursday, Christmas Eve, I was riding down the steep hill at the bottom of Stoney Creek Road to the wishing well. Safely and legally. I was going to make a left at the Y and head south on Buena Vista Road. I needed to have both hands on the brakes to slow down and […]

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A Revelation…

Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.” I do not have the faintest idea what this means, but for some time I have heard the number 666 referred to as ‘The Number of the Beast’. […]

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Some Friendly Advice…

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I don’t do politics on Facebook. Many of my friends do, and I sometimes am tempted to join the fun. But I restrain myself. I’ve never changed anyone’s mind about anything anyway. But if you are going to express opinions on Facebook, you will have more credibility if […]

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“Now is the Winter…

…of our discontent”. Boy did The Bard even get that one right. I’m writing this at 6 am. Steve and I are supposed to do that Silly Solstice Century I dreamed up starting at 9 am today. You know, the route that never crosses itself or backtracks, all while staying within the magic 20 kilometres […]

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