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Rich Freggiaro

Richard Freggiaro is a Stockton area native who grew up on his family’s farm. After an nine year detour to Davis for College, Washington DC for work, and Iowa for graduate school, he returned to San Joaquin County and spent the next quarter century farming with his father. He has been married to Diane for 31 years. He is (mostly) retired which leaves him plenty of time to ride each of his 4 bikes, and he is an enthusiastic and passionate cyclist.

A Prandial Pandemic

Stoker grew up in Waterloo. Iowa. She was born at the leading edge of the Baby Boom decade, and her preteen years were the 1950’s. Her father was a postman whose duties allowed him to come home for lunch and prepare a mid-day repast for his daughters, with Stoker being the oldest of 4. Stoker’s […]

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2020: The Year That Keeps On Giving

As you know, I’ve been a bit morose these last 4 months, watching our planned trips implode and our net worth fluctuate and our country come apart. Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse… I went to Sisters, Oregon last week for a 5 day cycling tour/performance camp. My first time away from Brumby […]

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Here in My Bosom…

And at Home…And at Home…And at Home… It seems like I’m cheating, quoting poetry by a contemporary of Shakespeare to fill up a blog. But Ben Jonson’s poem “A Farewell to the World” seems so appropriate just now. The last three stanzas especially: Else I my state should much mistakeTo harbour a divided thoughtFrom all […]

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Cast in Stone…

Statues are coming down all over the United States. Some are being toppled in anger, and some are being removed in fear. This is not a political blog, so I’m not going to say what I think of this. Perhaps I am cheering as statues of Robert E Lee or Andrew Jackson are roped up […]

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Brain Freeze…

There is a different term for this in common usage, but it is semi-vulgar and this is a high class blog. So ‘brain freeze’ will have to suffice. Stoker and I went to ride with Dr. Carl on Saturday. He is a good friend who has been dealt a bad hand with a health issue […]

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Ride Middle Bar, then head for the bar…oops, they are closed.

I only remember needing to walk my bike up a hill once. It was on the very steep Charleston Road out of Volcano. I was doing the climb for the first (and last) time with Ray R. I was behind him, and an oncoming car on the narrow road made me stop and put a […]

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Cycling With Sisyphus

My knowledge of Greek Mythology is almost completely lacking, as I am frequently reminded when the category comes up on Jeopardy. But I know about Sisyphus. He was this king who was a scumbag and angered the Gods by trying to cheat death. So Zeus sentenced him to an eternal life doing the pleasant task […]

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Can You Handle That (Bike)?

I decided to give myself a 64th birthday present of a Road Bike Skills training session. Bruce Hendler of Athleticamps in Folsom ( offers a 90 minute, one on one session covering the basics or stopping, cornering, bike control, and vision. I never felt like I was an especially good bike handler, and I’m always […]

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Catching the Cycling Bug…

Today’s blog is kind of a ramble, but stick with it. The title will make sense in a bit. For 20 years, I did 1 to 4 Stockton Bike Club rides every week that I wasn’t travelling. I would see perhaps 20 different people on those rides each week, sometimes more. I would chase some […]

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The Trip is Finally Over

Today’s entry on my calendar says “RF & DF fly home early”. I’m writing this at around 4 PM PDT Sunday June 7, which is almost the exact time we expected to arrive at Casa Brumby for a reunion with our dog Luke, followed by a couple of days of jet lag and adjusting to […]

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