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Rich Freggiaro

Richard Freggiaro is a Stockton area native who grew up on his family’s farm. After an nine year detour to Davis for College, Washington DC for work, and Iowa for graduate school, he returned to San Joaquin County and spent the next quarter century farming with his father. He has been married to Diane for 31 years. He is (mostly) retired which leaves him plenty of time to ride each of his 4 bikes, and he is an enthusiastic and passionate cyclist.

Smart Alec Software Part 2

The new Garmin 830 is a really wonderful device. Simple to use, connects with my phone easily, seems to have plenty of battery life, and smaller and lighter than the Edge 1000 it replaced. But it’s manners are terrible. First a caveat: The 30 mile flat ride on a nearly wind free morning at a […]

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Smart Alec Software…

My Garmin 1000 died a a few weeks back. After 5 years and almost 1,000 rides, it was kind of like losing an old, familiar friend. I even wrote a blog tribute to it. But all things must end, even ‘stay at home orders’, or at least so we are told. My new Garmin 830 […]

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The Ride Not Taken…

My calendar for May has multiple entries on it. Unfortunately, they are all for events that were supposed to happen in France. For example May 15 reads “Steve arrives”. That was when our friend Steve was supposed join us in Malaucene. Today’s entry (May 17) says “Rich and Steve”. We had scheduled a long guided […]

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Recon Ride…

Today’s ride was pointless..which was the point. I rode hills on Monday, a long and very windy loop around Comanche on Wednesday, and some intervals/segments on Friday. Today I could very reasonably stay off the bike and do yard work. Again. Stoker is always finding something for me to dig up or cut back. From […]

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28 and Counting…

No, that is not the number of weeks Stoker and I have been under house arrest. That would be 8, not 28. Cyclist is a UK based website They have compiled a list of the Top 100 cycling climbs in the world. Since we are stuck at home instead travelling in France, enjoying cycling […]

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Sign of the Times

From the San Joaquin County Order: Now since exercise is also an ‘essential’ activity, a clever attorney should be able to argue that we can travel with our bikes wherever we want as long as we are doing it for the ‘essential activity’ of cycling exercise. I can see from following my Strava friends that […]

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If a Ride Is Not on Strava…

…did it actually happen? My Garmin Edge 1000 quit yesterday. The power switch broke and there is no way to turn it on or off. I used a small screwdriver to press the switch tab, and the Edge tried to boot up, but immediately shut off again. And when I tried to use the USB […]

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Getting Clipped

Stoker cuts my hair, what little there is of it. I keep it short, attempting to make a virtue of necessity. So she sets the trimmer as low as it will go and gives me a buzz cut. Stoker is not so fortunate. All the salons and barbershops are closed for the duration. The indeterminate […]

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The Best Laid Plans…

I doubt anyone is interested in my opinions regarding societal and governmental reactions to the Corona Virus situation. And since I only write for the entertainment of my readers (all 10 of them, if you count our dog Luke) you won’t find any rants here. I do think people might be interested in what Stoker […]

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Put not your trust…

… in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help. Obligatory cycling content: I’m doing another flat ride from home today. Following all the rules. But I’m not happy about it. When I went to college I was rather naive. I thought I was going there to learn something. But […]

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