Presto, the Prestaflator Disappears!

My friend Bennie does magic tricks. He is very good. Don’t play cards for money with him.

On Friday I did a trick of my own. I was installing new tubeless tires on my road bike and I made my Prestaflator disappear.

Road bike tires use Presta valves, which are different from the more familiar Schrader values used on most automobile or mountain bike tires. The Prestaflator is a device that you attach to an air compressor to pump up tires with Presta valves.

My Tubeless Tool: Also works on auto tires.

Installing road tubeless tires can be a bit of a struggle. I have said that it helps to be retired and have plenty of time to kill, because these tires do not always go on quickly or easily. And it is almost essential to use an air compressor. You need a quick burst of air to snap the tire bead onto the rim, and a normal hand pump just won’t do it.

So on Friday I finally got the tire on and the bead seated. Since I had the compressor out I decided to change the Prestaflator head and put on a Schrader adapter to check the tire pressure on the our Honda Element and Accord. Remember high school chemistry? PxV/T=K? Colder weather lowers the pressure, so I brought them back to the top of the recommended range.

As I was finishing up and putting things away, Stoker called to me from the front yard and wanted to show me something. Alas, another ‘honey do’ to do. I stopped what I was doing and hastened to see what was up.

After seeing the next task Stoker had for me, I went back into the garage to finish putting my tools away. I looked for the Prestaflator high and low, but I couldn’t find it. Bennie was not around, but could he operate at a distance? I finally gave up and figured it would appear at some point.

Next I headed off to Lodi on a political errand. Since this is not a political blog, you will just have to guess.

When I got back I started another, more intensive search for the Prestaflator. I looked everywhere. Did I put it in the refrigerator?

I decided to go for a short bike ride to clear my head. And I solved the mystery. On the shoulder of Eight Mile Road, just west of Highway 88, my trusty Prestaflator lay in pieces.

Apparently I was in such a hurry to hie me thither to Stoker’s side, that I put the Prestaflator on the roof of my Honda Element, out of sight and out of mind. As I drove to complete my errand it fell off unnoticed. Years of trusty tubeless assistance came to an ignoble end.

My Nonna, when she had something she needed to remember, used to put a rubber band around her wrist. When my new Prestaflator arrives and I put it to work, perhaps I will try her method.

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