Brain Freeze…

There is a different term for this in common usage, but it is semi-vulgar and this is a high class blog. So ‘brain freeze’ will have to suffice.

Stoker and I went to ride with Dr. Carl on Saturday. He is a good friend who has been dealt a bad hand with a health issue that requires him to keep his heart rate down. Since he is quite fit and likes to ride, that is a problem. But he is dealing with it and he purchased an e-bike so that if he meets a head wind or hill he can reign in his natural instinct to work harder. He keeps an eye his heart rate and increases the e-power as necessary.

After the ride we stopped on his concrete driveway where the Element was parked. Stoker dismounted and I continued to straddle the CoMotion while Carl and I chatted. Keeping the safe social distance of course. Stoker was out of sight changing her shoes. As Carl walked off I threw my right leg back and over my saddle to dismount.

Remember Which Bike You Are On, Or Suffer the Consequences

Oops, that is not how I dismount the tandem. My leg hit Stoker’s handlebar and I went down in an uncontrolled fall. The bike banged my shin (OUCH!) and my shoulder hit the concrete. That didn’t hurt much at the time but soon afterwards it got really sore. Nothing broken, and I’m better today.

I simply forgot which bike I was on. I was talking to Carl like I have many times after a ride, and my mind reverted to ‘normal club ride bike’ instead of ‘Stoker bike’. I’ve had something like this happen when making a sudden unexpected stop on the tandem. On a single bike I unclip my right foot. Always have. But Stoker wanted me to unclip on the left side, so I do. If I get really rushed and need to stop the tandem quickly the reflex sometimes takes over and I put the wrong (right is wrong?!) foot down, which feels really shaky for both of us.

Wrong foot stops have never brought us down, but my solo swan dive Saturday sure toppled me.

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