Recon Ride…

Today’s ride was pointless..which was the point. I rode hills on Monday, a long and very windy loop around Comanche on Wednesday, and some intervals/segments on Friday. Today I could very reasonably stay off the bike and do yard work. Again. Stoker is always finding something for me to dig up or cut back.

From the moment I got up this morning (at 4 AM; ‘Corona doth murder sleep’) I felt off. A vague mild headache, a stomach that didn’t think coffee was a great idea, and a listless attitude. At 6 AM I took the dog for a walk and after breakfast set out on my pointless ride. No power or heart rate targets, just ‘cycletherapy’ to try to improve my mood.

I decided to ride into Lodi to see how the town was coping with the panicdemic. Downtown was deserted. The parking lot at In Shape was empty. I headed over to Lodi Lake and rolled around the park. There were lots of walkers and a few people setting up blankets and chairs for what looked to be a long lazy day in the park. But it was very quiet. No laughter or shrieking children or music, just quiet dazed people.

And kayakers. Here is where I discovered my first pandemic paradox. The boat ramp was closed.

Danger: Virus Ahead

The kayakers were obeying the sign. Instead they were using the slippery, muddy and steep banks of the river 100 yards away to launch their vessels. I watched one woman almost trip and fall. She risks a broken ankle, but she follows the rules!

The somber mood on what should have been a delightful Saturday in the Park followed me as I started my ride home. But then at Micke Grove Park I was reassured. The park is still closed of course, but they might possibly open sometime this summer, or fall, and when they do it will be secure. Look at the protectors they have installed to make that deadly sport of disc golf safe.

Paper or Plastic?

Speaking of plastic, there is yet another pandemic paradox. For years we have been told that plastic is evil and we need to stop using it. Single use plastic grocery bags are ILLEGAL in California. Well it took a while, but I finally got used to the idea of bringing my own bags to the grocery store.

But a few weeks back I was standing in line to check out, on my designated spot marked by an ‘x’ taped on the floor. I was getting out my bags when I noticed a sign informing me that I could no longer bring my own bags. My jaw dropped in astonishment, although no one saw it drop because I was wearing my N95 respirator.

So now the same authorities who took our plastic bags away because they destroy the earth are telling us that our reusable bags are a deadly hazard and must be replaced with…plastic bags! The Circle of Life!

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