If a Ride Is Not on Strava…

…did it actually happen?

My Garmin Edge 1000 quit yesterday. The power switch broke and there is no way to turn it on or off. I used a small screwdriver to press the switch tab, and the Edge tried to boot up, but immediately shut off again. And when I tried to use the USB cord to connect it to my PC, the device refused to communicate.

Funeral for a Friend: RIP Edge 1000

Since my Garmin Edge is almost 5 years old, and has been with me for 944 rides and about 33,000 miles of road vibrations, I’m not disappointed with the quality of the product. I called Garmin Tech Support and learned that they no longer service this model. But they have a trade in program. I could get a refurbished Edge 1000 for $200, or a new Edge 830 for $320, an $80 discount from retail. I opted for the new one.

By the way, I have had excellent experiences with Garmin Tech Support. Over the years my Edge got confused occasionally, but I was always able to get the issues resolved with their help. Once we had to delete a file and then turn the device back on, and I would never have been able to do that on my own.

I actually was a little late to adopt GPS cycling technology. I purchased and used cyclocomputers almost as soon as they came on the market. All of these devices worked by attaching a small magnet to a spoke and mounting a small sensor on the front fork. Every time the magnet passed the sensor the computer would register a rotation. You had to program the wheel diameter when you set up the device, and the computer would combine that information with an internal clock to show your speed and distance and elapsed time.

Over the years, these devices got more clever and more complex. They added features like heart rate monitors, power monitors and altimeters. But they all still relied on the magnets. You could get faster by reprogramming your device with a slightly exaggerated wheel diameter. In fact, a friend of mine once installed a new device, but accidentally left the old magnet on the wheel when he put on the new one, so the computer doubled his speed. He thought he had a defective device until he discovered the error. And no that wasn’t me.

But with GPS technology magnets and wheel diameters are unnecessary. These amazing devices follow you from space and record speed and distance and elevation. If you wish you can easily add power sensors or heart rate sensors. And they have built in maps so you can navigate, and they will even suggest a route to a destination you choose.

You could also move the device from bike to bike, without any need to set up additional wheel magnets or sensors. Since I have 4 bikes this was a really nice feature.

When I finally decided to go GPS, I got the most expensive one I could: The Garmin Edge 1000. Touch screen, color display, maps built in, current temperature, everything I wanted and lots of stuff I didn’t need put there to confuse me. Actually after a very helpful tutoring session with one of those Garmin tech people, I discovered the device is pretty simple to operate and customize for your needs. No more difficult than a cell phone.

With GPS technology you can upload your rides to Strava, where your friends can see them and laugh at how slowly you are riding. Strava lets you keep your information private and not on display, but I like to entertain people, so I make everything public. You can see just how slowly I climbed the Stelvio or what the temperature was at the top (42 degrees and raining, delightful!).

So I’m sending my old Edge back to Garmin, where they will either refurbish it or recycle it. The Edge has been my cycling companion for quite a time, measuring every heartbeat and kilojoule of work or mile of road. Today Stoker and I plan to ride, but since I am temporarily without a Garmin I’ll have to guess at distance and speed. And the ride will not be on Strava. So did it really happen?

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