The Gavin Game

The rules of The Gavin Game are simple. You take a glass and a bottle of your preferred libation and pour yourself a large ration. I use Cote du Rhone vin rouge, but you can choose your personal favorite. Then settle in front of the TV for the Governor’s daily briefing. Every time Gavin says “meet this moment” or “in real time’ take a sip. Better make them really small sips. You will certainly need to refill the glass and probably uncork a second bottle. But that is nothing to worry about since you are not leaving the house anyway. Siesta time…

Let me say that here on Brumby Road we are following ALL of Gavin’s and SJ County’s rules. ALL of them. Stoker has not left home at all for weeks, except on the back of the CoMotion. I have only ventured out for groceries, prescriptions and bike rides. I only ride from my house, because to drive with my bike to where there are some hills to climb would be ‘non-essential’ travel. Mount Diablo is closed to cars but somehow they are allowing hikers and bike riders. The idea of driving over the Altamont to take advantage of this is incredibly tempting, but as I say I’m following ALL the rules.

Aren’t They Ever Going to Leave?

The rules are a real irritation, but at least I have a few distractions. First distraction is Luke. Luke cannot understand why his quiet time home alone has disappeared. His people normally vanish for long stretches of time during the day so he can get some of the 22 hours of sleep he needs in solitary peace. Now they are always around and he kind of mopes through the house looking confused and sleepy.

Also Luke cannot figure out why he is getting walked by Rich every morning. Rich makes him start his walk earlier than that lay-a-bed Stoker, and Rich also walks him about twice as long. Luke loves this, but every day? Should’t Rich be off riding in some hills getting ready for France?

Ah yes, another distraction to keep me entertained during this crisis. Watch our planned trip unravel in stages. This trip has several components all booked and paid for long ago. To make things interesting I have to deal with Air France, a tour company, a landlady, a hotel owner, an airport transportation company and a good friend who was going to join us for part of the journey. So far the only official cancellation is Air France. Our April 28 departure flight is grounded. We were planning to stay until June 7, and I doubt any part of the trip is going to happen, although the Cevennes tour scheduled for May 30 to June 6 hasn’t been officially scratched. But it likely will be.

Yet another distraction while stuck at home: watch a magic show. The trick is called ‘The Great Net Worth Disappearance”, and you can watch it ‘in real time’ (Thanks Gavin!) 6:30 am until 1 PM, Monday through Friday. Spare the jokes about 401 K’s turning into 201 K’s.

So as you can see, I have plenty of entertainment during this home confinement prison sentence. I even got out my pressure washer to clean the brick walkways and the siding of the house.

I’ve said we are following ALL the rules. But on the CoMotion Stoker and I are breaking the 6 foot rule, although we are trying to apply it to ourselves at all other times. Well, almost all other times…

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