The Sun Came Out…

…eventually.  All morning we had light rain, or some heavier rain. Our 9 am start got pushed back to 10, 11, and then after lunch. We ate ham and cheese croissants for lunch and it was still cold and wet.

Finally at 1 PM the sun came out and we hit the road. Our first objective was Faucon, about 10 miles away. There is a pretty 2 mile stretch of mostly uphill road to get to the village.

From here we had lots of options, and we picked the right one. Or maybe the prayer candles did. The sun was gone and there were a few drops, but nothing major yet.

We headed for Mollans on a road that I think we have been on before. But never on our own, without a guide. We arrived thirsty and decided to get a Perrier in the same bar where we usually get coffee.

Our timing was perfect. As soon as we sat down inside with our drinks, the darkening sky opened up with a downpour. The bike got wet but we were nice and dry inside. Another cycling couple was not so fortunate; they arrived about 10 minutes later and they were soaked.

During the Perrier break there were 5 delightful French children ages 4 to 7 or so playing. Their parents were either the bar man and his wife or the customers, or both. The kids were fascinated with our cycling mirrors and with my efforts to use Google Translate to communicate. 

We left Mollans on wet roads but under sunny skies. We decided to extend our ride on the back road to Malaucene via Beaumont. On a little tiny lane of a road we heard oncoming traffic and pulled over to “share the road” with some antique tractors. There has been a show in Malaucene every May we have been here, but this is the first time we’ve met a group on the road. The drivers looked like they were having a blast, and we clapped and waved and smiled. The drivers all smiled and waved back.

After the post ride shower we took a walk and went to look at all the old iron. There were some really classic looking tractors,  some lovingly restored, and others with an original patina. In other words, faded paint and rust. On our way home we decided to have a glass of rosè at a cafe, since it was almost 6:30 and well into the cocktail hour.

We really enjoyed the ride and were happy we stayed dry. The candle providence continues.

Stoker writes: Because of the rainy start, it was really good we waited to ride until after lunch.  But it was a great ride!  Rich says I’m riding much better than I did at home, so I am happy.  And if Stoker isn’t happy, no one is happy. (Old tandem cycling joke.)

About food today…….we would have starved without our favorite bakery.  We had our usual cornflakes and strawberries and raisins and yogurt for breakfast, thinking we would ride and have our usual lunch at one of the great restaurants nearby.  But when we decided to wait to ride…..what would we eat before heading out?  Well, it was ham and cheese croissants that Rich ran down to buy at the bakery.  That was lunch.  We rode and came home starving.  And ate this great pizza bread that Rich had also found at the bakery in the morning.  After a half carafe of rosè downtown at 6 pm, we went home and noshed on fresh bread we bought on the way home….at the bakery…….and cheese, ham, salad, tapenade we had at the house.

Now, watching The Voice (French version), I am ready to eat the dessert we brought home earlier…..from the bakery.  It is a cookie.  Rich is having a strawberry tart.

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