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Saddle-sore pedicab operator quits

Elizabeth Wong writes: “Finished. “I have decided to not renew my Stockton business license & pedicab permit for Pacific Pedicabs for mainly the lack of support by the City of Stockton in making any adjustments to the pedicab ordinances: permit fees and expiration date, inclusiveness in any large city organized events (Holiday Christmas Tree Lighting [...]

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Leiba: City money hijinks may hinder public safety

Ned Leiba, a CPA and fiscal watchdog, writes: “When you speak of Measure A, do not forget Measure W.  100% of the tax has been raised and remitted to the City, but the City has not been able to meet its police and fire hiring goals, e.g., 25 added police slots were funded while 45 [...]

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What police accomplished in 2017

To complement today’s column on crime in Stockton this year, here are some of the Stockton Police Department’s 2017 accomplishments. I bolded some of the most notable. * Chief Jones was named Chair of Cal Chiefs evidence based policing subcommittee. * Was a platinum ASTORS award winner for Best Crime Prevention Program – “Project Forbode”. [...]

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A sign of respect

Signs of the Times trade magazine eulogizes Stockton electric sign wizard Chuck Barnard:   “Barnard had a vision as unique as Las Vegas itself, and he brought it to life. He “painted” the entire city using lights in a way and a scale that hadn’t been seen before. … With each successive design, Barnard broke [...]

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Tubbs makes Forbes’ 30 Under 30

Mayor Michael Tubbs appears in Forbes magazine’s December “30 Under 30″ issue of up-and-coming leaders and innovators — dressed in $13,283 worth of designer clothes. “Few American cities have the same notoriety as Stockton, California,” begins Forbes, which did much to enhance that notoriety by twice declaring Stockton America’s Most Miserable City. “Native son Michael [...]

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Supervisor Miller on county homelesness efforts

Supervisor Kathy Miller writes: “The County did move forward with a position for a Coordinator of Homeless Services (the co-called “homeless czar”–MF).  We have secured funding for the first year of the position through a one-time grant from the Community Corrections Partnership (AB109), since 15% of the homeless population are either from their recently incarcerated [...]

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Mendelson: Reducing homelessness takes years

Jon Mendelson, executive director of Ready to Work, writes: “Thanks for sharing the thoughts of Councilwoman Fugazi on your blog. After reading it, I felt compelled to respond, as I believe we are heading in the right direction regarding homelessness. Forward, not backward. “First, I give the councilwoman credit for going to the encampments and [...]

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Fugazi: We’re going backwards on homelessness

Council member Christina Fugazi participated in a clean-up over the weekend and posted this: “This post shows how the homeless issue does not appear to be lessening, but in fact growing. “… The lines keep getting longer and longer and the number of homeless throughout Stockton has never been more prevalent. I have no idea where [...]

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McNerney introduces “geoengineering” bill

  Stockton Congressman Jerry McNerney has introduced legislation to explore combating climate change through “geoenginering.” Geoengineering is “the deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s natural systems to counteract climate change.” “Today, the Congressman has introduced H.R. 4586, the Geoengineering Research Evaluation Act,” his office announced. “This legislation would provide for a federal commitment to the creation [...]

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No, we do have bananas

Back in August, when a Sacramento nonprofit brought its Banana Festival to Stockton, we looked in vain for any banana-growing farmer in San Joaquin County. But they don”t grow here. Too cold, said the county Agricultural Commissioner. That brought an e-mail from Margatita Diaz. Diaz said bananas grow nicely in her yard. Now Diaz writes [...]

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