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Cosmic talk about a new venture

The “common sense conservative” who went on Judge Judy while running against Sen. Cathleen Galgiani has a new venture: The Space Between. Steven Davis’ proposes to bring Wi-fi to rural areas. He has an eye-catching website. While the site’s visuals are impressive, it’s unclear how the public will react to the schroomed-out, cosmic text. Sample […]

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Stockton’s clandestine organist

Today we mark the passing of Richard Timmins, the ex-spy who rocked the magnificent pipe organ hidden in Stockton’s Masonic Temple. He was 86. Timmins played the organ and piano for seven U.S. presidents. He once played the thunderous organ in Notre Dame in Paris for John. F. Kennedy. He loved the 1921 Hope-Jones pipe […]

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Are urban nutria a threat to our pets? And to us?

An obvious hole in my column about nutria invading Stockton: do they pose a danger to our pets? Or to us? “They will tangle with dogs,” said Peter Tira, the spokesman for the state Department of Fish and Wildlife. Nutria prefer to submerge or duck into the bushes, Tira said. “However, when confronted with no […]

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A house that had it coming

I named it the “Mystery House” because it just stood there for decades, vacant and incomplete. What was the deal? And because of its perverse staying power in the face of city efforts to force its completion or abatement. As best as can be determined – officials still aren’t clear on some aspects — the […]

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Police use of force: the U.S. Supreme Court’s view

From the Association of Deputy District Attorneys, an interesting piece on police use of force. Of less interest than the legislation under discussion are the first principles of police use of force laid out in a Supreme Court case called Graham v. Connor. When instances of police use of force occur locally, a lot of people […]

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A likable candidate’s not-so-near miss

San Joaquin County’s candidate for governor, Albert Mezzetti, a vigorous, 92-year-old rural Manteca Democrat and darkest-horse candidate  — well, he didn’t win. But Mezzetti did garner 7,179 votes. Mezzetti ran on an odd platform of gun rights, feminism and weaning youth from brain-frying marijuana. “Fortunately God has been good to me,” Mezzetti wrote me in […]

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A Cambodian costumer’s gallery

Lon Chan, subject of today’s column, sends photos of his work as costumer of the Khmer Ballet of Stockton. I was struck by a couple things I learned. One, that Chan orders fabrics from craftspeople in Cambodia who still make the elaborate fabrics by hand loom as they have done for centuries, some virtually in […]

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Bobby at the Mall

Maria Flumani writes: “Read the article with interest this morning. Robert Kennedy also visited the Weberstown Mall during this time and I was fortunate enough to see him in person with my very young daughters. “I remember having moved to California recently, not yet driving – walking to the Mall from our apartment to see […]

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Captured nutria granted clemency

If, like me, you worry officials are moving too slowly on the nutria eradication — that super-destructive nutria are going to take over the Delta — this will not reassure you. It’s from a Department of Fish and Wildlife briefing (see bottom paragraph). “Nutria captured by Lathrop Animal Services on 4/9/18 (reported to CDFW on […]

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Dewey defeats Truman

Intrepid journalist Motecuzoma Sanchez posted this on his 209 Times Facebook page last night: Minor problem: The board unanimously approved Deasy’s hire. The post was taken down and replaced by an accurate one — with no correction, of course.

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