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Water rights: is there a better way?

Throughout my career I have accepted as fair and beneficial that certain farmers have senior water rights. I believed this not only because the principle of first-come, first serve seemed fair but because I could not imagine an alternative system of water allocation that was not dominated by the powerful special interests that have subordinated [...]

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Anteros Club: a class thing

Carmen Spradley, intrigued by Stockton’s Anteros Club, sends an excerpt from “Exploring the Nineteenth-Century City,” by Jacob Friefeld. She writes: “Probably more than you’d need for your column, but it is pretty interesting, and it puts the construct of the bachelor club into sociological context.” “Excerpts from the Friefeld piece:”As middle-class domesticity became a pervasive [...]

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Speaking of Anteros …

The Anteros Club, subject of Fitz’s Stockton, was not the only thing bearing the moniker of Anteros, Greek god of love requited, or love returned. In 1912, Stephens Bros. boat builders of Stockton built a ferry named Anteros for William Colberg. “Colberg ran a transportation service throughout the Delta before the network of roads, bridges [...]

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The art of fence-sitting

These campaign signs were spotted on a north Stockton lawn. The problem is that Holman and Grewal are running for the same District 1 council seat. It’s rare to see someone supporting rival candidates. But it’s a free country.

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Silva goes south again

In the first six months of his tenure, Mayor Anthony Silva generated talk of recall by his dismaying lack of decorum and destructive attacks on his fellow council members. Then he cleaned up his act. Now he’s backsliding. The other day Silva went to a lowbrow Facebook site and gave a “like” to a post [...]

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Mark Lewis rides off on the Gravy Train

Mark Lewis, Stockton’s controversial city manager 2001-06, has resigned as Chowchilla’s city manager. Under pressure, it appears. “Mayor Richard Walker said it was best for the city to break ties with Lewis,” this story says. The city agreed to pay Lewis severance worth $122,525 — or $13, 613 a month — for nine months,though Lewis’ [...]

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Chart of the day

Stockton residents are far more likely than average Americans to struggle at speaking English, a new Brookings study says. A problem endemic to the whole San Joaquin Valley, evidently. Look for a story about this in Sunday’s Record.

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Rain rain, going away

It’s still raining, but the weather soon will revert to “persistent and intense” drought for at least the next three months, this L.A. Times story says. Oh, bad. Our region typically receives 30% to 40% of its precipitation during those months, the story says. It is also arguably bad because the drought is an effective [...]

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Hope for historic City Hall

Two lines in the story about City Hall’s unlucky rain damage (see item below) gives some hope that all is not lost for Stockton’s historic City Hall. “It is no secret City Hall is in need of renovation,” the story says. “The city has been planning tentatively to temporarily move its headquarters into office space [...]

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A rather superstitious proposal

I don’t believe in the supernatural, but I’m afraid of it anyway. Particularly when giving thought to the city of Stockton’s bad luck. As reported in this story, the city plugged its drains for one day during the Asparagus Festival — and Mother Nature chose that one day to break a historic drought and rain. [...]

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