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Brown proposes pulling a Stockton

Instead of cutting costs, Stockton tried refinancing its huge pension debt with a $124.5 million penion obligation bond. Unfortunately, the city did so at the top of the market. When the recession took the economy south, tax revenue plummeted, and the city lacked the means to service the bond debt. Bankruptcy ensued. Now Gov. Jerry [...]

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What a difference

Mayor Michael Tubbs’ first State of the City Address provided a complete contrast to any done by his precedessor, Anthony Silva. Silva, of course, donned a weird medieval helmet and waved a mace around during his first address. Leaving many to wonder what kind of Bozo Stockton has put in the mayor’s office. But the [...]

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Introducing Calli Grace

Gina Ortega writes: “My daughter … Calli Grace … is a local 15 year old singer/songwriter.” “Through the help of friends and family in the community, Calli was able to produce a music video to an inspirational song she wrote, “Legend.” … “Proceeds generated from the sales of “Legend” on iTunes will be donated to [...]

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Scared into district voting

  When I express reservations about district voting, some readers recoil as if I had produced the hood of a Grand Kleagle from a drawer and pulled it over my face. I look at district voting vs. Stockton’s former hybrid system as I look at internal combustion vs. deisel engines. Both have advantages, both have [...]

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The Gravy Train …

… is rolling through San Diego. Fed-up San Diego voters approved a salary freeze in 2012 as a way to halt the ginormous growth of public employee pensions. But city administrators found a loophole and approved more than $4 million in pay raises for managers. All of which increase the city’s pension debt, of course. [...]

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Another asparagus capital

Duane Clark writes: “Looks like Stockton has competition. What do you think?” I love that sign. As for competition … I went to a dinner party over the weekend and, unless I miss my guess, the asparagus on the table was Stockton-grown. I’d say both Hadley and Stockton have it good. Here’s some asparagus recipes [...]

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Silva’s preposterous motion

In an impressive display of lawyerly cynicism, former Mayor Anthony Silva’s attorneys actually argued in court yesterday that Silva should be allowed to return to work at the nonprofit from which he allegedly embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s for the poor, needy kids, you see. “Mr. Silva was the lifeline of that club,” [...]

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The university Stockton deserves

“The analysis clearly shows that Stockton and the surrounding metropolitan area are the most underserved region in California, and that there would be local, regional and statewide economic development benefits from establishing a new CSU-Stockton campus.” — “Impact Assessment of a Proposed Public Comprehensive University: California State University Stockton,” by UOP’s Center for Business & [...]

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Delta bogey man faces challenger

A Visalia prosecutor has thrown his hat in the ring against Republican Congressman Devin Nunes, a scourge of the Delta who has called the smelt a “stupid little fish.” As Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Nunes so badly botched the House investigation into the Trump campaign’s Russia ties he had to recuse himself. That bungling, [...]

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Spring at last in Stockton

And roses are in glorious bloom a the house of Mikal Hoover and partner Vanessa Hadady.    

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