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Police shootings: a new era of openness

Here is today’s column on new laws allowing the public to see police misconduct records. There are catches and conditions in these laws. Overal, though, they are a big step in the right direction. Below is the complete statement by San Joaquin County District Attorney Tori-Verber Salazar on these new laws, followed by a chart […]

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Why the First People oppose the tunnels

  One bad aspect of WaterFix I failed to fully appreciate is the impact the twin tunnels would have on the Winnemem Wintu Tribe of Northern California. I knew they ate salmon via subsistence fishing, and that water diversions have drastically reduced their catch. But salmon are actually the nucleus of their whole culture. “In […]

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Declare Cal-Mex the state food, eat at Mi Ranchito

Gustavo Arrelano of the LA Times says ‘Cal-Mex’ food should be declared the state cuisine. Agreed! Arrelano recommends visiting Mi Ranchito, among other places, as a way to “inspire Californians to explore their state one delicious bite at a time.” Arrelano visited Stockton in July. He must have been totally smitten with the Steak Ranchero, […]

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Tracy man think’s he’s cracked Zodiac case

Since the D.B. Cooper case has been solved, maybe we should tackle the Zodiac Killer. Neal Haight of Tracy thinks he has the answer. “Hi Mike,           “Great news-I found the Zodiac Killer. A handwritten note, written by Steven Kent Hodel, has similarities to letters written by the Zodiac between 1969 […]

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New marina market opens (without beer)

SMG, the citys’ venue management company, took over the municipal marina last Spring. “Our entire vision is just to make this whole waterfront a destination and bring people down here,” said Kendra Clark, SMG’s local manager. In June Clark promised changes, such as WiFi at the marina, and coming attractions, such as popular music bands […]

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Stockton’s newest public artwork “really cool”

“Transcending Vessels,” by Denver artist Mike Clapper, has gone up along Thornton Road at Estate Drive. A 100-foot long ribbon of wavy stainless steel water, buoying three ships representing different Stockton eras, the piece is supported by three giant rusty steel tule plants. “I just try to distill the place down to its essence,” said […]

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The low ranking that matters most

  Stockton is one of the least educated big cities in the United States, a new study finds. Wallet Hub ranked Stockton 143 out of 150 for educational attainment. In fact, five of the nation’s educational cellar dwellers — Modesto, Fresno, and Bakersfield and Visalia, too — are in the Central Valley. Visalia ranked dead last at […]

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Reader: Why does City Hall still close on Fridays?

Lorne Truscott writes: “Perhaps you could give us an update on the status of City of Stockton employees.  After the housing market imploded, and the City went bankrupt, city offices have been closed every other Friday.  Originally, this move was sold as being a money saving option for the City.  We’re not positive City employees […]

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Manteca pilgrim goes the long way

Manteca’s Shalice Tilton, 56, is another pilgrim who walked the Camino de Santiago, a medieval Christian pilgrimage trail. The trail leads to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain where tradition holds the remains of St. James are buried. Unlike the Stockton and Linden women I wrote about, Tilton went the long route, […]

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Mexican food and Arellano’s epiphany

As I said in today’s column, Los Angeles writer Gustavo Arellano managed to write a book about Mexican food without visiting the Central Valley. But when he did, in this piece, it’s as if the food shook the scales from his eyes. Not only about food but the Central Valley itself. “The one thing Central […]

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