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Introducing William the Second

A funny sidelight to Friday night’s Trivia Bee at the arena is Bill Maxwell. He didn’t win. Again. Maxwell’s team tied for second, one point short of first place — the 4th time Maxwell has finished on a second-place team at the Trivia Bee. As a former bookstore owner, conversant in local history, now archivist [...]

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The Gravy Train

Some public employees in Los Angeles earn twice what their private-sector counterparts make doing the same job — and the union is urging its workers to strike if the city insists on givebacks, the L.A. Times reports. “It’s what folks should be striving to, in my opinion,” one union president says. “I don’t see why [...]

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Failed pedestrian malls and what to do with them

  By  coincidence, today’s Fitz’s Stockton about the Main Street Mall runs the same day as a big story about Fresno’s counterpart, the Fulton Street mall. Perfect background reading. “The idea in the early 1960s was that Fulton Mall with a thriving retail sector and a vibrant cultural scene would be downtown’s dynamo,” the story [...]

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“The river is more than a water supply.”

The Fresno Bee reports on the re-introduction of salmon to the San Joaquin River — a wonderful effort the drought has hampered but not stopped. Why is this important? It isn’t, to some farmers. Even those who agreed to the historic San Joaquin River lawsuit settlement are having second thoughts because of the drought. But [...]

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A good, old-fashioned hatchet job

It’s been too long since an outsider did a good, old-fashioned hatchet job on the San Joaquin Valley. One that combines complete ignorance of this region, bad journalism and snot-nosed condescension. Fortunately, a blogger for Harper’s magazine named Aaron Gilbreath has filled the void. Gilbreath has peenned a classic rip-and-run blog essay, “Driving the San Joaquin Valley: An [...]

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House Republicans burn north-Valley vets

Republicans are strong on national security.  Some of them never met an intervention, or a war, they didn’t like. Though they’re ideological budget hawks, and they yammer constantly about reducing the deficit, they never cut funds to the Pentagon. But they’ll cut funding to the vets their policies manufacture. How you can send young Americans to [...]

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Injury botches bocce baller

Stockton’s Drew Page, America’s national under-21 bocce champion — who gets bupkis from local media — broke his wrist at the world’s championship in Rome, and his outstanding performance has cratered, our correspondent reports. “Possible stress fracture,” reports Elizabeth Wong, who understands bocce far better than I do. Against Switzerland Page, who had been holding [...]

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Teachers’ union goes after evaluations

It’s absurdly hard to fire teacher. We saw that in the Heidi Kaeslin case. At least the law says student progress must be a part of teacher evaluations. If an incompetent teacher is screwing up kids’ education, that should come out, don’t you think? The Stockton Teachers Association doesn’t think so. It has pressured Stockton [...]

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A song about Phil Spector

I did a column about famous record producer/convicted murderer Phil Spector, who is locked up in the big prison hospital east of Stockton. Someone evidently posted that column on Phil Spector’s website. The column’s headline, “The ‘Mad Genius of Rock ‘n’ Roll confined in Stockton,” brought a call from Craig Taylor of Harrisburg, Penn. Taylor said [...]

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The thought for the day

“I think the tragedy is that people think I’m singular,” Councilman Michael Tubbs said in the interview behind today’s column. “Like, oh, Michael Tubbs is just an extraordinary person. Actually, no. There’s a whole bunch of other Michael Tubbses in this city, who just need a little but of investment, a little bit of opportunity.”

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