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A step in the wrong direction

A lot of residential city blocks in Stockton have pathways cut through them. Tonight the Council will consider requests to seal one of these alleys off. And hone the process of alley closure. That’s because these alleyways can be “problematic,” to use the word from the staff report (item 12.8 on tonight’s agenda). Blocking the [...]

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Murals, lost and found

Bob Young writes: “I think it’s interersting that on the same day you write about the missing mural at Macys, the Contra Costa Times has an article about a mural missing from the Richmond Post Office. The person looking for it found a former janitor at the post office who led her to it, rolled [...]

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Our man in Washington

The the San Joaquin Valley is so under-represented, we should be celebrating the likely ascent of a Valley politician to House Speaker. Unfortunately Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield, champions the agricultural south Valley against the Delta. When the L.A. Times supported a Democratic water bill, saying it “would keep intact a process under which scientists rather than [...]

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On the mayor’s laptop confiscation

The story here.   What you may be experiencing is the difficulty of being fair to Mayor Anthony Silva. His predilection for missteps can prejudice one. But fairness means innocent until proven guilty. Customs randomly confiscates about 20 laptops a day. The practice is so pervasive that some business travelers wipe their laptops and leave [...]

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Camanche casino comes closer to reality

One of the more alarming development prospects over the past decade has been a proposed Indian casino just over the county line in Amador. Alarming because, whatever you may think of casinos, they are a huge money suck. They impoverish people, and they open a Pandora’s box of social problems in their communities. Unfortunately, a [...]

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Debunking the Westlands’ defense

Westlands President Don Peracchi defended the sweetheart deal Uncle Sam proposes to give the powerful water district (which I wrote about here). And LA Times columnist Michael Hiltzik tears that defense apart.  The deal wasn’t done in secret, Peracchi says. Oh, really? At last one major provision came as a complete surprise to Congress and environmental [...]

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Wilson: critics “self-serving and disingenuous”

Watchdogs, or gadflies, are saying the city of Stockton is breaking its Measure A promise (to use higher tax to hire more police and fund various programs). They say: 1. The city has failed to hire police fast enough. 2. It hasn’t staffed the Office of Violence Prevention fast enough. The city hired manager Jessica [...]

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Another viral video

Another unsettling video of a “forceful arrest” — replete with questions about better police procedures — another lame excuse by a citizen for not complying with police. Click on the image to see the video. “He kept saying, ‘What’s your name? What’s your name?’ ” Danielle Harris, the woman on the ground, says in this [...]

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The moon from Weber Point

—Courtesy Bill Ries-Knight

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The capital of chutzpah

I believe I have identified the capital of chutzpah in California: Kern County. There, a cheeky group called Coalition for a Sustainable Delta, a group of Kern County landowners, sued the city of Stockton for polluting the Delta. Of course, Stockton does pollute the Delta. All Delta cities do. But nothing Stockton does has a [...]

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