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The distrust of Stockton instututions

I wrote a column on it here. It underlies Stockton politics. Now District 6 Council candidate Sam Fant, charged with voter fraud, says maybe the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office should relinquish prosecution of his case. “Fant said he has “profound respect” for District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar but cited a number of reasons [...]

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‘Modesto’s loss was Stockton’s gain’

That’s the summation of Modesto Bee’s Marijke Rowland, who covered the X-Fest for years in Modesto, and covered its first go in Stockton earlier this month. Rowlands has an interesting critique of the move. By leaving downtown Modesto for the fairgrounds in Stockton, she writes, the X-Fest sacrificed its hip urban vibe. “X-Fest, love it [...]

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Court ruling: salvation from the pension monster?

  At long last, relief from the crushing cost of public employee pensions may be at hand. A three-judge panel in San Francisco ruled last week that the “California Rule” — a claim that state pensions enjoy “sovereign immunity” from being cut in federal bankruptcy court — is not absolute. Pensions can be cut. The [...]

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Police consultant: Why cops want Silva to resign

Lee Neves, the political consultant to the Stockton Police Officers Association, explains why the police called for Mayor Anthony Silva’s resignation early on. “I think it has a direct effect on morale … a serious reputation problem … obviously, the stolen gun issue …” He gets to the mayor’s supporters. “If I were the mayor [...]

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The end of the universe

What a cool thing it was; the universe, presented in theater in the round. When the lights went down and the stars came out on the dome, students and visitors learned astronomy, celestial navigation, Einstein’s theories, even to a humbling extent our place in the inconceivable vastness of the universe. A contraption calibrated to the [...]

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Iwo Jima and the famous photo

Gene Beley writes: “I really enjoyed your article on Bill White, and reflections on the Raising of the Flag photo. One of the most enjoyable interviews in my entire journalism career was Joe Rosenthal, Jan. 14, 1968 (the photographer who took the historic photo). …Joe told us how, when he was trudging up the hill, all the [...]

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The sideshow

Reader Wilson Haughton called: “I just got back from a class reunion at Colorado Springs (class of ’76, 40th yer reunion). The first thing that greeted me there was in the Gazette-Telegraph on page three was a 3-by-5 picture of our beloved mayor coming out of the Amador county lockup.” Great. Haughton is fed up [...]

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Suddenly a stickler for the rules

  It would be a lot easier to take seriously Mayor Anthony Silva’s allegation that a council majority violated the Brown Act had Silva not displayed a contempt for the rules throughout his tenure. For instance, this paper reported in May that Silva failed to file his legally required campaign finance disclosure forms by the deadline — [...]

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The mayor’s birthday present

It’s my birthday. And as a nifty present, Mayor Anthony Silva has posted a screed saying I’m a terrible human being. OK, that part’s true. After hours I hunt humans for sport. In my defense, I confine my hunts to Banta. You don’t know anybody in Banta, right? But the mayor also alludes to a [...]

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Sleazygate makes New York Times

When nothing’s ever your fault, everything is someone else’s fault. Mayor Anthony Silva’s lawyer took that mentality to extremes in yesterday’s New York Times — and yes, the city of Stockton is getting bad press in the New York Times, thanks to Silva, whose booking photo the Times published, too. Silva’s attorney Mark Reichel actually [...]

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