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Desalination, the Delta’s friend

The problem is, filtering the salt out of ocean water is quite expensive (Well, that’s one big problem. Another is California coastal regulations and environmental opposition. San Diego County had to fight 14 lawsuits over 14 years before getting the go-ahead). San Diego County is paying $1 billion to desalinate, 56 million gallons of seawater [...]

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More on boathouses

Following up on Sunday’s column, Masood Cajee points out other examples of water-city boathouses: Oklahoma City has a whole Boathouse District. Check it out. Numerous boathouses line the Charles River, which runs from Boston Harbor inland. Here they are. Stockton’s waterfront is actually a fun and interesting place to boat, as I wrote here, when [...]

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Fugazi responds

District 5 council candidate Christina Fugazi responds to my criticisms of her Facebook page essay on crime: “I wanted you to know that I read your blog (below) and agreed with quite a few comments but I wanted to clear up the point of my post.  Now, more than ever, we must pay attention to [...]

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The Big One, yesterday and tomorrow

You get into journalism in part to cover amazing stories such as the Loma Prieta earthquake. Twenty five years ago today we in the newsroom felt the earth gently but firmly swaying. We rushed outside to see if any of downtown’s older buildings had toppled. They had not. We quickly learned the quake was centered [...]

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Quote of the Day

“Firing 600 bullets indiscriminately is irresponsible and excessive force.” —Gregory Bentley, attorney for the family of Misty Holt-Singh, the woman who was killed July 16 in a bank robbery/hostage incident. Bentley must know something the rest of us don’t. Because I have not seen conclusive evidence that police fired indiscriminately. They provided cover fire to [...]

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Semper Fi, Stockton

Bill Ries-Knight writes: “I was watching “Scorpion,” a new TV show, and last week’s episode seems to have improved the profile for Stockton to have us as home to a USMC Training Facility.” “I like to think it is a bit nicer image  than home to a violent gun-running biker gang,” Ries-Knight adds.

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Fugazi: crime “Neandertals” vs. “Smarties”

  District 5 council candidate Christina Fugazi has written an essay on her webpage about crime. “There have been some distortions in the media about the two different approaches to public safety that exist in Stockton,” says Fugazi. The distortion: “One camp has the only intelligent approach to the generational demographics that will finally allow the [...]

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The Hollow Mayor

Here’s another “mission accomplished” flyer from Mayor Anthony Silva, in which he takes credit for improvements in Stockton’s public safety. He takes credit when things improve. But he blames his council colleagues when things get worse. His preposterous opportunism is but one reason he has been pushed into the political margins. But also chooses to [...]

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A “” for homeless housing

Interesting: the city of Los Angeles, which has 25,000 homeless people, has earmarked $213 million to expand a computerized system that links the homeless population with necessary services. One observer calls it “a for housing.” The idea is to tame L.A’s hydra-headed bureaucracy. “… the convolutionof shelters and housing groups often work at cross [...]

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Instead of tunnels, solar-powered desal

That’s the intriguing idea of renewable energy company SolAgra of Novato, explained in this Central Valley Business Times story. SolAgra envisions “world’s largest photovoltaic system to both make electricity for the grid and to power a desalinization plant to add water to what is already supplied by the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers.” The company [...]

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