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An almond grower tells his side

Almonds have become shorthand for the permanent crops south-Valley farmers foolishly planted though they have rights to water only in intermittent years. That causes them to connive and litigate for ever-more water, even though it’s killing the Delta. In today’s Fresno Bee, an almond farmer tells his side. “We’re not the bad guys,” writes Brand [...]

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Aliens outside Stockton!

The Stockton Evening Mail story of Nov. 25, 1896 about a Stockton man’s alien encounter is online. You can read the whole original story here. Thanks to my champion trivia bee teammate Keven Shawver for sending it. And to reader Mike Bartram for citing the book ”Alien Contacts and Abductions.”

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Smart thoughts on trees

Below is more comment on the column about Stockton’s ailing city trees. Bill Becker writes: This is how I dealt with mistletoe: a 27′ pruner. “A homeowner in a reasonable state of health on a ladder, with a spotter or safety line, could get way , way up on a tree. “Perhaps Stockton could do “tool [...]

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A blight worse than mistletoe?

Jodi Carlson, Urban Forester, City of Park Ridge, Illinois, writes: “Loved your take on trees in Stockton. Well done! “Just wait until the emerald ash borer invades the area.   “It’s been a huge burden on municipalities here in the Midwest, where many cities tree canopies are 10 – 20% ash. “Imagine if Stockton had [...]

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The revenge of Black Jesus

They found a slick way to do it without being explicit, but the council last night rejected perennial candidate Motecuzoma Sanchez as a member of the Charter Review Commission. Sanchez is accused of “homophobia and racism by LGBT leaders in Stockton,” this story said. Sanchez had railed against the “gay Mafia.” I don’t think that’s [...]

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The creditor from Hell (cont’d)

To the surprise of no one, relentlessly litigious creditor Franklin Templeton Investments has filed an appeal of Stockton’s bankruptcy ruling. The investment giant claims Judge Christopher Klein’s ruling was “discriminatory and punitive.” Perhaps it was, but the question is whether it was unjustly discriminatory and punitive. I think Franklin got what it deserved. It opposed [...]

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LAO: Consider kiboshing retiree health care

Instead of polishing brass on the Titanic, with two-tier retiree health care, or other PEPRA tinkering, give serious thought to abolishing public employee retiree health care altogether, the Legislative Analysts Offices says. Who not? Any serious analysis should consider that alternative. Public employee retiree health care and pensions are destroying cities. Calpersions has the story. [...]

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A big blast of ‘no can do’

Sally Lechich writes: “Are you supporting this idea (Ten Space’s downtown project), Michael? Really? “I am sorry but I will never believe that downtown Stockton can be renovated….more BS…here we go again…may as well get Mark Lewis back as City Manager…. “Downtown Stockton will NEVER happen…just me saying what my intuition tells me but lets [...]

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The people hurt by drought

In Friday’s column, I wrote, “We can look at water exporters as Big Ag. Many are. But clearly the livelihoods of many ordinary people are at stake when decisions are made about Delta water.” Right on cue, the Hanford Sentinel does a story illustrating who those “ordinary people” are. I defy you to read this [...]

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The return of the Porkometer

Since congress banned earmarks, the Porkometer is rarely spotted these days. But he’s squealing with delight to hear state Sen. Cathleen Galgiani secured an extra $4 million to fight water hyacinth this year. The failure of the state Department of Boating and Waterways to properly abate the crazy weed was the sort of systemic failure [...]

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