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SCL: Crumbums aren’t the problem

Stockton City Limits has a good take on the public fixation on removing street people from downtown Stockton: “Instead of trying to take people away, our resources should go towards bringing in more people overall.” He goes on: “Stockton’s situation is no different than any other large or mid-sized city’s when it comes to homelessness or [...]

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Our chip comes in

Writing from Italy, Elizabeth Wong sends a photo of a waterfront attraction. “We need one of these Calamari Fish & Chips boats downtown!” Wong said.

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Mark Lewis to retire

Mark Lewis, Stockton’s controversial and charismatic city manager 2001-06, and the city official who who oversaw the arena and ballpark construction, has announced his retirement as City Manager of Chowchilla.   According to this Reno website, “When his contact ends he will have worked in that position 5 years, and plans to return to Reno to be involved in [...]

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Can Asparagus live at the fairgrounds?

Good news today for Asparagus Festival fans; a local farmer/businessman is reviving the festival. However, Tony Nosceti says it’ll be at the fairgrounds, where he’s successfully promoted auto racing. That tempers the good news for many Stocktonians and others wary of the fairgrounds’ location. ”South Stockton isn’t exactly on the Top 10 list of family friendly locations,” [...]

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Former CalPERS chief admits taking bribes

Maybe you saw this while I was away on vacation: The former head of CalPERS admitted taking $200,000 in cash bribes — in paper bags and a shoe box. Federico R. Buenrostro, who long trumpeted his innocence, pleaded guilty earlier this month to a charge of conspiracy to commit bribery and fraud. Buenrostro admitted that in 2007 he receive two [...]

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Andal: Fitzgerald got it right

The column about Stockton Unified teachers working fewer hours than Lincoln Unfied teachers do — while getting more money, yet achieving poorer student test results – was published just before I flew off on vacation. I was not able to answer the objections that followed from teachers and teachers union reps who said my analysis was in error. Now former [...]

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Take it from Cleveland

Though I have my doubts, I hope the hard-line preservationists are right that Stockton’s vacant downtown hotels can have a new life. To inspire a little faith, here’s a recent article from the New York Times on Cleveland’s restoration of historic buildings. Like Stockton, Cleveland peaked in the early 20th century, then went into slow decline. [...]

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The gravy train

“UC regents last week approved borrowing another $700 million internally to help close a pension funding gap … ” —Calpensions. Why’s there such a big gap, when college costs an arm and a leg? ”Five years ago University of California employers and employees were paying nothing into the pension system,” Calpensions reports. “In a remarkable contribution [...]

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Delta bond money: who gets it?

The Sacramento Bee raises a good point: Who will control all that state bond money — perhaps $6 billion — to restore the Delta? Water exporters prefer the state Department of Water Resources. To do that would be to put the fox — or the fox’s servants — in charge of the henhouse. If the DWR [...]

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The Cubist solution

Sacramento is soon to get its first restaurant made entirely of “High-Cube” shipping containers.  Federalist Public House & Beer Garden opens August 1 at 2009 N St. “Arranged on an alley-loaded lot, the containers have come together to create a 2, 200-square foot  restaurant in the rear yard of a 107-year-old Federalist Style Victorian,” a press release says. The [...]

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