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A Fresnan champions high-speed rail

I have always argued that high-speed rail will be a boon to Stockton and the Valley. But sometimes it seems the Valley fights those who would lift it out of its low-wage agrarian economy. Fresno’s city council is the latest in a long list of blinkered politicians and south-Valley residents to come out against the [...]

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Quote of the day

“Elbert Holman has been on the City Council for six years, and I think four more years is absurd and he should retire.” —Mayor Anthony Silva, displaying his political skill in today’s story about one Council candidate who embraced his endorsement and one who flatly rejected it. That any candidate would reject a mayor’s endorsement [...]

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Grist for a cool museum

Mentioned in Wednesday’s column that a group of WWII aviation buffs out at Stockton Metropolitan Airport (“Stockton Field” during WW II) have their eye on a 1940s hangar for their proposed Stockton Field Aviation Museum. Here’s a photo of the old Stockton Field. I know a couple things about this base — some of Dolittle’s [...]

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A Bunya-bunya cone

Proving that no subject is too obscure, I wrote a Fitz’s Stockton about the weirdest denizen on the urban forest, the Monkey Puzzle tree — and wrote again when it emerged that most of the trees people think are Monkey Puzzle trees are really Bunya-bunya trees. One way you can tell the difference: the Bunya [...]

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A model for a Stockton diversity museum

There are times when news overtakes opinion. When preparing today’s column, I intended to envision a Museum of Stockton Diversity. But all the real museums birthing in the city took precedence. But think about it. According to French historian Fernand Braudel, successful cities integrate the strengths of their location into their economy. According to traditional [...]

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The porkometer nods

Kudos to congressmen Jerry McNerney and Jeff Denham for bringing $1.4 million in Uncle Sambucks to Stockton Metropolitan Airport. “The Stockton Metropolitan Airport is in the final stages of completing its Airport Capital Improvement Program (AICAP), and a key component of the program is reconstruction of the terminal parking ramp, the asphalt apron where passengers [...]

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Good riddance, Six Californias

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper’s proposal to split California into six states failed to garner enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. Good. It was a lousy idea. Draper’s idea was an delusional exercise in callous libertarianism. The rich states would get richer and the poor Central Valley — lumped in with all the [...]

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“Nevada, the sucker is you.”

The state of Nevada paid — overpaid — twice what other states were offering to land the Tesla battery plant, much more than Tesla chief Elon Musk expected, writes Michael Hiltzik in the L.A. Times. “(Gov.) Sandoval brags that the project will produce $100 billion in economic stimulus over the next 20 years, including 6,500 [...]

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Art of the streets

This guy promotes Flowmaster Mufflers out front of Stockton Muffler and Radiator on on East Miner Avenue.

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Historic pension ruling nears

Oct. 1 is fast approaching. That is the day Stockton’s federal bankruptcy judge has scheduled to rule on Stockton’s plan of adjustment — and, probably also whether public employee pensions can be cut. Calpensions lays it out: “Stockton argues that cutting pension debt in bankruptcy would terminate the city CalPERS contract, triggering a $1.6 billion [...]

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