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The underwhelming hyacinth campaign

From his waterfront window, Chamber CEO Douglass Wilhoit sends this picture of the mighty state armada attacking the water hyacinth that is choking Stockton waterways. For obvious reasons, the state dislikes the term “eradication” campaign, preferring to call it a “control” campaign. But as my colleague, environmental reporter Alex Breitler, points out, the state is not [...]

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The Gravy Train

The recession and unsustainable pension costs have led to varying degrees of reforms. They range from the radical cuts in Stockton’s bankruptcy to Gov. Brown’s modest reforms to San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed’s proposals to reduce pensions going forward. And then, at the other end of the spectrum there is … no reform. On the contrary. [...]

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Little did Kashkari know

… that the paddlewheel riverboat on which he toured Stockton’s waterfront on Wednesday has such amazing story of perseverance and tragedy. Decades ago Bob Wright, a sign painter, undertook to build that boat from scratch, though he had no training in boat-building and no design plans. Proceeding by trial and error — sometimes big errors — [...]

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The annals of dumb city laws

This just in from the International City Manager Association’s SmartBrief: Wash. city council allows ticketing of minors who look high The Liberty Lake, Wash., City Council has passed an ordinance that permits police to give minors a $50 ticket for appearing to be high on marijuana. Critics find the ordinance too vague, saying appearing to [...]

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The Halls of Motecuzoma

Motecuzoma Sanchez served his country as a U.S. Marine. He’s engaged in his community. And his Facebook Page is a lively community forum. For instance, Sanchez raised valid questions about the qualifications of the new head of the Office for Violence Prevention. And he had the integrity (or foresight) in that post to disclose that [...]

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The San Francisco syndrome

A recent theme on this blog is the wonderful city of San Francisco’s insufferable tendency to heap costs and burdens on anybody who wants to do anything — because San Francisco is so wonderful, so they can. In the latest wrinkle, a federal judge just struck down the city’s new ordinance requiring landlords to shell [...]

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“The worst place to breathe in the nation”

It’s Bakersfield, says Time magazine. In an online article, Time ran a photo essay on the subject. The photographer is a Bakersfield native. Lexey Swall says, “I remember my grandfather driving me home to Bakersfield from vacation when I was 15 years old. We came out of the foothills east of town and in to the valley. [...]

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The rebirth of Stockton rock poster art

Riotgun, an L.A. punk band, is playing Rebel’s this Saturday night. I like the poster. “They played the Central Social Mexicano Hall on Lincoln street about 12 or 13 years ago and still have a lot of friends here,” writed Edward J. Bonilla. “Great band.”    

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Pivot point for pedicabs

The council’s Legislation Committee will take up the minor but telling issue of pedicabs tomorrow. Specifically, the leg committee will look at senseless city restrictions. File under our ongoing posts about city red tape the regulation prohibiting pedicabs from operating on Stockton’s waterfront and other public areas. Here’s I’d normally ask “Why on earth restrict [...]

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Desalination, the Delta’s friend

The problem is, filtering the salt out of ocean water is quite expensive (Well, that’s one big problem. Another is California coastal regulations and environmental opposition. San Diego County had to fight 14 lawsuits over 14 years before getting the go-ahead). San Diego County is paying $1 billion to desalinate 56 million gallons of seawater [...]

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