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Sam Fant’s dizzying 180

The story about Dist. 6 Council canidate Sam Fant’s failed motion to stop the San Joaquin District Attorney’s Office from prosecuting his voter fraud case contains a U-turn on Fant’s part severe enough to cause whiplash. “There is one person in the District Attorney’s Office who Fant and Huang say they would be comfortable with [...]

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The decrease in gun violence

People tend to judge crime by the homicide rate. But the homcide rate sometimes goes its own way, apart from overall crime trends. So while homicides in Stockton are stable, more or less … … overrall crime in Stockton has dropped around 18% over the persiod 2013-15. And gun violence — not just people who [...]

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Delta Collegian: Mayor’s actions “weird and sick”

Calling on Mayor Anthony Silva to resign, The Collegian, the student newspaper of San Joaquin Delta College, calls the mayor’s alleged strip-poker crimes are “weird and sick.” Take a number, guys. “The city has been working hard to revamp itself as a better place in hope Stocktonians can express pride,” an editorial says. “But how [...]

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Mayor Silva’s new slogan

Posters bearing Mayor Anthony Silva’s new campaign slogan went up this week. And one wag immediately commented it reminds him of the line from O.J. Simpson’s trial, “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”  

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Quote of the Day

“I probably will vote yes. But I won’t inhale.” —Michael Vitiello, professor at the University of the Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, writing in the Sacramento Bee about Prop 64, the measure to leagalize recreational marijuana use. Vitiello “won’t inhale” — which is so say he is “tepidly” in support of the new [...]

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The Fant dilemma

  Sam Fant presents a ticklish problem. On the one hand, he appears to have leadership. He says he got on the Manteca Unified school board because the district was neglecting his Weston Ranch district. He claims he improved funding and educational outcomes to that district, a claim I have not confirmed. Fant is the [...]

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The mayor on street protests

Mayor Anthony Silva released a three-minute campaign video giving his take on last Friday’s the Black Lives Matter protest and violence. “Personally, I don’t believe that closing down streets or yelling at people a City Council meetings is the answer,” he says. “But I believe there should be a proper venue and forum for people [...]

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A peek inside BellaVista

I toured the interior of the soon-to-be BellaVista restaurant, Rima Barkett’s update of the former French 25. She taken some bold steps.   Finding the interior stale, as well as too dark and heavy, she painted light color over the expensive wood on walls and columns. It took some nerve to paint over that much [...]

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My letter in reply to Montrose

  Since retired Bishop Donald Montrose was nice enough to write letters from O’Connor Woods about my “anti-Catholic bias” until his dying day, I’d like to return the compliment and show the true cost of his sexually ignorant and morally weak leadership of the Diocese of Stockton. Here it is. $15 million to survivors of [...]

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CalPERS actuary: cities should pay even more

CalPERS’ numbers guy, Chief Actuary Alan Milligan, on his way out the door to retiremenent, says CalPERS should charge cities more, though the pension monster helped bankrupt Stockton and will bankrupt more. According to the L.A. Times, “Milligan told the CalPERS directors that they should consider lowering the long-term discount rate to 7.25%, though his report on [...]

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