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A good government app

A story in today’s New York Times profiles an app I’d love to see Stockton government develop. Here’s the story. See a pothole in San Diego? There’s an app for that. Over the summer, the city introduced “Get it Done San Diego,” an app and companion website that allows residents to report problems along the [...]

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Shut up, kid, ya bother me

The latest local rock art:

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Letter of the day

James Marsh writes: “Thanks for your excellent and thoughtful letter to the local Muslim community in this morning’s Record.  I was kinda hoping someone at the Record would do something like that.  It was sorely needed; you nailed it. “Sadly it seems our new Misogynist In Chief (The Idi Amin of 1600 Penn. Ave.?) refuses [...]

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Give to the sundial project

Local preservationists saved the “spires” from the Hunter Square fountain. Local architects created a design that repurposes them as a sundail that will beautify the ugly dry fountain basin in the park out front of City Hall. With a shady spot, as you can see. Here’s the bare bones of it, without all the landscaping [...]

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Ain’t no Mickey Mouse decorations

Spent a couple days in Disneyland last week. The Happiest Place on Earth was crushingly overcrowded. Lines for rides were up to two hours long. But Disney does wonderful things with Christmas. After the fireworks it snowed on Main Street. And they did this with A Small World. That’s starting the holidays off right.  

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The heroin-Trump connection

Sam Quinones, the award-winning author of “Dreamland” (and Record alum) sees a link between opiates and Trump. “Nothing darkens your view of your present and future prospects quite as thoroughly as addiction to opiates (pills or heroin) in your family, on your street, or in your town. With opiates comes a fatalism and negativity that [...]

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Bloggus interruptus

I’m off Thanksgiving week. See you back here on Monday. Nov. 28. Happy Thanksgiving, by the way.

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Really putting it on wheels

  Something about Stockton cyclists makes them shoot for the moon. • First, Clyde Cozad applied to a college in Rancho Cucamonga – by biking there, 560 miles. That isn’t a lot of miles, as cycling goes. But the arduous trip entailed crossing deserts, icy mountain ranges and bushwacking. • Then, Matt Beckwith biked every [...]

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Tubbs makes the New York Times

Here’s the story. California pulled off several mayoral firsts on Election Day. The city of Elk Grove in Sacramento County elected Steve Ly, the first Hmong mayoranywhere in the country. In Berkeley, Jesse Arreguin became the city’s first Latino mayor. And in Stockton, voters elected not only the city’s first black mayor, but also its youngest ever [...]

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Silva, the gracious victim

Kudos to Mayor Anthony Silva for his talk of unity at last night’s Council meeting. “I would expect anyone out there who claims to be my friend or one of my supporters not to participate in any sort of hate against the new mayor and to allow him the opportunity to lead,” said Silva. “I [...]

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