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Trump’s got nothing

Elect a man who never elaborated a single, detailed policy during the campaign, and what do you get? Nothing but pointless drama. Here’s today’s New York Times: “… Republican lawmakers and Mr. Trump have yet to deliver on any of the sweeping legislation they promised. Efforts to come up with a replacement for the health care [...]

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The bank that grew with Stockton

Here’s a postcard showing the Bank of Italy’s location in Stockton. It’s the building flying the American flag across Hunter Square from the courthouse. The Bank moved into the former Commercial and Savings Bank building in 1926. And changed its name to the Bank of America in 1930. The last one is of the Bank [...]

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A newsroom Valentine

The Record’s newsroom got a musical surprise this morning when The Stockton Portsmen stopped by to croon “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” for reporter Lori Gilbert. Amusingly, the barbershop quartet caught Gilbert on the phone in mid-interview. If you listen closely at the start of their song, you can hear Gilbert politely ask her caller, [...]

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Making L.A. cooler

Not cooler as in Ray-Bans; cooler as in,  ”reduc(ing) the average temperature in the metropolis by 3 degrees over the next 20 years,” the L.A. Times reports. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has vowed to do it. And it’s doable, experts think. City “heat islands” are built environments. They can be built differently. Not only by [...]

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Valley cities are big, should think accordingly

Joe Mathews rethinks the Valley: “… the Valley still thinks of itself as agricultural. That’s understandable, given the region’s rural history and the outsized influence agriculture retains over land use and politics. But that influence obscures the 21st-century reality – most people in the Central Valley live in cities, the true economic engines of the [...]

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$100 billion, and not a penny for Stockton

You would think if California is to spend over $100 billion on infrastructure projects, at least a bit would find its way to Stockton. Not a crumb. As you can see from this letter from the Governor’s Office —  CA_Infrastructure_Letter_and_Projects_2.7.17  – that money will fund major infrastructure projects up and down the state. But theoutlays [...]

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Speaking of water towers …

Which we were in this column, here’s what Tulare County did with its water tower, instead of demolishing it. I like the straw.

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“The fiction of a drought”

“Rather than cling to emergency powers in order to reinforce the fiction of a drought, the state should work with local water agencies to improve resiliency to future droughts, such as developing more water supplies, constructing water recycling systems and groundwater banking. Oh, and provide relief to a weary public and businesses that have responded [...]

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Letters on the deadly drop zone

Whenever I write about Skydive Lodi Paracute Center, I get a raft of angry replies from skydivers. They denounce me as unprofessional and slanderous (they mean libelous, but I get the point). They rarely address or rebut any facts. You can see the latest fullisade in the comment boxes below the column. The comment by [...]

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The economic and social forces propelling Trump

A must-read NYT article on the backlash elevating Trump. Nothing new, exactly, but a great summation. “In effect, postwar prosperity in America and in Western Europe allowed many voters to shift their political priorities from bread-and-butter issues to less materialistic concerns, “bringing greater emphasis on freedom of expression, environmental protection, gender equality, and tolerance of [...]

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