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Halloween before the rain

Kids from Parvin’s Hopeland Preschool fan out down Woodland Avenue Halloween morning.

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“A triangle of bilateral relationships”

That’s the phrase federal bankruptcy Judge Christopher Klein used to describe the complex contractual relationships at the heart of Stockton’s bankruptcy case, and its court battle against Franklin Templeton Investments. Klein postponed his ruling to figure out the matrix of contracts between the city of Stockton, city employees, and CalPERS, the state pension giant. Which [...]

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Lost in Stockton, won in Kansas

The man that owns Franklin Templeton Investments, the investment firm that played the cold-hearted banker role in the drama of Stockton’s bankruptcy, also owns the San Francisco Giants. Meet Charles Johnson. Franklin lost in court, limping away with a penny on the dollar of a $31 million loan. But hey — how ’bout them Giants?

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“An arrogant display of greed”

After pontificating about the need to sacrifice, and holding county employees’ raises down to 3 or 4 percent, Contra Costa Supervisors voted themselves a whopping 33 percent raise. Deniel Borenstein, usually civil and dispassionate, is outraged. “What a crock,” he writes here. To my knowledge, the Supes’ action is the biggest act of self-enrichment in [...]

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What good is AB 506?

So AB 506, the law requiring insolvent cities to go through pre-bankruptcy mediation with creditors, cost the city of Stockton $2.3 million. That money could have funded around 18 cops for a year. Stockton was the Guinea pig for AB 506. In fact, Stockton’s looming bankruptcy was undoubtedly part of the reason the law was [...]

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Stockton’s valorous pilot

The account below is authored by Phil Huntington, a West Point classmate of Richard Whitesides, one of the Stocktonians to die in the Vietnam war. “Fifty years ago today (this was written in 2013) Richard Whitesides was controlling air operations during one of the largest battles in the early years of the Vietnam War. In the first [...]

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The willies before the ruling

I’m not prone to excitability. But I confess I have a mild case of butterflies over Stockton’s bankruptcy ruling, scheduled for this Thursday. Because if the judge does not confirm Stockton’s post-bankruptcy Plan of Adjustment, things could take a big turn for the worse. Given the turns of misfortune Stockton has already taken, it would [...]

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McNerney fixes screwy “Promise City” criteria

A couple years ago, President Obama declared that 20 of America’s hardest-hit cities would be given federal aid. But when the first five “Promise Cities” were announced, Stockton — Ground Zero of the international mortgage crisis, the hardest-hit city of all — was not one of them. Upon asking why, we learned the selection criteria [...]

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Ruhstaller: the hyacinth cavalry is coming

In response to a blog lamenting that government do-nothings are blowing the water hyacinth eradication campaign, Supervisor Larry Ruhstaller called to report he has made substantial efforts. “We’ve been working on it for about a year now,” said Ruhstaller. “It all started last January when I was at the Stewardship Council and I made a [...]

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More Stockton POWs

Today’s Fitz’s Stockton mentions POWs interned at the Port and the fairgrounds. During WWII, thousands of prisoners of war were interned in Stockton, and thousands more were locked in camps in the county. But there are few photos. Here’s a rare one. Two POWs — whether Italian or German is unknown — help firefighters battle [...]

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