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Bloggus interruptus

I will be on vacation from May 16-31. See you back here on Tuesday, May 31.

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A drop in business

If 10 to 15 people had died at, say, a Stockton nightclub since 1985, authorities would have closed down that place long ago. Yet that many people have died at Lodi Parachute Center and nobody does a thing. The parachute center is in the news yet again because one of its planes crash landed in [...]

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Carpool lane cheaters

So this is how those new carpool lanes on I-5 could work: people cheat like crazy. The SF Chronicle reports, “On average, 24 percent of the drivers in carpool lanes during the morning commute are there without the required number of passengers, a study by regional transportation officials found. During the evening crush, 19 percent [...]

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You messed with the wrong water districts

Probably the lofty State Water Resources Control Board thought it had picked an easy mark when it singled out two obscure local irrigation districts for allegedly taking water illegally. The state board menaced the Byron-Bethany and Westside water districts with a cease and desist order and, in Byron-Bethany’s case, a staggering seven-figure fine. The mighty [...]

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Real waterfront memories

  Colberg’s long-vacant shipyard has been in the news both because of some historic photos I dug up and discussions of waterfront revival. Which brings a letter from Wendell V. Eggleston, 91. A letter so authentic you can smell the grease on the machinery of Stockton’s working waterfront. “I got a call from the office [...]

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B.S. with great production values

The latest state video flogging the Delta tunnels is consummately professional — false, but hey, love those aerials. Watch it. Then scroll down to see low-tech but truthful comments from Restore the Delta. Now — because we couldn’t get Rotten Tomatoes to review it — Delta expert Barbara Barrigan Parilla. “1) Stating that replacing an [...]

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What the waterfront could be

Here’s an artist’s rendering of Southpointe. Grupe Commercial Co. spent a half million dollars in its run-up to building this housing development on Stockton’s waterfront. Two things stopped the project. First was the foreclosure crisis. There didn’t have to be a second reason, but there was. Grupe also wanted control of the north bank, to [...]

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Berdoo stays in the ‘roach motel’

The city of San Bernardino will not cut pensions in bankruptcy, Calpensions reports. Pensions are Berdoo’s biggest debt, and wouldn’t you want to cut your biggest debt in bankruptcy? But Berdoo, like Stockton, concluded it just can’t. “The departure of City employees upon rejection of the CalPERS Contract could be massive and sudden,” said the [...]

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Ned Ruhstaller, 1954-2016

  Ned Ruhstaller, a nurse, estate salesman and member of a well-known Stockton family, has died. He was recently diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Ned was a great guy. He was cut from the same cloth as his brother Tod, head of The Haggin Museum, and his brother Larry, the former San Joaquin County Supervisor (and [...]

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A “bike mayor” to get things rolling

The city of Amsterdam is appointing a “Bike Mayor” to make the city bike-friendlier. The Cyclist-in-Chief will “promote and protect cycling in the city, acting as a go-between connecting city hall, cyclists, community groups, and anyone who might be affected by new measures designed to improve citizens’ cycling experience,” reports CityLab. Creation of the position [...]

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