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A nation awash in guns

Good column by Max Boot in the Washington Post: “It simply beggars the imagination that Republicans, in thrall to the National Rifle Association, continue to insist there is no relationship between gun ownership and gun crime. Instead of effective regulations, they offer “thoughts and prayers,” as if mass shootings were acts of God like earthquakes [...]

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Quote of the Day

“The Roundtable believes that California cannot foster a healthy business climate and stronger economy without pension reform. The State’s pension plans are dangerously underfunded. Unless California makes serious changes, pensions will consume an ever-larger share of the budget, forcing State and local governments to increase taxes and cut essential services, such as building infrastructure and [...]

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Helpful hints about swamp rats

Several readers chimed in about the destructive invasive species nutria, spotted recently near the Delta. • James Marsh: “Your Nutria rant is spot on. You might want to add a caution. (That is, besides, “don’t try to hold ‘em down and take a blood sample without competent help.”) “When swimming in open water and to the [...]

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Delta columnist has doubts about our big ships

Owners of the large vessels docked at closed-down Herman and Helen’s Marina outside Stockton will assure you they are making steady progress restoring their boats. Columnist Pat Carson of Bay & Delta yachtsman has doubts: “Looking at the Aurora, the Fir, and the other ships I am sorry but I don’t see any signs of [...]

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Firends of Swenson to be formed

This message form Blair Hake, the Save Swenson activist: “I’m an going to go ahead and  establish the nonprofit Friends of Swenson. Hopefully we can model it after Pixie Woods. That’s what I’d love to see happen. Whether the city’s interested or not, I don’t know at this time.” The city is always interested in [...]

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Critic : basic income experiment “rewards sloth”

A writer from a “free-market think tank” takes his cuts at Mayor Michael Tubbs’ universal basic income program: “Realistically, 500 bucks a month isn’t much to live on anywhere in California, Steven Greenhut writes in the Press=-Enterprise, which serves . If this idea takes hold, it will be followed by demands to increase the payments. [...]

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On being part of new solutions

“To truly reform our criminal justice system, we need to move away from the mind-set that punishment is the answer to urban violence. Indeed, there is now sufficient evidence to support an entirely new model for countering violence — one driven by investment.” —Patrick Sharkey, professor and chair of sociology at New York University, and [...]

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Economist: Tubbs’ basic income test won’t work

UCLA economist Jerry Nickelsburg isn’t saying Universal Basic Income won’t work; he’s saying Stockton’s experiment with it won’t work. “The experiment is doomed for two reasons,” Nicklesburg writes in Public CEO. “First, it is temporary. The recipients know that the money will only last two years, and that will incentivize them differently than a true [...]

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What to name a Stockton university?

Rick Rios writes: “Dear Mike, “Your article … regarding a CSU in Stockton was great! Please continue to sound the drums for a CSU in the Stockton area. “The note I would like to add to your next article on this subject is that we need to coin a great title to the future CSU [...]

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Fugazi gets her answers

Recently,  Council member Christina Fugazi objected when discussion of a motion regarding the Advance Peace anti-gun-violence program was cut off before she could ask a raft of questions. Fugazi e-mailed her questions to Advance Peace head DeVone Boggan. Below is her letter and Boggan’s answers. I am reproducing both so we all can better understand [...]

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