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Cosby’s coming to Turlock

It appears that Bill Cosby’s past has caught up with him just as he’s coming through the Valley. He’s booked Jan. 18 in Turlock, Merced’s paper reports. The show is sold out. And yet … here’s blogger Andrew Sullivan. “Reading through six near-identical accounts of women who publicly testify that he drugged and raped them, [...]

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The North Valley: a region unto itself?

The three northern counties of the San Joaquin Valley — Merced, Stanislaus and San Joaquin — don’t really have the same economy as the rest of the valley and should cooperate as a region tied with the Bay Area. So Jeff Michael of UOP’s Business Forecasting Center has concluded. Michael spoke Wednesday at  the North [...]

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On Fugazi’s traffic stop

Some of the things people talk about most they understand least. Case in point: the story about Council member-elect Christina Fugazi’s traffic stop and police allegations that she and her boyfriend ran stoplights in a car reeking of marijuana and booze.   Speculation is natural — rumor and speculation fill a vacuum of fact — [...]

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San Berdoo spares pensions, too

Although the judge in Stockton’s bankruptcy case ruled that pensions can be cut, Stockton chose not to go there, and now San Bernardino has followed suit. That’s in interesting decision by San Berdoo. Stockton’s case had not only cleared the way for other cities to cut pensions, it vanquished the intimidating specter of the whopping [...]

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You left out “bloviating”

“Persons addressing the Council shall not make personal, impertinent, unduly repetitive, slanderous or profane remarks to the Council, any member of the Council, City staff or the general public, nor utter loud, threatening, personal or abusive language, nor engage in any other conduct that disrupts, disturbs or otherwise unreasonably impedes the orderly conduct of the [...]

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“Cruelty lives in Manteca”

Bill Reis-Knight sends this: The commentator is someone named Jo Sparkles. A fitting name for the author of this somewhat Pollyanna post. Yes, society ought to address the causes of poverty. Communities ought to hook the homeless up the the benefits to which they are entitled. But some homeless people use dumpster diving as a pretext [...]

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The latest exasperating hyacinth picture

Police chaplain Joel Lohr writes: “I took this on Wednesday from an upper room in one of the Police buildings.” A bit dim, but … wow. The hyacinth has smothered the channel all the way from the head past the marina. It looks more like a parkway than a channel. Or a link on a golf course. [...]

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The juice for downtown’s comeback

Millennials aren’t buying houses, this story says. “… a lot of these younger folks are going to be more comfortable renting for a longer period of time,” says one wonk. “I just think that we’re not going to have this ‘oh, they’re going from 23 to 27, they’re going to get married, have kids and [...]

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How can we miss Franklin if it won’t go away?

To the surprise of no one familiar with Franklin Templeton Investments, the unappeasable investment firm is appealing the ruling in Stockton’s bankruptcy trial that gave it 12 cents on the dollar. If time permits this week, I’ll boot up the laptop I took to the trial and share the judge’s ruling, which he spelled out [...]

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Is John Muir irrelevant?

An interesting L.A Times story takes up that provocative question, with “an expert on southern California culture,” D. J. Waldie opining that Muir’s influence created a passe love of remote, pristine wilderness cherished by old, well-off white people. “We have to reimagine our relationships with nature to accommodate modern, increasingly diverse communities that see the [...]

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