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Public safety and the public trust

The opponents of Measure A had a slogan: “Don’t trust them.” For now, at least, it appears they were right. In exchange for 120 new cops, Stocktonians shouldered the highest tax rate in the state — and, “the force currently has only one more officer than it had at the end of last June,” reports [...]

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Andal: Wilson’s aloofness hides mismanagement

Fiscal watchdog Dean Andal writes: “The reason the City Manager doesn’t show up at unfavorable forums or explain himself on large issues (pensions, water, Measure A police hiring) is because he doesn’t have to and it is effective public relations strategy. “He actually had good answers for the City’s water position (which I agree with), [...]

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The city’s communications breakdown

One thing clear at the water forum — which Mayor Anthony Silva grasped — is that City of Stockton communications are not reaching a whole raft of citizens. “We have to do a better job of communicating,” Silva said. He’s right. City officials should listen to him. The communications breakdown is clear. The city put [...]

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Another side of Erin

Hollywood exaggerated what Brockovich did. The town of Hinkley, which Erin Brockovich got $2 million for “saving,” is worse off than ever, says this Mercury-News story. As Brockovich admits: ”I’m almost ashamed to say that after all we had been through with PG&E, I thought that PG&E would have addressed this (the cleanup),” Brockovich said. “I [...]

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Collecting Stocktons

Bill Ries-Knight sends this nav-system screen shot from Las Vegas:

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Stockton needs a “night mayor”

Here’s a great idea: a “night mayor.” A night mayor is a liaison between nightlife businesses and city government. The city of Amsterdam appointed a former club promoter, Am Mirik Milan, night mayor in 2014. It worked so well other European cities are adopting the idea. The story here. Though Stockton government has improved somewhat, City [...]

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Living in an old firehouse

Here’s the Sonora Street home mentioned in today’s column, back when it was Firehouse 8.   Here’s the station’s fire pole  on display in The Haggin Museum. Here’s the pole back in the day. Here’s a closer look. The man in the photo is the late historian Horace Spencer. The firehouse also had a Civil [...]

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The chloramine dilemma, II

  Taking the high road, the editorialist as well as the lead letter-writer in today’s paper call for city of Stockton officials to participate in Monday’s forum about chloramine in the water. “Sure, Anthony Silva is trying to politicize this issue of chloramines in some of Stockton’s drinking water, …” writes William Maxwell, “but that [...]

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Another pension sweetener

Reader Matt Brodie writes: “You left out the auto cost of living adjustments. A chief who retires at age 53 and lives a full life (to age 88) will see his annual retirement gift grow to $400,000 with 2% annual adjustments. “If the COL goes up to average 3% over that chief’s lifetime, a $200,000 gift recipient [...]

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The chloramine dilemma

  City leaders face a dilemma: if they support Mayor Anthony Silva’s Monday forum on chloraminated water, they legitimize a remarkably bad mayor that has irresponsibly ginned up a public health scare to raise his public profile. If they don’t support the forum, they play into Silva’s meme that City Hall elites are aloof from [...]

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