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A gofundme account for Silva

Just when you think you’ve seen it all … In the wake of Mayor Anthony Silva’s pay cut, a supporter has opened a gofundme account to raise money for the mayor. It’s funny — and it’s sad. A significant number of Stockton voters cannot distinguish who is doing a good job and who is all [...]

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Unions lose a big one

If, like me, you see managing public employee unions as central to successful government — by which I mean treating them fairly, but not allowing them to hijack or bankrupt the institution — you might be interested in the 7th Senate District special election this week.   Over in Contra Costa County, Steve Glazer, mayor [...]

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Learn about water rights

AP has a modest primer on water rights — senior water rights, such as many in the Delta enjoy, junior water rights such as those Machiavellian south-Valley exporters have. Just a good thing to skim. A mind-boggling factoid in the piece involves how totally unregulated water was before 1914. You wanted water, you took it. [...]

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Pay cut: strange solidarity or political game?

The Council voted to cut Mayor Anthony Silva’s pay last night, as it should, as that action was required by law. Then the Council went overboard and cut its own pay! That is certainly exceptional in an age of ever-increasing public employee compensation. The motion for this uncalled-for across-the-board cut was made by Christina Fugazi. [...]

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Chart: a neglected Stockton district?

The Grand Jury report saying City Hall neglects south Stockton focused attention on District 6, the city’s southside district. That prompted Mas’ood Cajee to crunch census numbers and create this chart — which is very interesting when you compare southside District 6 with downtown District 5. District Member College Grad% Dropout % Unemployment % Poverty [...]

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Cut the mayor’s pay

I don’t get the hand-wringing over cutting Mayor Anthony Silva’s pay. Yes, the salary-setting commission may have got it wrong when it recommended slashing the mayor’s pay from $104,970 to $72,384. I say “may have” because I haven’t studied mayoral compensation as the commission did. And I do not support cutting the mayor’s pay because [...]

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A side effect of district voting

The city of Visalia is switching from citywide voting to district voting, which may be in Stockton’s future, too. Last night, Visalia’s council approved the new districts. An interesting side effect of the new districts: some sitting council people will find themselves ineligible to run in their old district. In essence, by approving revised district [...]

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San Berdoo: CalPERS skates again

Bankrupt San Bernardino’s council voted to approve a Plan of Adjustment yesterday that gives bondholders one penny on the dollar, but pays the pension Hogzilla in full. The council voted 6-1 to give bondholders $500,000 of the $50 million the city racked up in debt while overcompensating its public employees — a brutal scalping — [...]

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A word about Spam

Reuven E. Epstein writes: “I enjoyed your article today, but you missed something.  I have been trying to get stores to have displays of Spam on the 2nd of Feb. each year.  That is Groundhog Day, and after all, Spam is ground hog.  It seems to me that they should go together. “I cannot understand how such [...]

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“A secret jam job”

That’s one lawmaker’s description of the federal water bill, now being devised by Dianne Feinstein and south-Valley Republicans under a “cone of silence.” “Delta, Rep. John Garamendi, allowed that Feinstein’s staff had asked him what he wanted in a California water bill,” this McLatchy story says. “But when Garamendi asked what else is in the [...]

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