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Does paying out no-strings cash do any good?

Here’s the Roosevelt Institute’s study of unconditional cash transfer programs — of giving people basic income, no strings attached. No-Strings-Attached-050417-1 If you want to educate yourself, read the whole thing. If you just want the gist, most of the executive summary is posted below. What I find remarkable are the people dismissive or outraged. Stocktonians [...]

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Stockton’s Black leaders continue their roll

The promotion of Deitra Kenoly to president and publisher of San Joaquin Media Group not only gives The Record its first female president and publisher in its 122-year history, it adds yet another Black leader to Stockton’s ranks. As I wrote here, Stockton has: • A black mayor. • A black vice-mayor. • A black city [...]

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Sacramento: Roof Rat City

Some press releases I just gotta share: “This Halloween, that sound from the attic might be something scarier than a ghost or ghoul – it could be a roof rat. This species of rodent is known for its incredible climbing skills, hairless, scaly tail that can grow up to a foot long, and tendency to [...]

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CSU Stanislaus’ Stockton campus comes alive

Famous Harrison, dean of Stanislaus State Stockton Center, writes: “Before accepting the position as the Dean of Stockton last year, I read some of your past articles and watched some of Assembly member Susan Eggman’s news and media specials regarding wanting a CSU Stockton to serve the San Joaquin County.  Recognizing how big the City [...]

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Two Stockton angles on the NorCal fires

  • Jerry and Jane Butterfield, perhaps best known for owning the Twin Towers, Stockton’s new City Hall, kept a second house in Sonoma County. The fires erased it. The picture Jane Butterfield posted on Facebook is of a completely flat lot fire-scrubbed of even debris. “This is our driveway and what used to be [...]

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Silva case boggles author’s mind

Author Eric Schlosser (“Fast Food Nation”) visits Stockton from time to time, interested in everything, and asking questions as curious, investigative authors do. At lunch yesterday, I told Schlosser about former Mayor Anthony Silva’s indictment on felony embezzlement charges. After lunch, I sent him the hard news story. Schlosser’s reaction: “That’s insane … if you [...]

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Maritime historian: The Fir is a historic treasure

  Jon A. Ottman, a Detroit maritime historian/historic preservation professional, writes: “I read with interest your recent op-ed piece on the large vessels moored at the former Herman and Helen’s Marina. It’s been shared frequently across various maritime-related social media pages. “I am wondering about the former CGC FIR, as she was only mentioned briefly [...]

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Watchdog: City spent even more that you think

  Ned Leiba, a member of the Measure A Advisory Committee, writes: “You wrote a good article “Five years $94 million later, gun violence still high.” “I think the article could have been strengthened and readers more informed by referring to the recent 2016 and 2015 Measure A Committee Annual Reports. See attached.  Then you [...]

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Hef and the Stockton guy’s robot

Here’s the blurb that Playboy ran after High Hefner’s friends gave him “a new mansion staffer” made by Android Amusements, the company created by Gene Beley, now of Stockton. For a website showing all by robots made by Android Amusements, click here. You’ll see a couple human-like models. “The fist ones I toyed with was [...]

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Satan cakes for social justice

I receive all sorts of press releases. All sorts. Like this one about “Satan cakes.” PR person Molly Jacobson writes: “Hi Mike, “The Satanic Temple encourages everyone to purchase Satan Cakes (image attached) to fight homophobia and stand for civil rights. Please let me know if I can provide more info or schedule an interview with a leader of The Satanic Temple. Thanks! ~Molly” [...]

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