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A tiger for Damien

Yesterday’s story about the death of 21-year-old boxer Damien Easter mentioned that his friends created a shrine where he died in a car accident on Feather River Drive. And a uniqe shrine it is.  

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When Stockton made beautiful boats

A piece earlier this month about guitar inventor Leo Fender’s love of yachts from Stephens Bros. of Stockton brings this photo from former state Assmebly member Rusty Areias. “Here is the picture I promised you of Miss 102 on our dock in Walnut Grove,” Areias writes. As you can see, boats made by Stephens Bros. [...]

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Kid Sherlock of Stocktonshire

Today’s Fitz’s Stockton about the national distribtion deal Stockton comic illustrator Sean Gregory Miller landed includes no example of his art. Well, here ya go.  

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Colangelo revises his solution

District 2 City Council challenger Steve Colangelo writes: “Upon further reflection I believe that the City and our Police Chief are doing a wonderful job hiring officers. We are increasing the ranks.” Ya think? Colangelo said in a previous e-mail (see item, below) the police department “refused to hire” new cops though there was Measure [...]

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Colangelo on water rates

Dist. 2 Council challenger Steve Colangelo writes: “I believe that our city council needs to serve the residents of Stockton and as councilmembers, as leaders, we need to listen to the people of Stockton. Our economy isn’t growing fast enough, wages are stagnant and people do not have extra disposable income to pay higher taxes [...]

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The Friday funnies

Courtesy of reader Chuck Barnard:

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The legal hurdles to cutting pensions in California

They’re spelled out in this L.A. Times story. “California law … treats government pensions as contracts protected by the state Constitution.” As I previously blogged, a three-judge appellate panel recently chipped away at the inviolacy of pensions, saying they can be cut — as they must be, if state muicipalities are to survive. “While a [...]

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All in against Dino

Say this for Stockton-area farmer Dino Cortopassi: he’s got a big rise out of Gov. Jerry Brown. Brown and his allies appear to have become truly worried that Cortopassi’s Prop. 53 may pass. They’re pumping big money to defeat it, the San Jose Mercury News reports. Cortopassi’s “No Blank Checks” measure would give voters a [...]

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The expanding conspiracy against Sam Fant

  If, as if alleged by Dist. 6 Council challenger San Fant, who is on trial on charges of voter fraud, there is a conspiracy against him, the contours of it certainly are formidable. It comprises almost the entire District Attorney’s Office, which Fant accused of being so dishonest his attorney argued in court the [...]

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A question for Mr. Colangelo

In today’s story about the District 2 City Council race, challenger Steve Colangelo criticizes incumbent Dan Wright for voting to increase water rates. “I come from a belief that we should raise taxes and fees as the absolute last resort and even then it should be an extreme circumstance,” said Colangelo, arguing that city officials [...]

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