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How to revive Valley downtowns

A new study identifies the barriers to reviving Valley downtowns and recommends solutions. The barriers we know. The solutions (taken from the Council of Infill Builders website): Improving urban design and expanding amenities, such as through “pop-up culture” of food trucks and art shows and by allowing more experimentation and temporary permits for activities that [...]

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Miller’s campaign signs stolen en masse

Four hundred of Supervisor candidate Kathy Miller’s campaign signs — 400! — were stolen in the wee hours Sunday or Monday in a “concerted effort to hurt Kathy’s campaign,” her campaign reports. Here’s the press release. PressSignTheft Without speculating who would play such dirty pool, we can agree the theft was a concerted effort. If the [...]

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Gov. Brown, come on down!

Gov. Jerry Brown should live in the Delta, writes Joe Mathews. “This idea may seem humorous or provacative, given the hostility of so many Delta residents to Brown and his tunnels,” Mathews writes. “But I mean it seriously. Gov. Brown, people in the Delta couldn’t accuse you of abandoning the Delta at the same time you [...]

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KSTN resurrects as “Bro Country”

KSTN-FM/AM returned to the air Monday at Stockton’s only locally owned radio station. Locally owned for-profit station, that is. As I wrote a few days ago, the Peace & Justice Network is starting up a low-powered FM community radio station. KSTN exec Randy Black writes: “A great David vs. Goliath story is brewing in Stockton [...]

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Detroit makes pension cut deal

It’s in the New York Times: “The deals, reached after days of intense private negotiations, called on municipal retirees’ pension checks to be reduced 4.5 percent, far less than the cut of at least 26 percent that had been announced by the city, an official with the boards said. Retired police officers and firefighters would [...]

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Unions attack pension research

PBS and other nonprofits given research grants by a billionaire concerned with the pension problem have “rented their credibility to a right-wing ideologue bent on gutting public pensions,” says Jordan Marks, executive director of the Washington-based National Public Pension Coalition — which, talk about credibility, is funded by seven large unions. Not only is this union advocacy group speaking [...]

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That familiar face in the mural

That man in the lower right of the mural featured in today’s Fitz’s Stockton: do you feel like you’ve seen him before?    You have, if you’ve had a hot dog at Casey’s on the Miracle Mile. They hot dog cafe is owned by Pete Koulouris, grandson of the patriarch. Pete figured his grandfather’s old-fashioned moustache [...]

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Why politicians all visit the south Valley

President Obama, House Speaker John Boehner: ever wonder why they visit the south Valley and not the Delta when water issues bring them here? Because south-Valley farmers spend so much money in Washington, lobbying for Delta water. How much? Read the story here.

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Chloramine and confirmation bias

The evironmental reporter’s well-balanced story about chloramine in Stockton’s water supply gave the issue the airing it deserved. My own feeling is switching from chlorine was a step away from cancer-causing water. To the extent concerns remain about chloramine, they are just that — concerns as yet unverified by scientific research.   A skeptic disagrees here. So, what [...]

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How to make downtown feel safer

Marijuana vending machines. A Colorado company has “rolled out” the first one.

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