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A few arrests prove tonic

I’m not a hang-’em-high type. But the pendulum swung too far to permisiveness at Council meetings, allowing protesters to disrupt the proceedings — and sometimes run riot outside City Hall. So it’s intersting to note that the very day two protesters were arraigned on various charges relating to their shenanigans after the March 17 Council [...]

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Three protesters skip court date

Three people arrested March 17 when a protest turned violent outside Stockton City Hall failed to appear for arraignment in Superior Court Tuesday morning, and bench warrants were issued for their arrest. Commissioner Sheryle Sparks issued $15,000 warrents for Dominique Johnson, 30, and Trevor Johnson, 28, both of of Oakland. The judge issued a $30,000 warrant for [...]

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Infill Stockton should have

David Garcia of Ten Space writes: “Great article on the General Plan fight. “On the same front, you might be interested to see that in other cities, Grupe actually does build/invest in some cool urban infill, I see no reason why they can’t do the same here. Check out what they’re doing in Sac.” Here’s [...]

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So wise in principle, so hard in practice

Dan Schnur had a wise column in the SF Chronicle Friday that’s a sort of counterpoint to the Sunday column I wrote about Ann Coulter. “I have written previously about the economic, political and moral need for immigration reform,” Schnur writes. “But the increasingly heated debate on this topic has made it clear that reform opponents are [...]

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The whole “land grab” thing

I imagine many observers are baffled by today’s story about former Mayor Anthony Silva’s oblique reference to a conspiracy and a “land grab” as being behind his indictment. I’m a bit puzzled myself. To better understand , you have to go back to 2013. Anthony Silva was mayor and still CEO of the Boys & [...]

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Silva’s kooky conspiracy theory

  As he left jail yesterday, former mayor and alleged embezzler Anthony Silva said the charges against him are part of a nefarious plot. “Silva said he could not speak about details of the case, aside from an oblique mention that the “whole thing is nothing more than a land grab,” the story reports. He added, “There’s [...]

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Ralph: If Silva runs, I’ll catch him

Activist Ralph Lee White told me he’ll not only post a property bond for jailed former Mayor Anthony Silva — as he implies in today’s news story — he’ll personally chase Silva down if he jumps bail. Silva’s bail, reduced to $350,000, requires $35,000 cash and the balance in cash or a property bond. I’m [...]

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Ag opposes everything (cont’d)

  I’m pro-farming, but I occasionaly lament how farmers seem to oppose everything. Which they do out of distrust of government, distrust of the public, our out of property rights fundamentalism. Or just ornery habit. Subdivisions I can understand. Less so wildlife refuges, trails, events at wineries, and now a bed and breakfast. In this [...]

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The scion of the Allen house

Walter Kendall of Terre Haute, IN, writes: “I am writing to tell you that I really enjoyed your article on the house at 355 Lexington Ave. in Stockton. My brother in law who lives in Lodi sent me the article. “The house belonged to my grandfather, Walter Kendall Sr. who stated Kendall’s Incorporated in 1919. [...]

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“It’s time to stop deceiving the public”

  Says journalist Dan Borenstein. The state pension Hogzilla, CalPERS, came after Borenstein with its policital consultants and fog machine after he recently wrote truthfully that Gov. Jerry Brown’s piddling pension reforms of 2013 have failed. Which they have. “Things have gotten much worse since the changes were implemented,” Borenstein writes. “Total pension debt at [...]

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