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A Stockton sailor in the Arabian Gulf

The U.S. Navy sends a photo of a Stockton sailor serving aboard the mighty USS Nimitz in the Arabian Gulf: “U.S. Navy Aviation Ordnanceman 3rd Class Tanisha Stewart, from Stockton, Calif., prepares to work on ordnance aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68), July 31, 2017, in the Arabian Gulf. “Nimitz is deployed in [...]

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On way to revive a waterfront

Mel Corren writes about New York’s River Cafe: “Our children gave us our 50th anniversary party in this restaurant many years ago. We’ve been there since and it is fantastic. How could we get a fine restaurateur to open one of these somewhere along the Waterfront?” Going by this New York Times story, Stockton needs [...]

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Where free speech goes to die

For a change of pace, here’s an important National Review essay about the failure of American academe to protect free speech and to encourage debate on the widest possible range of ideas. “The problem is not that conservatives have lost faith in the mission of the university, but that too many universities have discarded their [...]

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San Francisco’s housing crisis made simple

There’s a big patch of bare land near SF on which a developer wants to build 4,400 “sorely needed” homes in a project called Baylands. But the land is inside the city of Brisbane. “We’re a small town,” a City Councilman says, “and we’re a small town by choice.” There you go. Cities in California [...]

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SJC’s state fair exhibit lays an egg

Wes Rhea, head of Visit Stockton,bemoans the mediocrity of San Joaquin County’s exhibit at the state fair: “At rather sad display for San Joaquin County, and one of the very few counties without any visitor info,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “Hopefully someday people will learn we have more than ag in our county.” [...]

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It’s Ephemerisle time again

Ephemerisle, the annual floating party in the Delta, is going on this week, with the usual flatulent blather about seasteading. I went there last year. It’s original but hilariously pretentious. It was dreamed up by Patri Friedman, a Bay Area programmer, and grandson of famed economist Milton Friedman. Patri Friedman wants to live free in sovereign [...]

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Revealing the back roads

Here’s some reaction to the Fitz’s Stockton about the back roads around the Altamont to Stockton. Bruce Adams: “You put a smile on my face today with your thoughts on the old country roads back from the Bay Area. “I retired 3 years ago after 32+ years with IBM covering accounts from San Jose to [...]

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Delivering jobs by high-speed rail

“Will the 220-mph train become a Silicon Valley Express for droves of millennials and others who can barely afford to rent, let alone buy, a Bay Area home? Will high-tech companies begin moving some of their operations to a part of the state where a family can still buy a nice three-bedroom house for $300,000, [...]

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Containers: housing, but not affordable

On his Stockton City Limits blog, David Garcia once proposed a container park for a blank patch of Stockton’s waterfront. “In other cities, containers are used to transform public spaces into eclectic, mixed-use areas offering affordable spaces for entrepreneurs looking to open restaurants or shops at low costs,” Garcia wrote. “Container parks are easily modified [...]

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Two Stockton angles on the BOE scandal

George Runner, a member of the ‘obscure but powerful’ state Board of Equalization, writes an Op-Ed in the Sacramento Bee decrying Gov. Brown’s decision to strip the agency of its power. “This is a setback for taxpayer rights,” Runner writes. “It’s also a dark day for transparency.” The BOE administered tax programs, collected fees and [...]

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