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It didn’t work. Try again.

Attempts to regulate protests at City Council meetings failed last night to protesters who are destroying Council meetings. Well, technically the Council whizzed through a consent calendar and the protests got out of hand afterwards. But protesters are ruining Council meetings, sure enough. If you were going to receive a certificate of appreciation from the [...]

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Record alum’s brilliant new essay

Sam Quinones, who lived in Mexico for years after working as a Record reporter, has a brilliant essay in Foreign Affairs called, “Donald Trump is the Opportunity Mexico Has Been Waiting For.” The author of “Dreamland” opines, “The new U.S. president’s value to Mexico is precisely that he goes down like battery acid. If the country’s [...]

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The D.A. answers questions about the Silva case

  Yesterday we posted the questions likely to be posed to San Joaquin County District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar following Anthony Silva’s arraignment. Today we post the answers. What triggered the investigation? They wouldn’t say, citing the confidentiality of the investigation. How long has your office investigated Silva? The wouldn’t say. Do the charges relate [...]

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Oakland’s debt: $17,500 per household

It boggles the mind the way some cities ignore basic fiscal reality. Take Oakland. ” … the city now faces a projected $100 million annual shortfall by the 2019-20 fiscal year, a forecast 74 percent worse than just two years ago,” writes Dan Borenstein. “Some of that difference is due to using more realistic assumptions. [...]

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Book gives nod to Stockton’s “Johnny Oakseed”

A new children’s book by a Marin author acknowledges the help of the late Gary Gunn-Smith of Stockton. Laurin Abramson of San Anselmo wrote “Acorn” after googling oaks and finding stories about Gunn-Smith, whom she contacted for advice. Gunn-Smith (1953-2016) was a Realtor who planted Valley oak trees and even entire oak groves. He and [...]

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Another view on immigration

  Victor Davis Hanson gets beyond the dogma: “Employers have long sought to undercut the wages of the American underclass by preference for cheaper imported labor. The upper-middle classes have developed aristocratic ideas of hiring inexpensive “help” to relieve them of domestic chores. “The Mexican government keeps taxes low on its elite in part by [...]

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History, underfoot

Today’s Fitz’s Stockton brings this from Steve Horvath: “Sad to see the history of Stockton burn up.  There is still some under our feet. This manhole cover is on the Pacific campus.”

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Police lieutenant: the importance of thanks

Lt. Wayne Germann writes: “I have been in the law enforcement field for approximately 27 years, saving the lives of others and risking my own life to often to keep count. I don’t do this to receive gratuities, favors or thanks from others. “Usually, I would get a “Thank you for your service” once a [...]

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Streetlights that detect gunshots

San Diego’s installing them. “The aim is to not just provide more intelligent lighting, but also monitor things like traffic circulation, parking spots, air quality, weather emergencies and even gunshots,” reports Engadgets. A mayoral spokesman dismissed privacy concerns with this line, “It’s anonymous data with no personal identifiers.” Until the technology is upgraded, at least.

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Will high-speed rail really cut pollution?

  Stuart Flashman is doubtful: “I read with interest your recent article on California’s high-speed rail project. “You might be interested to know that a 2012 analysis of the GHG emissions impact from high-speed rail construction indicated that the construction would result in the release of approximately 8 billion metric tons  (that’s billions, with a B) of [...]

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