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Captured nutria granted clemency

If, like me, you worry officials are moving too slowly on the nutria eradication — that super-destructive nutria are going to take over the Delta – this will not reassure you. It’s from a Department of Fish and Wildlife briefing (see bottom paragraph). “Nutria captured by Lathrop Animal Services on 4/9/18 (reported to CDFW on [...]

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Dewey defeats Truman

Intrepid journalist Motecuzoma Sanchez posted this on his 209 Times Facebook page last night: Minor problem: The board unanimously approved Deasy’s hire. The post was taken down and replaced by an accurate one — with no correction, of course.

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More doubts about Kids Club

Robert Burnside writes: “Re today’s column (“The Case of the Possibly Purloined Clubhouse”), the corporate status of Stockton Kids Club, Inc. has been suspended by the Franchise Tax Board. “See this link.” Then why is the Kids Club still doing business?

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Local guy’s scoop on Tesla problems

The L.A. Times reported yesterday“Tesla’s service centers are dealing with Model 3 quality problems that result partly from the ill-conceived automation effort.” So I contacted Richard Harty, the Stockton Tesla owner who gave me a memorable ride in his Model 3 and asked if all was well. “I’m doing well and really enjoying driving my Model 3. [...]

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Finding syringes on his walk

Robert J. Perasso writes: “During the last ten years I have almost daily walked from my home, north on Quail Lakes Drive, taking a left behind El Torito, and walked to the In Shape Health Club for my workout. Within the last few years I have been physically threatened by an individual, witnessed people urinating [...]

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What got lost in the Coroner controversy

Reacting to the high-profile resignations of two county pathologists, and their startling allegations that Sheriff Steve Moore interfered with their work, County Supes voted unanimously this week to sever the Coroner’s Office from the Sheriff and put it under the supervision of an independent, medically qualified Medical Examiner. Well and good. What got lost in [...]

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Figting skeeters in Guatemala

From time to time, the U.S. Navy sends a blurb about a Stocktonian serving in the Navy. Here’s the latest. “PUERTO BARRIOS, Guatemala – Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Rick Ware, from Stockton, California, assigned to the Preventive Medicine team, displays a mosquito breeder containing mosquito larvae collected at the Izabal Sports Complex medical site in [...]

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From ValuJet to Allegiant

A caller says: “You didn’t mention in here that Maury Gallagher, the guy who is the founder of Allegiant, was the founder of ValuJet … ValuJet had the aircraft—and I believe it was an MD-80 (no, it was a used DC9–MF) that loaded active oxygen making machines … in the cargo hold, and the airplane [...]

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Consultant: Coroner’s Office must change

A consultant hired after the high-profile resignations of San Joaquin County Dr. Bennet Omalu and a colleague, who alleged interference form Sheriff Steve Moore — including on cases of officer-involved deaths — recommends making the Coroner’s Office independent and letting medical professionals run the show. Money graf: “The San Joaquin County Coroner’s Office must adapt [...]

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From homeless czar to rock guitar

Today’s column about new chief of county homeless initiatives, Adam Chesire, mentions that he’s in a rock band, Code Blues. Here they are. “About the band,” writes Jim Cheshire, Adam Cheshire’s dad, “10 years ago I got together with two of my fellow RN’s working in the ICU at Kaiser in South Sac to play [...]

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