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From homeless czar to rock guitar

Today’s column about new chief of county homeless initiatives, Adam Chesire, mentions that he’s in a rock band, Code Blues. Here they are. “About the band,” writes Jim Cheshire, Adam Cheshire’s dad, “10 years ago I got together with two of my fellow RN’s working in the ICU at Kaiser in South Sac to play [...]

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When radio was “spontaneous and varied”

Thom. H. Magnuson, responding to the eulogy for deejay John Mack Flanagan, writes: “I am often asked  what was it like to be a “Disc Jockey” back in the sixties and seventies? Usually I respond with kind of a snarky look on my face and allude to the availability of feminine companionship as being the [...]

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The Valley’s on the map for Villaraigosa

The good news is that gubernatorial candidate Antonio Villaraigosa continues to give the Valley serious attention. “Villaraigosa will be in Modesto later this month for a fundraiser hosted by almond growers, one of dozens of trips he has made as a candidate to the Other California,” writes CalMatters. The bad news is he’s favoring the Big [...]

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Bee: Dino Cortopassi was right

Voters should have passed the wealthy Stockton farmer’s Proposition 53 – the No Blank Checks initiative, the Modesto Bee writes. It would have given voters a say on capital projects over $2 billion such as the twin tunnels project. Precisely what Gov. Brown and other proponents wanted to avoid. I gave Cortopassi’s idea a generally [...]

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Now we’re a “barren outpost”

They New York Times ran a story about the many California state prisoners being released, and all the support they need to make it on the outside. The piece is centered in Stockton, which the Times reporter calls “a barren outpost in California’s Central Valley.” A good article, actually, which you can read here. When [...]

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Make that 87 million

From the New York Times, more about the Cambridge Analytica scandal we columnnized on here: • Facebook said that the data of up to 87 million users may have been improperly shared with a political consulting firm, far more than an earlier estimate of 50 million. Oh, yeah, and this: • Cambridge Analytica’s parent company apparently helped Rodrigo Duterte win the [...]

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An Icelander profiles Stockton

Svavar Jónatansson, an Icelandic public radio reporter, visited Stockton in February of 2017 to record one of his “Borgarmyndir,” or city snapshots. Now he has this to say in his travelogue: “Borgin Stockton liggur við norðurenda hins mikla landbúnaðarsvæðis kennt við Central Valley í Kaliforníu. Saga Stockton er litrík og er samofin upphafi gullæðisins árið 1848. [...]

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Scuttlebutt on Stockton’s marina

Stockton’s marina dates to the pre-bankruptcy days when city leaders believed no expense was too much, and if you build it they will come. … No matter how poorly you design it. The marina’s high-toned character, so out of step with the funky Delta, and its lack of basics, such as a cold beer, or [...]

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Press release of the day

“Hi Michael, “I just wanted to share 5 tips that could be helpful for anyone in your audience planning to celebrate the upcoming cannabis holiday 4/20. “#1 Prepare for long lines: It shouldn’t really be a surprise that cannabis dispensaries are going to be slammed with customers. Dispensaries with Eyechronic’sdigital menus can reduced perceived wait times [...]

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Another step towards a livable downtown?

Real estate investor Rudi Blondia has purchased the Emporium Building at 319 E.Weber Ave. Blondia says he’ll keep the commercial tenants on the ground floor, but he hasn’t decided whether to make the upper floors commercial or residential. “It’s still in consideration,” Blondia said. The amenities for upper-floor business are there, Blondia said. But also, [...]

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