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Eggman vs. The Mad Chainlinker

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was scheduled for last Friday at the spruced-up Victory Park duck ponds. Only, when Councilwoman Susan Eggman showed up, she was apalled to see that the ponds were still surrounded by oogly chainlink fence. Eggman recounted this scene with laugh-out-loud expasperation. “Why are we having the ribbon cutting?” she says she railed. “Why are […]

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Speaking truth to power and getting laughs

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart skewers Sean Hannity’s wingnut show on the Delta smelt here. Stewart makes a terrific point. Farmers crying for the government to butt out so they can just farm in their libertarian, self-sufficient patriotic American way would be living in a desert if not for the federal and state dams […]

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Red tape delays river rebirth

Today is the historic day when the operators of Friant Dam are suposed to release water into the dry bed of the San Joaquin River, the first tep toward re-connecting it to the Pacific Ocean, restoring the salmon runs and resurrecting the river, which I reported here. But it may not happen, reports Fresno talk radio station […]

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The feds ride to the rescue

  Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar yesterday announced a new “Federal-State Action Plan on California Water” including a new “Federal Bay-Delta Leadership Committee” that will “coordinate with the State of California and interested stakeholders and develop by December 15 a work plan of short-term actions.”    California State Senator Lois Wolk (D-Davis), who chairs the […]

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Lodi prayer feud reaches climax

Lodi’s Council votes tonight on allowing (Christian) prayer at meetings. What a sideshow. David Diskin, the Lodi athiest, is mobilizing; Diskin sent out suggestions for picket signs. Separate Church and State Council Business at Council Meetings Keep Religion out of Council Meetings A Moment of Silence Not a Moment of Intolerance Be Tolerant – Lodi […]

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The Gray Lady exposes death penalty costs

The New York Times has an opinion piece giving another reason to abandon the death penalty — it costs a fortune. In California, death row costs taxpayers $114 million a year beyond the cost of imprisoning convicts for life. The state has executed 13 people since 1976 for a total of about $250 million per […]

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It’s morning in Stockton

So, we’ve aot a serial killer in Superior Court pleading guilty to six more murders, Education Week News calling Stockton a “hard-luck town,” famous blogger Yglesias calling Stockton, among other Valley cities, “loci of very long-term unemployed people” and the Associated Press reporting, “San Joaquin Valley residents suffer from chronic diseases at high rates and have less access to […]

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Score one for the watchdog

Bill Jennings, head of the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance, forwards this, about a victory over lax regulators allowing Delta pollution. If your eyes glaze over at the technicalities, go to the bottom for a translation.   CSPA Forces Regional Board to Withdraw Illegal Underground RegulationDecision affects numerous permits for discharges to surface and groundwater In response […]

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FPPC proposes to fine Dean Andal

From the upcoming agenda of the Fair Political Practices Commission: In the Matter of Dean Andal, Citizens for Andal, Citizens for Andal-Lincoln Unified, and Larry Solari, FPPC No. 05/703. Staff: Commission Counsel Neal Bucknell and Special Investigator Beatrice Moore. In this matter, Respondents Dean Andal and Citizens for Andal sent two mass mailings, which did […]

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Sheriff’s command vehicle goof goes national

A humor website features San Joaquin’s Sheriff’s Office for buying an emergency command vehicle that is illegal to drive on California roads. Title of the item: “Doofus of the Day.”

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