You don’t need no stinking badges!

Mayor Anthony Silva bought badges for his private “security detail” which are so official-looking that police are concerned about impersonating an officer and the D.A. is investigating possible violations of the muni code.

Silva says he needs a security detail because he goes into tough parts of town and because he is suspicious of certain unnamed persons in City Hall.

If you didn’t mentally go “Whoa” at that last part, you are getting used to Silva. That is a bad sign.

Seriously. Wanting someone to watch your back in rough neighborhoods is understandable. But in City Hall? Real security guards patrol City Hall’s first floor.

Does Silva really need more?

He says yes. “The fact that someone from within the 2nd floor at City Hall stole and invoice and provided it to the record (emphasis his, as well as the omission of capital letters) should prove to the public that I have a reason to distrust some at City Hall,” the mayor wrote in a rare break from texting.

Actually, his concern is misplaced. The bill for the badges was misdirected to the Stockton Police Department. It was never in City Hall to be rifled, and -– hey, what are we talking about? What rabbit hole of paranoia is the mayor taking us down?

And what is a “private security detail” supposed to do about the spies and document pilferers in City Hall? Disguise themselves as ficus and surveill the copy machine?

Who gets these badges? What training, if any, do they have? If a member of the “security detail” hurts somebody, is the city liable?

If the mayor has valid security concerns, then he doesn’t need to deputize unlicensed security; the use of Stockton police, or licensed private security, is a valid public expense. 

One wants to credit the mayor for at least halting his destructive rants at the council and for his minor but constructive initiatives. Then he shows the conspiracy-theorist distrust and loose-cannon character that causes his political woes.

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