More ideas for Stockton Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame

Obviously, Mitch Koulouris has his own ideas about who should go into a Stockton Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame. And so do you. I asked two others for their ideas as well.


Chris Nellman has been a passionate part of the local music scene all her life. She seems never to have missed a local concert. Most recently she’s been flying around the West with her boyfriend catching David Byrne’s shows.


Jackson Brian Griffith, a former employee of Tower Records corporate headquarters, and former music writer for Sacramento News and Review, grew up in Stockton. Griffith is the only person whose steel trap memory rivals Nellman’s.


So here you go.


Chris Nellman

Trying to pick a Top 6 for Stockton’s Hall of Fame may be a difficult task for me. I would be more likely to pick actual musicians, rather than whole groups. Plus, some of our best musicians were in so many different bands. My top 2 picks for actual ‘bands’ from Stockton would be the following:


1. The Family Tree my number #1 choice without a doubt. For me this

Band was like the Stockton Beatles. They wrote and played such harmonious music. …The Family Tree was lead by Bob Segarini, of Stockton. A unique talent and front man, also creative as a songwriter.


…Bob went on to play with several other groups, Roxy, The Wackers, The Dudes and more… and still playing today. You can still find him on line on Facebook, telling us all tales of the past and present. … also … on YouTube!

2. Parish Hall, featuring Gary Wagner. This band included Wagner,

John Hayden & Steve Adams. All Selections were written by Gary Wagner.

Gary was known for his Lead vocals, Piano & guitar…and writing. This man could play and sing the blues. If you are one of the lucky ones who owns a copy of this vintage LP, take good care of it. It is already a collector’s item.


Other memorable bands from Stockton: Gary Wagner & the Nightbeats, The Chosen Few, Crystal Timetable, Nature Thing, Stuart Little, Sweet Wine, The Plastic Explosion, The Rest…Dirk Hamilton Band, San Paku, Wildwood and many more. 


And of course there is the obvious individual who came from Stockton, our own Chris Isaak. Chris appeared in our local music scene a bit later. I would like to nominate him personally for our local hall of fame, but not his whole band since they were not actually from here.


Other local musicians should be nominated for other categories, such as Bill Stevens for most dedicated guitar player of the past 3 decades. 


Jackson Brian Griffith

Here are a few suggestions from me:


Gil Evans, the Toronto-born jazz arranger who grew up in Stockton before moving to New York and finding fame with Miles Davis (e.g., ‘Sketches of Spain’). Evans recorded an album of orchestral arrangements of Jimi Hendrix tunes for RCA in the early 1970s, which would qualify him.


Lord Buckley, the Tuolumne County-born hipster comic who grew up in Stockton, as he was a huge influence on San Francisco rockers (and others).


Thunderwing: Band with Tommy McClendon, Dan McClendon, Chris Hunefeld and others.


Shiva Burlesque: Band formed by Grant-Lee Phillips and Jeff Clark after they moved to L.A.


Vanilla Buttshake, Crlll, Torn Boys, Toadstool Theatre, Gary Young’s Hospital etc.: various Kelly Foley bands.


The Fall of Christianity: Brian Thalken, Theron Knight, Gary Young.


Gary Young.


Nick Kappos, aka Nick Slurb: Tha Authorities, the Hot Spit Dancers, etc.


Bob Segarini and Randy Bishop, Jim deCoq, etc: Roxy, the Wackers, both of them 1970s Elektra Records acts.


The Family Tree: Recorded for RCA. Drummer Van Slater later became an entertainment biz attorney.


The Fibonaccis: L.A. band featuring John Dentino, who went to Lincoln High (class of ’70, I think, also won a Kodak young filmmaker award), recorded for Enigma Records.


9th Creation: J.D. Burrise’s band, recorded for Prelude Records (a disco-R&B label).

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