Thoughts on a Wilson Way prostitute

I was lunching at a Wilson Way sandwich shop today when a streetwalker sashayed by, her eyes scanning the oncoming traffic, looking for eye contact with Johns.

It got me thinking about the world’s oldest profession. Prostitution has been called a victimless crime. That is not true, exactly. The sex part is indeed a victimless crime, and if all prostitution were high end, such as the call girl ring that seduced Elliott Spitzer, its legalization would probably make sense.

But most streetwalkers such as the one on Wilson Way are a different story. Most are addicts. Many have backgrounds of sexual abuse. Many are under the domination of pimps. They are also vulnerable to violence by Johns.

So if you support prostitution at the low end, you are contributing to the destruction of a woman. For that reason, not the criminalization of sex by society, that sort of prostitution should be opposed. If not criminalized, boycotted. 

There are secondary reasons, too. In Stockton, residents of Roosevelt Street, which for some reason is a big John side street off Wilson Way, suffer a endless procession of leering, creepy Johns trawling through their neighborhood. Homeowners find syringes and condoms on their front lawns. Many won’t allow their kids to play in their front yard.

But on the high end — if the high end implies healthy, willing hookers, private rooms and Spitzeresque Johns — what’s the problem? Except for Elliott Spitzer’s staggering hypocrisy, I mean.


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