SUSD Live – Strategic Education Services report

Strategic Education Services CEO Dale Shimasaki gave a brief look at what’s happening in Sacramento.

He said expectation is that in May, additional revenues will be seen in the state. Not sure how it will be distributed. If true, it’s likely some money will come into the LCFF. If additional one-time money, it could go to common core implementation and filling mandate reimbursement claims.

Then there’s the education establishment “wish list.” Those things include adult education, career and technical education/ROP and school transportation.

Final note of optimisim…people looking for more school facilities bond funding. Nearly 58 percent of voters would likely approve $8 billion school bond for a future ballot. Question is if there is a water bond as well, and the lobbyist here seems to think voters would have no problem with both.

If not in November, a school bond could come two years from now, he said.

Some other things noted:

- $70 million in unfunded liability

- Creating a Prop. 98 reserve for future recessions. Gov. Brown thinks capital gains taxes could be a source to fill a reserve fund because in good years, those taxes are high. In bad years, not a lot of people earning capital gains.

- Sen. Steinberg has proposed TK for all 4 year olds. The cost of that vs. what else the money could be used for in LCFF is being debated.

- Also, another piece of legislature to allow classified employees to apply for unemployment benefits during the summer months is upcoming.


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SUSD Live – Student representative

Franklin High Principal Juan Salas introduced senior Edith Reyes. She is senior class president and prom queen as well.

Reyes said she’s from  Redway, Calif. (in Humboldt County) and came to Stockton where she said she found hope. She said she only had a handful of people helping her out, “but we did it”

Reyes want to go to college but is still debating, although she wants to study international business. She wants to talk to people, hear their stories, travel.

On being prom queen, she said it was really competitive but “I got the crown, and that’s all that matters. I hope she’s not here.” Lots of laughs on that one.

Lowder – who was born in Humboldt County also (Arcata, Calif.) suggested Reyes go to Humboldt State, where he did his undergrad work.  He suggested the school’s Russian program, even though they don’t have international business.

Reyes said she’s heard from Humboldt, but appears to be leaning towards UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara or some other schools.

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SUSD Live – Agenda

SUSD Trustees are about to start open session for tonight’s meeting.

Tonight has already been eventful. A group of former principals told trustees they are filing age discrimination claims against Superintendent Steve Lowder before a 5 p.m. closed session.

There were also classified worker protests (see previous post) on the sidewalk.

Here’s the regular calendar agenda.

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SUSD – CSEA protest

Two sections of the Stockton Unified classified union protested outside of the district office tonight.

The group is protesting the layoff of classroom support workers, the contracting out of special education buses and other slights, rep Marilyn Brown said.

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Lincoln Unified special meeting

Lincoln Unified trustees will meet in a special closed session  at 6 p.m. Monday. The topic is on the district’s interest in purchasing property at 1700 Porter Way. Labor negotiations are also on the agenda.

Here’s the agenda.

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SUSD agenda

Trustees meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday. Here’s the agenda.

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Track Prop. 30

Voters approved Prop. 30 in November 2012 taxing the state’s wealthy to raise $5 billion for education.

State Controller John Chiang has launched a new website that can help the public track Prop. 30 money. The database can help people find out how much each district receives in Prop. 30 money and how they’re spending it – and if they’re spending it the right way.

The webiste is 

I did a quick glance at Stockton Unified and Lincoln Unified.  

According to the website Stockton received just over $38 million in Prop. 30 money and Lincoln Unified about $9.9 million. Neither district has submitted a spending plan that has been recorded on the webiste.






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After School Program request for proposals

Stockton Unified sent out Requests for Proposals to community groups seeking to operate its Step Up After School Programs.

This is the after school program currently run by the YMCA at 12 school sites, and formerly the Stockton Boys & Girls Club prior to that organization losing its national charter.

Here’s the full RFP. 

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SUSD on Fox 40 tomorrow morning

Stockton Unified will be playing “Are you smarter than a 5th grader” with the Fox 40 morning show tomorrow. Spokeswoman Dianne Barth said the show is expected to air at 8 a.m.

Fox 40 will come and shoot the segment live at Peyton Elementary School.

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Lincoln Unified special meeting tonight

Lincoln Unified meeting tonight in closed session, at 6:30 p.m.

It looks like the topic will be labor negotiations.

Here’s the posted agenda.

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