CDE education technology task force to release blueprint

State Superintendent Tom Torlakson will release a report titled Empowered Learning: California Education Technology Blueprint 2014-2017 on Friday.

The report has been prepared by an Education Technology Task Force.

What the report suggests? I guess we’ll have to see. But the key areas are: learning assessment, teaching, infrastructure, and productivity.

Most local school districts seem to have a decent grip on technology. However, maybe the report will have some good ideas for those catching up to implement.

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Special SUSD meeting -deputy superintendent resignation

An agenda has been posted for a special Stockton Unified meeting for 5 p.m. Thursday.

The only item on the agenda is for the resignation of a deputy superintendent. The district’s deputy superintendent is Sheree Audet.  I haven’t had a chance to talk to her or any district officials yet.

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CBO letter

Today I wrote a story about an open letter signed by 11 school district CBOs to county schools superintendent hopeful Jeff Tilton.

Here’s the full letter. 

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SJCOE Trustees meet Wednesday

The county Board of Education meets at noon in the Nelson Education Center, 2901 Arch-Airport Road.

Here’s the agenda. 

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Parent Academy graduation

The Stockton Unified parent empowerment office held a Parent Academy promotion ceremony this morning at Hazelton Elementary.

More than 20 parents that participated in a weekly training on how to help their children succeed in school.

In the photo below, Superintendent Steve Lowder and Trustee David Varela hand out diplomas and congratulate the grads.

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What social media sites are your kids using?

According to this article, it’s not Facebook. Instagram has taken over Twitter, which had taken the mantle from Facebook, which had overthrown MySpace (remember that?).

The ironic part is that Facebook owns Instagram, so as this article says, the kids have left Facebook for Facebook – like graduating from McDonalds to Chipotle, which is owned by McDonalds. 

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Complaints against SUSD

Today I wrote about a group of former and current employees that have filed complaints of age discrimination against SUSD Superintendent Steve Lowder.

Today, the Department of Fair Employment and Housing sent me a list of all the claims, with more information on what each person is claiming thus far. Names are redacted.

Here’s the list

Some say they were discriminated against for disabilities, age, gender, retaliation etc.

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SUSD Live – That’s it

No action items. Adjourned.

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SUSD Live – Lowder comments

Lowder said staff did quickly look at the Valenzuela issue that Ramriez brought up.

Lowder said the dual immersion program is at capacity (around 400) and there’s active membership of parent academy and there’s been great experiences out there.

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SUSD Live – Board comments

David Varela – Thanked the staff at SECA for 100 percent passage of the exit exam.

- Gloria Allen – She congratulated Gina Hall on the multicultural fair. Said, maybe it should go district wide. Allen also talked about AVID student Saturday school and business-plan class they had for primary grade kids at Taylor Leadership Academy. The business was called Taylor Treats – a healthy snack service. And they want to use the money for garbage cans.

- Sal Ramirez – He said he found out from DOE that Valenzuela Magnet School legally doesn’t exist since it merged with Hong Kingston.  Lowder said he’s not sure what Ramirez is talking about, but he’ll look into it.

- Colleen Keenan – went to a principals training regarding common core implementation.

- Steve Smith – said Valenzuela made a change that the concept of Valenzuela Magnet School hasn’t changed and he doesn’t know what Ramirez was told, but nothing has physically changed there. Smith also said he attended a WASC at Stagg.  He also touted growth at Health Careers Academy in testing. “They might catch up to SECA, who knows.”

- David Midura – Went to August, Fremont, Harrison and Chavez and liked the orderly situation at August. He said it was “awesome to see the wonderful care.” At Fremont, they just restarted a PTA there and there was a pizza party. Parents are getting backed involved there. Harrison, he said was clean and orderly. Chavez had some “neat statistics” that came out today. AVID scores were at a 95 percent passing rate, a 96 percent passing rate and a 100 percent passing rate in three classes. Applauded teacher work and volunteer help.

- Kathy Garcia – said it was a busy week. Jose Hernandez was walking Filbert Street, and she picked him up. She went to LCAP meetings. She also went to the PLUS program at Edison on Saturday. Busing kids to that program has to be a priority, she said.


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