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Something in the Air?

The Lodi News-Sentinel’s Fernando Gallo reports today that on Nov. 23 the Lodi police officers’ union took a vote of no confidence in interim Chief Gary Benincasa. The vote passed by a healthy margin. Benincasa announced on Dec. 1 that he would retire in February rather than pursue the permanent appointment; he had been running […]

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The SPOA vs. Blair Ulring

There is a story in today’s paper about how the Stockton Police Officers Association, the union that represents rank-and-file cops, is suing Chief Blair Ulring for trying to block a beer concession the union ran at the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds. The complaint filed by the union’s attorney, David Mastagni, makes concrete the link between […]

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Some more about the SPOA’s no-confidence vote

The story I wrote for today’s paper about the union’s vote of no-confidence in Chief Blair Ulring has gotten some criticism for making the union look silly. The vote is about a lot more than pants and beer concessions, it has been said. I don’t doubt that, and, in fact, the story reflects that: The […]

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No civilian layoffs at the Police Department?

A June 18 post at the Stockton City Employees Association’s blog has it that a June 1 deal between the union and the city has obviated the need for any layoffs of civilian Police Department employees. This is true under one of two budget plans under consideration, but Plan A, as it’s called, assumes $11.7 […]

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Armoring Felons

In December the 2nd District California Court of Appeals reversed the conviction of Ethan Saleem, a felon with a history of violence who was in 2007 found to be wearing a flak jacket during a traffic stop by Los Angeles police. He was convicted in Los Angeles Superior Court of a violation of California Penal […]

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Before dawn on Christmas morning at Arroyo’s Café, volunteers loaded gifts into a caravan of vehicles, in preparation for a series of deliveries that would last well into the morning. At the first home, in north Stockton, the floor was bare concrete. A boy slept on an air mattress in the front room. Two homes […]

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Chief’s Call

Stockton Police Chief Blair Ulring said today that his chief concern about the announced arrival in San Joaquin County of a new prison hospital is the effect it could have on the demand for police services. For now, that effect would be most felt by the Sheriff’s Office, whose jurisdiction would include the facility. If […]

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It’s Good to be the Chief

After a meeting on Wednesday afternoon between Sen. Barbara Boxer, Sheriff Steve Moore and the police chiefs of Lodi, Manteca and Stockton, the chiefs were hanging around in the conference room, having been cornered for additional questions by their respective local reporters. Manteca Police Chief Dave Bricker raised an arm and reminded the room that […]

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The Chief, Final Round

It doesn’t look like City Manager Gordon Palmer will appoint a a new chief of police before August. Stockton Police Department Interim Police Chief Blair Ulring said today that he is to face another interview on July 31. The other candidate, San Jose Deputy Police Chief Donald K. Anders, also must return for another interview.

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