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So much for dinner

Even the dinner breaks are intense on this beat! I was headed to El Grullence for a chicken burrito shortly afer 8 p.m. when we received word that a police officer and a parolee had been hit by a car while fighting in the middle of Miner Avenue near North San Joaquin Street. Fortunately, I […]

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First week on the crime beat

The bodies of two adults were discovered Tuesday afternoon in the back on this Mitsubishi Montero. My first week on the crime beat has been interesting, to say the least. After 10 years in The Record’s sports department, I walked into the newsroom Tuesday wondering what would happen on my first day flying solo on […]

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Two generous gestures

Paula Wheeler sat with me earlier today to talk about the disappearance and death of her daughter Chevelle “Chevy” Wheeler, 16. This mother has been emotionally tortured beyond anything I can put into words. (For someone who makes a living based on their ability to explain, that’s saying something.) Chevelle vanished in 1985 and her remains […]

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Need your help

She’s not asking for much, and I hope someone reading this is able to help. Rebecca Acosta, who volunteers at the St. Mary’s Homeless Shelter in Stockton, is asking for last-minute donations to help her provide for the crush of people the shelter is feeding Sunday. Acosta is asking for paper plates, plastic forks and […]

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Photos from Thursday’s shootings

It’s no secret the newspaper industry has fallen on hard times in recent years. As a result, the hard copy that lands on your doorstep or available in newsracks is often slimmer than in years past. That means there isn’t always room for photographs taken at crime scenes. So here are some photos taken at separate […]

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13. Marvin Woo, 35

Woo was killed March 26, in the 500 block of West 9th Street. He was Stockton’s eight and San Joaquin County’s 13th homicide victim this year.

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Philanthropist, Give to Thyself?

At Saturday’s “Taste of San Joaquin,” several booths began trading food for cash instead of tickets, said Emily Baime, the Downtown Stockton Alliance’s marketing director. This is kind of a big deal: The tickets were used to keep track of proceeds, to be split 70-30 between participating local restaurants (the larger share) and local charities. […]

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