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First week on the crime beat

The bodies of two adults were discovered Tuesday afternoon in the back on this Mitsubishi Montero. My first week on the crime beat has been interesting, to say the least. After 10 years in The Record’s sports department, I walked into the newsroom Tuesday wondering what would happen on my first day flying solo on […]

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A patient defends Pathways

A regular customer of Pathways, the medical marijuana dispensary whose business license the city has revoked, called today to defend the co-operative. Jermaine Manuel-Wilson, 29, said he has severe scoliosis and the very rare Antley-Bixler syndrome, and has had a total of 27 surgeries, including one for a tumor in his forehead. He said he […]

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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries: The PD’s Needs

Deputy Police Chief Mark Helms spoke to the Planning Commission Thursday night, and said medical marijuana dispensaries would be a burden on an already-strained Police Department. To start, Helms said the Police Department was neutral on whether the city should allow medical marijuana dispensaries. “We clearly recognize the voters of California have spoken; the legislature […]

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California Opathics Patient Association: Cutting Room Floor

Some of the material from my interview with members of the California Opathics Patient Association’s co-op board didn’t make it into a story printed in the newspaper today. Sammy Trujillo, COPA board’s vice-president, on the possibility the city will deny COPA a permit to operate precisely because they opened before regulation settled: “Good things happen […]

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Cultivating activism: LCCSJC

Local medical marijuana advocates Sean Becker and Matt Leandro just want the city to safely and intelligently allow the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries within city limits. Neither is an advocate of general legalization. Both disapprove of the way that Pathways Health Cooperative Counseling, a medical marijuana dispensary, opened in Stockton in November. The club’s […]

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Pot houses, past and present

A story in today’s paper about new indictments in the 2006/2007 pot house case, though apparently difficult to find, was just the latest episode in a long-running serial about the intersection of crime, development, foreclosure and the economic crisis that is Stockton. Some earlier episodes: Pot bust makes history in Stockton S.J. pot houses had […]

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