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Crime in Stockton in 2010, Standings and Ups and Downs

Last year, Stockton was one of about two dozen cities (of 100,000+) in California where crime didn’t fall. Instead, violent crime rose 8.9 percent. Property crime rose 6.4 percent. The violent crime we track most closely, homicide, rose to 49 in 2010 from 33 in 2009. This week, the FBI released preliminary figures for crime […]

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Stockton Fire and a Comparison to San Jose

During a discussion of proposed cuts to the Stockton Fire Department, Capt. Dave Macedo referred to a similar situation in San Jose, where firefighters have offered a package of concessions equivalent to about 10 percent of total compensation. And like the San Jose Fire Department, Stockton’s is planning to cut staffing on engines and trucks. […]

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Billboards in Baltimore

In another beleaguered blue-collar city, police have taken to the billboards to move public opinion. In early August a Baltimore police officer (They’ve heard of us!) posted on the Support Stockton Police Officers Facebook page a link to the Baltimore Sun’s crime beat blog. The post’s headline: “Union billboard bashes mayor and council.” The billboard […]

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Daily Chaos: The EXGF and the NYPD

First impression According to the Stockton Police Department, on Monday night Samantha Williams, 30, stopped by her ex-boyfriend’s home in the 9500 block of Cody Way to pick up their child. At the door, she met the new girlfriend, and “immediately began stabbing” her. Then, police said, Williams drove away in a black Camaro. Williams […]

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Tui in Haiti, 2

In my e-mail inbox yesterday was another message from Battalion Chief Robert “Tui” Tuitavuki, the Stockton firefighter working in Haiti for a private disaster management company contracted by the United Nations. Hello, The Dominica Republic (DR) is taking Haitian refugees at this point. The border crossing was chaotic at best with one entry and exit […]

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Report from Haiti

From Robert Tuitavuki, who has a regular gig as a battalion chief for the Stockton Fire Department, but who is now working with Kenyon International for the United Nations: 7 hour drive from Santa Domingo Dominican Republic to Port Au Prince Haiti. At the border check point saw many refugees and many other in vehicles […]

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Justin Patrick Welch Escapes

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that Justin Patrick Welch, 26, of French Camp, has escaped from the private prisoner transportation firm that was driving him from San Diego to Waukesha, where he was to face a murder charge. Welch had been wanted by Oconomowoc police for the murder of 39-year-old Kimberly Smith, who had […]

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“Stockton mayor suspends cop who ticketed his son”

Stockton, Utah, that is. According to this story in the Salt Lake Tribune: Rowell said Tuesday night he was parked by the side of the road and was motioning vehicles over to check for license, registration and DUI when he realized a white car appeared to be evading the checkpoint on residential streets. He followed […]

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Losing Money to Save It

In the Los Angeles Times today is a story about how furloughs at state prisons are not saving much money, and in some cases cost more than not furloughing an employee. According to the Times: Clark Kelso, the federally appointed prisons medical receiver, had asked the Schwarzenegger administration for a furlough waiver but was denied. […]

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No Chase Rules

A friend brought to my attention today the story of a small town South Carolina mayor who has ordered her police department not to chase anyone anymore. A story by local CBS affiliate WSPA leads thus: “The Mayor of Wellford is defending her policy which bans police officers in that city from chasing suspects. Sallie […]

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