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Follow up: Caught up

Outside of Knights Inn last week Joseph Davis sat on a curb, cuffed, shirtless and shivering, and insisted he had nothing to do with Donny Valles, the other parolee found hiding in his room during a parole sweep. He was otherwise in compliance with the terms of his parole, but for being caught with another […]

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Another view of the prison hospital

From Bob Walsh, writing at PacoVilla, a corrections blog. The locals want to pretend that Stockton is the garden spot of central California and would be a somewhat larger version of Mayberry ONLY IF the prison (DVI) and DJJ facilities were not there. It’s not true of course. Stockton is a violent place. Much of […]

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Chief’s Call

Stockton Police Chief Blair Ulring said today that his chief concern about the announced arrival in San Joaquin County of a new prison hospital is the effect it could have on the demand for police services. For now, that effect would be most felt by the Sheriff’s Office, whose jurisdiction would include the facility. If […]

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Losing Money to Save It

In the Los Angeles Times today is a story about how furloughs at state prisons are not saving much money, and in some cases cost more than not furloughing an employee. According to the Times: Clark Kelso, the federally appointed prisons medical receiver, had asked the Schwarzenegger administration for a furlough waiver but was denied. […]

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Face Off

At around 1:30 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 18, an off-duty Stockton police officer was leaving the 856 Restaurant and Lounge when, according to the Sheriff’s Office, someone in the parking lot pointed a firearm at him. The officer got out of his vehicle and confronted the gun-flasher, and was assaulted. His attacker fled. The Sheriff’s […]

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Serendipity and Jaycee Dugard

Some trenchant commentary this morning at PacoVilla’s Corrections Blog. Of a press release from the CDCR’s Public Relations Office that credits Phillip Garrido’s parole officer with his capture, but doesn’t mention the Berkeley police officer whose suspicions cracked the case, Paco writes: “Hooray for the good work of the Division of Adult Parole Operations: It […]

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