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Live Chat, Thursday at 12 p.m.

You can chat with me on the phone, on Twitter, at my neighborhood cafe, through email, and for one hour on Thursday, live online. There’s to be a prominent link at our main page. The live chat consists of me acting all faux-hardboiled about crime in Fat City, and whispering to Dan for answers to […]

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I’ve been on vacation the past week, thus the silence from me about Fire Chief Ron Hittle’s lawsuit, a homicide, an arrest in the homicide of Tatianna Johnson, and a church fire, among other things.

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Back, just in time for a holiday

I was off last week, and though I stayed home — stayed, in fact, inside my home, on a couch, watching cable television shows I had missed when they were on (Rome!) and Premier League football (Villa) and reality TV (Just kidding. Please.) — and was therefore unlikely to be burglarized, I still neglected to […]

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Communication breakdown

I’ve been having some email trouble the last few days. The number of domains from which I’ve been able to receive outside email has winnowed sharply to, as of today, none. I hope it’s fixed soon. The point: If you’ve sent me email this week and not heard back, it’s because I didn’t get it.

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This is not the greatest live chat in the world…

…this is just a tribute. Below is an archive of today’s chat, for those who weren’t there. (Those who were got a T-shirt.)

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30 on Thursday: Crime

I have been working long and late in the past week, and have fallen a bit behind on the crime log, but I will be answering questions, or trying to, during tomorrow’s live chat. It starts at noon. The subject is crime in Stockton, but I won’t necessarily dismiss questions that range from the subject […]

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I will be out of the office, out of the state and out of the continent until July 28. I might be checking my email, but I won’t be writing news stories, making phone calls or updating this blog. If you have hot news to dish, please don’t tell anyone else — wait for me […]

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I will be gone until Tuesday, Nov. 24, but still checking e-mail.

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The Persistence of Memory

The migration from the Record’s antiquated and ugly blogging platform to WordPress is complete. I was relieved to see no posts appeared to have been lost. Unfortunately, the comments left by readers are gone. This is something that bothers me about the Web. Stories are taken down; sites move or are redesigned; links go bad; […]

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New RSS Feed

A message from the staff: We’re in the process of upgrading the software behind our blogs, in large part to add some new features and capabilities you’ll be experiencing soon. As part of this process, we’ve changed the location of our RSS feeds. To receive continuous updates when we update this blog, please update […]

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