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Not thinking ahead

From the lighthearted file, courtesy of the Stockton Fire Department: A young man studying to become a correctional officer handcuffed his friend Tuesday afternoon and then needed firefighters’ help upon realizing he didn’t have the key. Crews responded to the 1900 block of Hickok Court about 4 p.m. and used a pair of bolt cutters […]

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Sights around town

Stops signs scarred by bullets have been mentioned by hip-hop artists like Ludacris and Dr. Dre in their rhymes over the years. The practice of pumping a few rounds into a red octagon posted at the street corner is nothing new. I see so many around town they’ve become part of the scenery.  However, this gem caught my eye near University of […]

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Making better witnesses

The Stockton Police Department recently issued a release on their facebook page about things to observe when reporting a crime. Phone numbers for various divisions within the department are also included so witnesses can ideally get to the person they need to speak with sooner. Here is the link. Hopefully you never need to use […]

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Braden’s incident report

Today’s Record article on Dallas Braden has been getting a lot of interest. Here is a copy of the officer’s incident report from that evening. Portions of the expletives have been redacted, as well as Braden’s personal information. My previous blog entry also covers what I saw of the incident that evening. UPDATE: The San Francisco Chronicle’s […]

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Celebrity sighting

You never know where the job will take you or what you will see, and Thursday evening served as an example of that when Dallas Braden showed up at the scene of a car crash. A call for a fatal collision at Country Club Boulevard and Pershing Avenue came over the scanner after 6 p.m. […]

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Good, clean fun…I wish I’d thought of that

Part of my job involves reading the daily summaries from University of the Pacific’s Public Safety Media Log. It’s often dry and/or unsubstantial; the stuff you’d expect to see on a college campus. Many of the incidents revolve around parties, vehicle break-ins and vagrants going Dumpster diving. At times there are more serious offenses. Thankfully, […]

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Endorsing HOPE

The California Correctional Peace Officer’s Association reached out to Helping Other People Expand (H.O.P.E.) Friday afternoon at the Stockton Boys & Girls Club. The CCPOA, which represents about 30,000 employees working in state prisons and youth facilities, gave the Stockton-based community group its stamp of approval. The endorsement should help H.O.P.E. in its mission to […]

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Seeking information, will reward

Late last week I received a call from a man named Jesse who wanted to see if The Record could help him on two things. He had just read an article on Hazel Dingman, 84, who was found dead in her Downing Avenue home last week. The circumstances around the case have not been fully disclosed […]

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Missed call

A man named Tony called and left a voicemail Saturday morning but I couldn’t make out the last four digits of the phone number. I’ve tried various combinations that sounded like what I thought were the numbers with no luck. I’m not avoiding your call. Please try again. I know it’s a long shot that […]

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Sheriff’s Office promotions

Below is in addition to Zack Johnson’s report about the massive promotional ceremony at the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office Friday afternoon. The information and photographs have been provided by the Sheriff’s Office. So read up on these dedicated officials and learn more about the individuals who patrol this community. Captain John Williams John attended […]

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