Serendipity and Jaycee Dugard

Some trenchant commentary this morning at PacoVilla’s Corrections Blog. Of a press release from the CDCR’s Public Relations Office that credits Phillip Garrido’s parole officer with his capture, but doesn’t mention the Berkeley police officer whose suspicions cracked the case, Paco writes:

“Hooray for the good work of the Division of Adult Parole Operations: It only took ten years and a big push before you fell backwards over Jaycee Lee Dugard. Had
there been a Gordon Hinkle or a Paul Verke working for the White Star
Line’s public relations office back in 1912, the company would likely
have telegraphed a hasty press release: Titanic first to locate iceberg along North Atlantic route!”

Paco is a retired state parole agent. I read his blog daily.

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