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Militiaman Pettet on the marina

Alan Pettet, the midtown activist who amused some observers and disturbed others with his claim this year that he would form an armed militia to patrol Stockton (he later backed off) called this morning to say he had been to see Stockton Marina, and he was not impressed. Pettet uses a wheelchair. He said he could […]

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Marina report

City Hall’s comparison of last year’s and this year’s financial projections for Stockton Marina, as presented Tuesday to the City Council:

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Scharlin on the marina presentation: LOL

The text of an e-mail this evening from Jerry Scharlin, who managed the Stockton Marina project before his retirement: LOL. In the presentation to City Council, Staff was comparing the current cash flow projection to the wrong prior cash flow projection. The final and relevant prior cash flow projection excluded the dry stack storage facility, […]

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More from City Hall: On the marina deficit

7:13 p.m.: Interim City Manager Kevin O’Rourke is opening a presentation on the projected deficit at Stockton Marina. He and Deputy City Manager Laurie Montes will be presenting, he said. Revitalization Director Dave Harzoff is in the front row. The difference between last year’s deficit projection and this year’s has to do with debt service, […]

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What comes out of Harzoff

Revitalization Director Dave Harzoff returned a telephone call this afternoon to discuss the projected annual deficit at Stockton Marina, which has increased to about $700,000 from about $100,000 last year. Harzoff said his staff is compiling a report to account for that, to be presented to the City Council on Tuesday. Asked if one might […]

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Morning roundup

Revitalization Director Dave Harzoff’s marina operating estimates are causing some former redevelopment officials to stir. It is unexplained how the annual estimated deficit increased from $100,000 to $700,000, said Jerry Scharlin, who managed the project before his retirement. Scharlin and the Redevelopment Department (now the Revitalization Department) last year recommended municipal operation of the marina. […]

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More from City Hall: Fritchen eating crow and Harzoff explaining

7:35 p.m.: City Councilman Dale Fritchen said he was “quite surprised when he saw these figures.” He said he was told the marina would lose about $100,000 some years, not $700,000. Fritchen said, “I’m disappointed about the information that has been coming to me.” He said, “Now I have crow to eat” when he talks […]

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Morning roundup

Interim City Manager Kevin O’Rourke, who started Monday, had moved into his office (no art on the walls yet, however) and had a box of business cards. The culture at City Hall is such that no one likely told him about the pool on the Fourth Floor. Tonight is O’Rourke’s first City Council meeting here, […]

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