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More from City Hall: On the marina deficit

7:13 p.m.: Interim City Manager Kevin O’Rourke is opening a presentation on the projected deficit at Stockton Marina. He and Deputy City Manager Laurie Montes will be presenting, he said. Revitalization Director Dave Harzoff is in the front row. The difference between last year’s deficit projection and this year’s has to do with debt service, […]

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Plan B

City Councilman Dale Fritchen and some other council members (though not all, among them Mayor Ann Johnston) are more than a little frustrated that City Manager Gordon Palmer’s budget-balancing proposal relies on millions of dollars in labor concessions and federal aid, and Fritchen has been asking Palmer lately what City Hall will do if the money does […]

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Berlin among seven to be laid off in community development

  Deputy Community Development Director Barbara Berlin, 54, was among eight Community Development Department employees issued layoff notices today (seven people are to be laid off; eight notices were issued because two employees have the same hire date and one will remain). The layoffs will reduce the Community Development Department from 54 employees to 47, department chief […]

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