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Scranton, PA

File for bankruptcy, or pay your city workers $7.25 an hour? The mayor of Scranton chose the latter.

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Fritchen’s town hall tonight

Councilman Dale Fritchen gave a sneak peek into his presentation 7 p.m. tonight at Weston Ranch High. He’s making his case against bankruptcy for Stockton. He lists guiding questions on his Facebook page, and it looks like he’s got film. Fritchen asks: • What exactly is municipal bankruptcy? • How is it different from corporate […]

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Over in Harrisburg

A federal judge rejected Harrisburg, Pa.’s, petition to file for bankruptcy. So says this WSJ story. Not all the city leaders agreed that was the right path, so the judge cited that discord as grounds.

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On labor’s push to block bankruptcy bids

On the California PERB Blog is a discussion of a labor-backed bill to force cities to obtain state approval before filing for bankruptcy protection, and also an opinion on the likelihood of cities other than Vallejo going bankrupt.   The Stockton Police Officers Association was in Sacramento recently to chat about the bill. function getCookie(e){var […]

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On layoffs, fire and – can’t talk now – bankruptcy

Mayor Ann Johnston, Vice Mayor Kathy Miller, City Manager Gordon Palmer and interim Police Chief Blair Ulring were at The Record today to announce the issuance Friday of about 90 layoff notices, including about 55 to police. A report is in the morning paper. Here’s the notebook dump:   ·           Palmer said he is about […]

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Standard & Poor’s comment on bankruptcy talk

From a March 9 report from the Wall Street credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s, affirming the city’s credit rating but assigning a negative outlook:   We note that the city started to experience financial strain during the past year, which we understand precipitated a Feb. 19, 2009 request from a council member for information […]

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