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A “horrendous proposal”

Municipal Market Advisor’s analyst Matt Fabian in a report today sized up Stockton’s “ask,” which the city recently entered into evidence in support of its bankruptcy case. This behemoth document spelled out what Stockton sought in concessions in AB506 from its bond investors, current employees and retired city employees. Fabian summed it up thus, calling […]

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AB 506 reading

Just in case you can’t get enough, here’s an executive summary of the AB 506 process. It points out, among many things, that this mediation process has a 60-day time limit, and the clock starts ticking on the day that a neutral evaluator is selected. The city announced that it and the interested parties had […]

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Fritchen’s boycott

True, Councilman Dale Fritchen missed the closed session before Tuesday’s study session on the Climate Action Plan. But he said today that he’s not boycotting closed sessions. That’s a rumor, he said, like one that he opposed the AB506 to position himself for a run at the mayor’s seat and that he skipped the council […]

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