Buy now, save a quarter cent

The voter-approved Measure A sales tax goes into effect April 1 (a week from tomorrow). Today, the state’s Board of Equalization sent out a list of California cities with impending new sales tax rates. Take a look:

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Mayor Silva: ‘No more interviews with The Record for the rest of my term’

Mayor Anthony Silva was at Weber Point Event Center today for a key-to-the-city presentation to visiting racing legend Steve Kinser. I approached Silva during the event to see if there was anything more he wished to say about the badge issue we reported on in the paper yesterday and today.

Silva said, “No more interviews with The Record for the rest of my term. It doesn’t do me any good.” Silva’s term expires at the end of 2016, by the way.

After Silva ate lunch I asked again if he had any comments about what has appeared in the paper. “I don’t read The Record,” he said. “I have no comment.”

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(Video) Public comment on the Animal Shelter from last night’s City Council meeting

Some criticized the shelter, some defended it, some criticized recent coverage in The Record. Watch:

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(Video) An adoptable dog named George, a plaintiff and an attorney

Stockton and its animal shelter were sued today. The city is declining comment over the pending litigation.


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Lawsuit filed against Stockton Animal Shelter

The lawsuit has been awaited for more than a month. The Animal Legal Defense Fund announced a little while ago that it filed the suit this morning in San Joaquin County Superior Court.

You can read the news release here.

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City Council audit committee meeting canceled

Last week, the city sent out an agenda for a 3 p.m. meeting of the audit committee at City Hall. But when 3 p.m. arrived today, only one member was present: Chairman Paul Canepa. The other members — Michael Tubbs, Elbert Holman and Dyane Burgos Medina (the alternate) — were absent. There was no quorum so the meeting was canceled.

City spokesperson Connie Cochran said the council members who did not show for the meeting were not to blame. Apparently the time and date of the meeting was confirmed with Canepa but not the others. It’s not clear if the meeting will be rescheduled or if the committee will decide to wait until its next regularly scheduled meeting.

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Mayor Silva’s first weekly address

Mayor Anthony Silva announced during Tuesday’s City Council meeting that he would begin giving a weekly address. Here’s the first one, recorded at the SabreCats game at Stockton Arena this week.

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Last night’s City Council meeting in 33 minutes, 48 seconds

Watch speakers discuss the Stockton Animal Shelter, conditions in south Stockton, a comment on the recent Rotary Read-In, and complete comments from Mayor Anthony Silva about a variety of subjects including his new career presiding over wedding nuptials and his distaste for what he sees negativity in “certain newspapers.”

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City Hall live — Council comments and done

Kathy Miller recognized the service of now-former Port Commissioner Sam Toccoli and congratulated Sylvester Aguilar on his selection. She also thanked the over 800 people in the city who read at last week’s Rotary Read-In. … She said she will be part of a group in Sacramento next Tuesday advocating on behalf of Delta environmental concerns.

Moses Zapien thanked Mayor Silva for attending the most recent meeting of the Wilson Way Neighborhood Initiative.

Michael Tubbs, Elbert Holman, Dyane Burgos Medina and Mayor Anthony Silva also commended Toccoli, and Tubbs also spoke of this.

Holman also spoke of the conclusion of Black History Month and its importance. He quoted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: “We start to die when we stop talking about the things that matter.”

Dyane Burgos Medina: “If the executives of Google are watching, we’d love to have your barge.” She also said work is being done to try to help clean up south Stockton. She said her interns will hold a “clean-up” April 12.

Silva called for a study session on the problems at the Animal Shelter. He also spoke of a midnight basketball program that will be starting. He also spoke about the Stockton Gateway area that people see when they exit the Crosstown Freeway and arrive at downtown. He mentioned that the “urine and feces” need to be cleaned and added, “I don’t know if I’m allowed to say those words here but I’m going to.” He spoke more about public safety, not just downtown but in areas like Wilson Way. He said the city will add more bike please.

Silva said he will start a “Mayor’s Weekly Address.” He said he will shoot the first one tomorrow. He said he also wants to work at having “positive press” on the city’s Channel 97. “Maybe people will want to bring jobs to Stockton rather than read the negativity they see in certain newspapers.”

Silva said he has become ordained to preside over weddings.

He also said if people call the mayor’s office at (209) 937-8499, City Hall will make sure that when trash is dumped, it will be cleaned. He said clean-up should occur in neighborhoods other than Brookside and Spanos Park West. He also said the police department needs to tackle more “small crime” and do more community policing.

And that’s the meeting.

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City Hall live — New Port Commissioner is Sylvester Aguilar

Seven candidates, one position for a vacant seat on the Stockton Port Commission. Council, mayor voted for their top two choices. Sylvester Aguilar received first-choice votes from all but Mayor Silva and Paul Canepa. Silva and Canepa chose Sam Toccoli. Silva’s second choice was Ralph Lee White and Canepa’s second choice was Carl Eck.

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