Confirmed participants in Wednesday’s Fathers & Families forum

This is information passed along by Fathers & Families. The event is at 5:30 p.m. at 338 East Market Street.

SJ Delta College Board: C. Jennet Stebbins; Carlos Huerta; Claudia Moreno Rabago; Teresa Brown.

SUSD Board: Ramiro Reyes; Minerva Garcia; Bernice Spivey Bass; Tyzel Arroyo; Douglas Vigil; Lange Luntao.

Board of Supervisors: Gustavo Medina; Tom Patti; Moses Zapien.

Mayor: Michael Tubbs. NOTE: Incumbent Anthony Silva indicated today he will not participate and questioned a non-profit that receives city funding hosting a forum.

City Council: Dan Wright; Susan Lenz; Michael Blower; Jesus Andrade.

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Fathers & Families hosting candidate forum Wednesday

Fathers & Families of San Joaquin will host a public forum from 5:30-8:30 p.m. Wednesday for candidates for state senate, state assembly, the Board of Supervisors, Delta College, SUSD, Stockton mayor and City Council.

In case you want to pry yourself away from Wednesday’s Trump-Clinton circus, details are here.

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More delays in Manteca Unified election fraud cases

As reported today, Manteca Unified board member Sam Fant, who is running for Stockton City Council, will have his preliminary hearing on an election fraud charge Monday. It originally was to have been held Thursday.

Today, the others involved the case, Ashley Drain and Alexander Bronson, were supposed to be in court for their own hearings. Drain’s jury trial assignment instead was pushed back to Monday. Bronson’s sentencing in a plea deal was pushed back to January.

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Next week at Delta College: Candidate forums

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Tubbs responds to Silva’s Facebook rant

As noted earlier on this blog, Mayor Anthony Silva posted a lengthy Facebook rant late last night. A little while ago, mayoral challenger Michael Tubbs posted his response:

 “Imagine a city with the right leadership that is able to realize its full potential and put together strategic and actionable plans and policies to create a safer community with opportunity for its residents. Imagine a city that is home to resilient residents, a city that may have hit rock bottom but is determined to rise. Imagine a city where leadership does more than fear monger but inspires and brings people together to solve the real challenges it faces. Imagine a city that is not perfect (but what city is?) but does more than just complain about civic issues, rather it becomes a national model for how to go about solving them. That’s the city I plan to lead as your mayor. 34 days.”

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Anthony Silva goes off

Late last night on Facebook, Mayor Anthony Silva told us what he really thinks. Here’s his unedited rant:

“Imagine a City where there are homicides in the toughest an poorest neighborhoods. Imagine a City where the homeless have absolutely no where to go and they are living on March, Hammer, Brookside, Spanos, Pershing, Pacific, and they are forced to urinate and defecate on our streets. Imagine a City where the disrespectful residents dump trash anywhere and everywhere. Imagine a City where protestors are having standoffs with the Police. Imagine a City where people steal our Mail and don’t get caught. Imagine a City that has 175 unsolved homicides in 7.9 years. Imagine a City where the employees and previous councils bankrupted us and left us a 2 billion dollar deficit. Neal Diamond Concert, Paragary’s, An Arena that is empty 207 days per year and yet the vendor still gets paid. Imagine a City where the City Manager doesn’t live here but makes $245,000 per year, plus a car allowance and he is rarely here. New York last week and Long Beach this week. A City where every time they made a terrible financial decision, their answer is to raise taxes. Imagine a City that is really controlled by the richest 5% and they buy off elected officials and the local newspaper is a part of the cancer. Imagine a City that use to euthanize or kill animals instead of finding them homes. Imagine a City where sometimes Police Body-Worn Cameras are turned on and sometimes they are turned off. Imagine a City where the City Council actually works for the City Staff that doesn’t even live here because if they don’t do what they are told, the staff will not assist the Council to help the residents. Imagine that their are PAID CAMPAIGN SMEAR CONSULTANTS who hide behind a computer spreading lies, fear, and hate just so they can get paid by career politicians. Imagine a City where elected officials can violate the Brown Act and get away with in in broad daylight. Imagine a City where people that don’t live here can recommend putting chemicals into our water. Imagine a City where we have directed the staff to re-open a library and yet nothing has been done. Imagine a City where are sidewalks are cracked, our streetlights are broken, City owned trees are falling on cars and houses. Imagine a City where CODE ENFORCEMENT makes small business owners want to close up shop and leave the City. Imagine a City where they raise our Water Bill, jut because they feel like it. Imagine a City where we pay MILLIONS and MILIONS and MILLIONS in lawsuits because we just don’t learn from our mistakes and we allow people to mange our money and make decisions that just don’t really care about us. Imagine a City that has absolutely nothing for family entertainment although they have 305,000 people. Imagine a City where the Mayor has to BEG to get PRESENCE and DETTERENCE to the 10 most dangerous areas of a City because it’s a War Zone and each and every night there will probably be a shooting there. But guess what? No one is listening! Imagine a City that just buried a 3 year old in little casket. Now imagine that is your daughter or niece, or granddaughter. I am outraged! I am PISSED OFF! I want something done but your not listening. Stop being brainwashed! I need a City Council to sit next to me that doesn’t take orders from people that don’t live here. Ask yourself why people would give so much money to a privileged 26 year old that lives with his mother and doesn’t pay bills? Why would they want him to manage a SIX HUNDRED MILION DOLLAR BUDGET? Why do they want me gone and out of the picture? What would they willing to do to accomplish this? Imagine a City where you no longer have a voice. I’m getting tired of fighting by myself Stockton.”

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Fant’s love/hate relationship with Verber Salazar

Back in April when City Council candidate Sam Fant first was charged with felony election fraud, he called it “Stockton politics at its complete worst” and added the following about District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar:

“I was told that if I ran for Stockton City Council, that this was going to happen. And sure enough less than 15 hours after I filed my candidacy, I was contacted by the DA’s office. So I can’t say that I am surprised, but extremely disappointed that the district attorney would allow a law enforcement agency to engage in political warfare.

“I find it very convenient that the district attorney and my political opponent share the same campaign manager.”

The campaign manager Fant was referring to was Jeff Acquistapace, who is the campaign consultant for Jesús Andrade, Fant’s opponent for the District 6 seat on the city council.

Given that perspective, it was interesting yesterday to read this court document filed by Fant’s attorney, Yolanda Huang. Here’s Huang’s final sentence on Page 8 of the nine-page filing:

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City Council candidate Sam Fant in court this morning

San Fant’s court hearing, which was scheduled to begin at 8:30 this morning, is now pushed back until 10. You can read details of the case here.

Fant, a Manteca Unified school board member, is running for the District 6 City Council seat in south Stockton against Jesus Andrade. The election is only 40 days away. Fant has another scheduled court appearance Monday morning.

In this morning’s and Monday’s hearings, Fant will seek to have the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office removed from his felony election fraud case. Fant wants the California Attorney General’s Office to handle his case. He charges the D.A.’s Office with racism and says in a court filing that the only person from the D.A.’s Office that he would trust to prosecute his case is the D.A. herself, Tori Verber Salazar.

More to come later, when something actually happens.

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More on the homeless encampment cleanups

The City Council voted last night to allocate $100,000 through the end of the fiscal year for periodic cleanups of homeless encampments by the Police Department and the Public Works Department.

Here is the staff report that was included in last night’s agenda, which provides details on the cleanups:

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Mayor Silva: Police Review Board will ‘calm the City back down and bring peace to the streets’

Mayor Anthony Silva said earlier this month he is going to form a “Civilian Police Review Board.” He said at the time the process of establishing the commission would include a “development meeting” where participants would work to determine the procedures for the board. Optimistically, considering he faces a tough reelection fight in November, Silva said he will ask the City Council to formally approve the commission in January.

Silva said this week the “development meeting” will be held at 6:30 p.m. today at the Waterfront Plaza Hotel, 110 West Fremont Street by Stockton Arena.

This week on social media, after this story ran in the newspaper, Silva posted the following on his Facebook page:

“This is how it all starts. This is how things can get out of hand in a city if not dealt with properly and effectively. We don’t need this type of behavior in Stockton that can lead to potentially violent situations. Make no mistake my friends, RACISM still exists in America, and this evil exists in Stockton. My push to implement a Citizens Police Review Board will help to calm the City back down and bring peace to the streets by allowing frustrated residents an opportunity to be heard in the appropriate forum and claims can be recommended for investigation. We must not let crime return to the levels we had 4 years ago and we must not let hatred, racism, and tense relations between some residents and the police cause damage to our community. We don’t need protesters from Oakland walking the streets of Stockton. I need Stockton to support my Citizens Police Review Board and bring peace to our city before its too late. Please share and please pray for our 300,000 residents.”

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