Mayor Anthony Silva’s Facebook post: ‘Old guard’ and ‘the elite’ are out to get him

This was posted last night. Read it here:

Innocent until proven guilty is what we tell ourselves about the justice system. But we all know too well that in the court of “public opinion” it is just the opposite and its far too easy to cast judgement based on what we read in tabloid newspapers struggling to keep a readership or on 2 minute TV news segment.

The truth is that “the elite” and “old guard” never wanted me to become Mayor and they have made it extremely difficult. They control both local written media and some local law enforcement. I am not perfect and I am human.

Many would expect me to be held to a higher standard. The role of representing 300,000 people is very serious and I have been “The Peoples Mayor. I fight for people who don’t know me and who don’t like me. I fight for the poor and middle class. I fight for the residents who deserve a second chance in life so they can support their families.

I haven’t always had my finest moments during the past few years. and I have mentored people and trusted them. I have given my trust to easily. Whenever I have let my guard down, the Record Newspaper has been there to exaggerate and blow things out of proportion. Being anything less then perfect when you have a huge target on your back is a very dangerous game in Stockton.

Yes, I got into a limo one night in 2014 and I shouldn’t have. Yes, I wore a bathrobe and put up signs and a ” anonymous source” sent the picture to the Record. Yes, I did have (2) guns stolen by either house movers, a robbery where I identified suspects, or by someone close to me. Once I knew for sure weapons were stolen, I reported them. I also had my car broken into and items stolen that were never recovered.

Have you ever heard of the media releasing the person’s name who got their property stolen? When I was in China, my former roommate got together with one of Councilmember Tubbs best friends and had a party at my house. I was so shocked once I returned home.

Although I did anticipate a few attacks and alleged scandals exactly (3) months before this coming election, I miscalculated one thing and I am so disgusted and angry. THEY MADE MY SON CRY! Politics in Stockton is dirty so anything usually goes….but this is way too much over the top.

My lawyers will not let me comment on the current situation and they will not even be happy when they learn I made this post, but I must because I can’t eat or sleep. This is nothing more then a episode of Game of Thrones or House of Cards.

I’m going to tell you a story that I haven’t told many people. When I was elected to the Stockton Unified Board, I wanted to be with the “in crowd” or more powerful people. There was a Trustee named Dr. Glen Dolberg, a very popular Delta College Professor. He would not comply and do what the others wanted him to do. Finally they gave him one last chance. He still said “No”. I was told that he would be “taken out politically.”

A few weeks later there were allegations made about him and he gracefully retired and said goodbye with one last email. The only problem was that I knew he did nothing wrong and the bullies planned it from the start. But I also did nothing to speak out on his behalf because I was scared of them too.

The point is…..I have spent a lifetime in this City and there are plenty of you out there that know what I have done to make Stockton better and “challenge the system.” All my votes with the exception of the (Chloromines) in 2013 have been spot on with the will and desire of the people.

I will not be bullied and muzzled by people in power. The intention of the latest headlines is not designed to convict me of anything, rather to take my only strength; “The People” away from me with public perception. I want to tell you so much more and answer all your questions but “the haters” are also reading this too and I must protect myself.

When a member of the City Council got arrested for a DUI, I did not judge. I got on TV and said it wasn’t worth throwing away his entire career. I know you don’t have all the facts yet….however all of this should seem just ” odd and suspicious” to you. Just look at the timing with me first getting hit with the gun story and now this. They did this simply to embarrass me and make me throw in the towel and quit. They can’t risk a total shakedown of City Hall. There is too much at stake.

These people have towed my car, reduced my salary by $30,000, leaked confidential information to the Record for the past 3.5 years and soon you will learn more. Also imagine if someone illegally searched through everything on your cell phone and spent a year looking through your pictures and messages. You have nothing to hide right? Yes, now I know what it feels like to be harassed. I really thought I was being arrested for murders. They couldn’t call me in or just come over to my house?

The media was planted to cause a circus and they were first on the scene.  So you have 2 choices. Believe everything you see and hear in the media or take a chance and open your mind to what I am saying. All your questions will be answered in due time. One day you or someone in your family may get into a scrape and you might need my help.

I can honestly say I will never judge you until I have all the facts but for now you have every right to think ill of me if you believe the allegations and feel my career and life should be thrown away. I am innocent of any criminal activity and it will be proven in a court of law.

They say when times get tough we know who our friends really are and the past few days I have learned who really cares about me and my son. I know for a fact that Stockton was getting pounded in the media before I became Mayor and this town was in bankruptcy and chaos. Now things are much better in our City except now I am getting pounded by the media. I will continue to pray and I will continue to fight!

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CalPERS on #Brexit (with video)

Unless you are living in a cave, you probably have heard about the British vote to exit the European Union. Worldwide markets plummeted after the news. Among those negatively affected by plummeting markets are pension providers like CalPERS and their member agencies, like Stockton.

How much a city like Stockton contributes to CalPERS is directly affected by the performance of the pension provider’s investment portfolio.

That’s because CalPERS sets an expected rate of return on its investments.

If CalPERS’ investments exceed expectations, cities like Stockton have to contribute lower sums of money. If CalPERS’ investments fail to meet expectations, Stockton and other participants have to pay more to meet their pension obligations. So the Brexit news and the subsequent market dive will spell bad news for Stockton and other CalPERS participants if it continues.

Here’s what CalPERS had to say about this just now:

“SACRAMENTO, CA – The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) today issued the following statement from Chief Investment Officer Ted Eliopoulos on the outcome of the British vote to leave the European Union:

“We are carefully monitoring the situation. As a long-term investor, we don’t overreact to short-term volatility but we will take appropriate steps to best protect our portfolio.

“For more than eight decades, CalPERS has built retirement and health security for state, school, and public agency members who invest their lifework in public service. Our pension fund serves more than 1.7 million members in the CalPERS retirement system and administers benefits for nearly 1.4 million members and their families in our health program, making us the largest defined-benefit public pension in the U.S. CalPERS’ total fund market value currently stands at approximately $294 billion. For more information, visit”

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Of audits and men

During a June 9 meeting, several members of the committee that oversees Measure A expressed frustration with colleague and accountant Ned Leiba over his repeated calls for an audit of the public safety sales tax. The Rev. Dwight Williams, the committee’s chair, was especially perplexed. You can watch here:

But if you think Leiba is backing down, forget it. There’s a 3:30 p.m. meeting today of the City Council’s audit committee. Leiba penned this letter ahead of the meeting.

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Stockton budget hearings have begun

The hearing started at 9 a.m. You can view the PowerPoint here.

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City Council goes 5 for 5

Five of the seven members of the Stockton City Council were running in election races last night, and all of them lived to fight on until November:

* Mayor Anthony Silva will be challenged by Councilman Michael Tubbs for the next four months.

*District 2 Councilman Dan Wright finished second to Steve Colangelo in district voting, and the two will now be battling for the citywide vote.

*District 4 Councilman Michael Blower’s outcome was the same as Wright’s, though his November opponent will be Susan Lenz.

*District 1 Councilman Elbert Holman finished second to Supervisor Moses Zapien, and they will meet again in November.

Tubbs beat Silva 33.5 percent to 26 percent last night. More than 40 percent of the vote went to other candidates. How those other 40 percent vote in November will determine who the next mayor is.

This is hardly uncharted territory for Silva. In 2012, incumbent Ann Johnston got 40.8 percent of the vote in the primary. Silva got 21.4 percent. Nearly 40 percent of the vote went to other candidates in the 2012 primary. In the general election, Silva beat Johnston 59.2 percent-40.8 percent.

Here are last night’s complete results from the San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters.

Number of Precincts 133
Precincts Reporting 133 100.0 %
Vote For 1
Times Counted 29619/126226 23.5 %
Total Votes 28909

MICHAEL TUBBS 9700 33.55%
ANTHONY SILVA 7521 26.02%
SEAN MURRAY 690 2.39%
GARY MALLOY 1223 4.23%
TONY MANNOR 1374 4.75%
Write-in Votes 59 0.20%


Number of Precincts 22
Precincts Reporting 22 100.0 %
Vote For 1
Times Counted 4911/21399 22.9 %
Total Votes 4620

DANIEL WRIGHT 1272 27.53%
WAQAR RIZVI 533 11.54%
Write-in Votes 9 0.19%


Number of Precincts 25
Precincts Reporting 25 100.0 %
Vote For 1
Times Counted 5945/21225 28.0 %
Total Votes 5566

SUSAN H. LENZ 2586 46.46%
MICHAEL BLOWER 2113 37.96%
MARCIE T. BAYNE 843 15.15%
Write-in Votes 24 0.43%


Number of Precincts 20
Precincts Reporting 20 100.0 %
Vote For 1
Times Counted 3592/19078 18.8 %
Total Votes 3476

SAM FANT 1308 37.63%
GLORIA ALLEN 660 18.99%
JESÚS ANDRADE 1165 33.52%
Write-in Votes 7 0.20%
Number of Precincts 93
Precincts Reporting 93 100.0 %
Vote For 1
Times Counted 18271/68215 26.8 %
Total Votes 17114

MOSES ZAPIEN 6973 40.74%
ELBERT H. HOLMAN, JR 5123 29.93%
TOM PATTI 4978 29.09%
Write-in Votes 40 0.23%

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Taxpayers for Good Government lives!!

One would think a group that calls itself Taxpayers for Good Government would practice what it preaches in a timely fashion. In today’s paper, we reported on the PAC and its mysterious mailer bearing six Stockton political endorsements.

Taxpayers for Good Government was required to publicly disclose who paid for the mailer, what it cost, that sort of thing. You know, good government, right? Only it didn’t until yesterday, when questions were being asked — questions like, “Who the heck are you?”

Here’s the disclosure finally filed late yesterday morning at the San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters, a document from which you will learn virtually nothing. According to the Registrar of Voters, though, the Form 496 should have been filed within 24 hours of the expenditure, which the document says was made May 16.

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Measure W citizen’s body meeting this morning

Stockton voters approved$ the quarter-cent Measure W sales tax in 2004. It was supposed to fund 40 police officers and 40 firefighters a year. As it’s turned out, it’s funding 25 of each (this is hardly breaking news, by the way).

The citizen’s commission that oversees the Measure W tax is meeting right now. Claire Tyson, the city’s deputy chief financial officer, acknowledged to the commission just now that original expectations were for “more officers than what this tax has been able to provide.”

You can view the PowerPoint being displayed at this morning’s meeting here. 

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Latest finance disclosures for all city candidates

As reported in today’s paper, Mayor Anthony Silva missed last week’s latest deadline for filing his campaign finance disclosure papers with the city. He finally filed late last night. So did District 6 City Council candidate Sam Fant, who also was late. District 6 candidate Gloria Allen still has not filed.

Below are the latest disclosure forms from all city candidates who were required to submit them.

Gary Malloy
Jimmie Rishwain
Anthony Silva
Michael Tubbs
Carlos Villapudua 

District 2
Steve Colangelo
Waqar Rizvi
The Rev. Dwight Williams
Dan Wright

District 4
Marcie Bayne
Michael Blower
Susan Lenz 

District 6
Gloria Allen (for period ending April 23; none filed by latest May 26 deadline)
Jesús Andrade
Sam Fant

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More on today’s Sam Fant story

Manteca Unified board member Sam Fant, who is running for the District 6 seat on the Stockton City Council, has sued Weston Ranch resident Richard Smith for defamation. You can read documents here and here

Fant sent me a statement this morning. Here it is in its unedited entirety:

“As an elected leader in a community, I know that I can’t make everyone happy, and thus I’m not immune from criticism. It’s  ok to disagree with my positions, and support opposing views. That’s what makes America great. What is not ok, is to lie and defame my character, and reputation with careless, damaging, untrue statements. To tell many people throughout our community that I would actually use physical force and violence  (committ a crime) posses not only a attack on me personally, but adversely affects our community youth programs that I represent. The only recourse that is afforded to me by law, is to file suit to protect myself, and the youth organizations from someone’s negligent Act.
“I feel if someone truly felt threatened, the appropriate thing to do is to notify law enforcement; as opposed to inviting someone you felt ‘threatened’ by to sit at your table for a crab feed.

“I am open to mediation to come to an amicable resolution.”

Crab feed, you ask? Fant wonders: If Smith felt so threatened, why did Smith invite Fant to a crab feed in late March? Here we come to semantics. If Fant said what Fant is accused of saying to Smith, it definitely can be characterized as a “threat.” But Smith says that even though it sounded like a threat, he never actually FELT threatened and had considered Fant a friend before all of this happened. Smith confirms that he did invite Fant to the crab feed. Fant did not attend.

Anyway, enough of all this for now.

UPDATE 11:47 a.m.: Smith now says he invited Fant to the crab feed in January, before the entire circus began.

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Mayor unveils “Operation: Safety Net” homeless plan at City Council meeting

The council is meeting tonight. I was handed a copy of Mayor Anthony Silva’s homelessness plan a little while ago. You can view it here. 

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