City Council Live — Public Comment

Vincent Hernandez: He thanked Mayor Silva. A few weeks ago he said he was driving into town by the Gateway area and was happy to see it was being cleaned up. … He also said he was “unfriended” by an organization working to improve the city because of a disagreement with that person.

Cassandra Epperson speaking on the Stockton Animal Shelter. “I’m asking for change.” She was very critical of the shelter for the treatment of a dog she adopted. “Huge changes need to be done at the shelter and they need to happen quickly.”

Eileen McFall, who is party to a lawsuit against the Animal Shelter, asked for the city to take action to improve its “shamefully” troubled shelter.

A woman spoke of hosting the Soweto Gospel Choir. She lives near Stockton. She asked the residents of Stockton to attend a performance of the choir. The choir is looking for hosts for 29 people. The performance will be at the Bob Hope Theater at 6 p.m. Sunday.

Betty Lupe Ramirez: She said she will be a regular at the meetings from now on and will be bringing students. A Chavez High student asked citizens to attend the Apollo Night at the Hope on May 2.

Antoine Guyton, who calls himself “Stay Ready,” said “I may not be the best Stockton has to offer but if somebody needs my help I’m here to help them.” He also returned a pin he said he received from Mayor Silva.

Diane Buettner criticized The Record for “continuing to spew” misinformation.

 James Young thanked the mayor for taking him to lunch last weekend.

A speaker gave his opinion about chloramine in the water … he’s concerned that it’s unhealthy. “Why are we putting ammonia in the water. Nobody knows about this. The health concerns have not been told to the public.”


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If you live in one of these 15 neighborhoods, slow down and read this

Pending City Council approval tonight, 15 neighborhoods will be getting speed humps, speed cushions or speed tables this year. What exactly distinguishes a hump from a cushion from a table? We thought you’d ask. And here are the lucky neighborhoods:

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City Council agenda

The City Council opens April with a meeting Tuesday night. You can view the agenda here.

One item involves the owner of a convenience store at Pacific Avenue and Rosemarie Lane wanting to upgrade his beer and wine license to a general alcohol license. The Planning Commission has denied the upgrade. City staff is recommending the Planning Commission’s denial be upheld by the full Council.

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Grewal vs. Holman (re: Sawyer)

District 1 City Council candidate Rick Grewal is contesting incumbent Elbert Holman’s portrayal of Grewal political consultant Allen Sawyer as one of San Joaquin County’s “most notorious criminals.” The dispute is scheduled for court today.

You can read background here and here.

You also can view the petitions by Grewal’s attorney (here) and Holman’s attorney (here).

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Buy now, save a quarter cent

The voter-approved Measure A sales tax goes into effect April 1 (a week from tomorrow). Today, the state’s Board of Equalization sent out a list of California cities with impending new sales tax rates. Take a look:

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Mayor Silva: ‘No more interviews with The Record for the rest of my term’

Mayor Anthony Silva was at Weber Point Event Center today for a key-to-the-city presentation to visiting racing legend Steve Kinser. I approached Silva during the event to see if there was anything more he wished to say about the badge issue we reported on in the paper yesterday and today.

Silva said, “No more interviews with The Record for the rest of my term. It doesn’t do me any good.” Silva’s term expires at the end of 2016, by the way.

After Silva ate lunch I asked again if he had any comments about what has appeared in the paper. “I don’t read The Record,” he said. “I have no comment.”

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(Video) Public comment on the Animal Shelter from last night’s City Council meeting

Some criticized the shelter, some defended it, some criticized recent coverage in The Record. Watch:

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(Video) An adoptable dog named George, a plaintiff and an attorney

Stockton and its animal shelter were sued today. The city is declining comment over the pending litigation.


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Lawsuit filed against Stockton Animal Shelter

The lawsuit has been awaited for more than a month. The Animal Legal Defense Fund announced a little while ago that it filed the suit this morning in San Joaquin County Superior Court.

You can read the news release here.

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City Council audit committee meeting canceled

Last week, the city sent out an agenda for a 3 p.m. meeting of the audit committee at City Hall. But when 3 p.m. arrived today, only one member was present: Chairman Paul Canepa. The other members — Michael Tubbs, Elbert Holman and Dyane Burgos Medina (the alternate) — were absent. There was no quorum so the meeting was canceled.

City spokesperson Connie Cochran said the council members who did not show for the meeting were not to blame. Apparently the time and date of the meeting was confirmed with Canepa but not the others. It’s not clear if the meeting will be rescheduled or if the committee will decide to wait until its next regularly scheduled meeting.

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