Latest finance disclosures for all city candidates

As reported in today’s paper, Mayor Anthony Silva missed last week’s latest deadline for filing his campaign finance disclosure papers with the city. He finally filed late last night. So did District 6 City Council candidate Sam Fant, who also was late. District 6 candidate Gloria Allen still has not filed.

Below are the latest disclosure forms from all city candidates who were required to submit them.

Gary Malloy
Jimmie Rishwain
Anthony Silva
Michael Tubbs
Carlos Villapudua 

District 2
Steve Colangelo
Waqar Rizvi
The Rev. Dwight Williams
Dan Wright

District 4
Marcie Bayne
Michael Blower
Susan Lenz 

District 6
Gloria Allen (for period ending April 23; none filed by latest May 26 deadline)
Jesús Andrade
Sam Fant

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More on today’s Sam Fant story

Manteca Unified board member Sam Fant, who is running for the District 6 seat on the Stockton City Council, has sued Weston Ranch resident Richard Smith for defamation. You can read documents here and here

Fant sent me a statement this morning. Here it is in its unedited entirety:

“As an elected leader in a community, I know that I can’t make everyone happy, and thus I’m not immune from criticism. It’s  ok to disagree with my positions, and support opposing views. That’s what makes America great. What is not ok, is to lie and defame my character, and reputation with careless, damaging, untrue statements. To tell many people throughout our community that I would actually use physical force and violence  (committ a crime) posses not only a attack on me personally, but adversely affects our community youth programs that I represent. The only recourse that is afforded to me by law, is to file suit to protect myself, and the youth organizations from someone’s negligent Act.
“I feel if someone truly felt threatened, the appropriate thing to do is to notify law enforcement; as opposed to inviting someone you felt ‘threatened’ by to sit at your table for a crab feed.

“I am open to mediation to come to an amicable resolution.”

Crab feed, you ask? Fant wonders: If Smith felt so threatened, why did Smith invite Fant to a crab feed in late March? Here we come to semantics. If Fant said what Fant is accused of saying to Smith, it definitely can be characterized as a “threat.” But Smith says that even though it sounded like a threat, he never actually FELT threatened and had considered Fant a friend before all of this happened. Smith confirms that he did invite Fant to the crab feed. Fant did not attend.

Anyway, enough of all this for now.

UPDATE 11:47 a.m.: Smith now says he invited Fant to the crab feed in January, before the entire circus began.

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Mayor unveils “Operation: Safety Net” homeless plan at City Council meeting

The council is meeting tonight. I was handed a copy of Mayor Anthony Silva’s homelessness plan a little while ago. You can view it here. 

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More Stockton recreation news

The Council tonight will consider placing a proposed quarter-cent library/educational/recreational sales tax before voters in November. The council also will consider approving the use of $400,000 in one-time funds either for numerous recreation improvements around Stockton or for one of two possible major projects. You can view the proposals here.

Tonight’s council meeting begins at 5:30.

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HS student interested in the law? This could be for you … and you might even get paid

If you are a high school student (or know one), here’s a great summer learning opportunity (and, possibly, a paid one).

The San Joaquin County District Attorney, Public Defender, Superior Court and County Bar Association are holding a “Justice System Youth Leadership Academy” from June 13-July 15. I’ve attached all the documents I received from the program below.

And for students who are from families that qualify for WorkNet — if you are admitted, you will be paid for your attendance.

Four attachments are below:




Calendar for program.

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Fugazi endorses Silva; Bayne endorses Bayne

Several times in the past couple of months I’ve extended the invitation to candidates to share videos with me about the upcoming election. You send ‘em, I’ll post ‘em.

Here are two I received over the weekend from political consultant Allen Sawyer: Vice Mayor Christina Fugazi endorses incumbent Mayor Anthony Silva’s reelection bid, and Marcie Bayne lays out her case for the District 4 seat.

Channeling Steph Curry, Fugazi artfully tosses a Michael Tubbs mailer into the garbage in her video.

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Taking you to a police training on dealing with the mentally disturbed and developmentally disabled

Sunday’s edition of The Record features the third part of an occasional series on the challenges faced by law enforcement and the justice system in dealing with the mentally ill. Click to read Part 1 and Part 2.

In April, we spent a day at a Stockton Police Department procedural justice training for a group of officers. They were learning how to deescalate situations with mentally ill individuals. All SPD officers are to go through the training in the next year.

The trainings are the result of collaboration between the police department and San Joaquin County Behavioral Health.

During the course of the day, officers at the training watched real-life video of a case of “excited delirium” dealt with by their counterparts in Wisconsin and a video of a mother whose 20-year-old son has severe autism.

They also listened to what is intended as an audio representation of what a person suffering from schizophrenia might be hearing in his head.

Additionally, the Stockton officers acted out some scenarios, practicing how to successfully resolve situations involving people believed to be dangers to themselves.

You can see and hear much of this below.

A few words of warning, though: The video of the “excited delirium” case is extremely disturbing and involves a lot of adult language. The video of the young man with autism, produced by a newspaper in Florida, is powerful but very upsetting.

Audio representation of mental illness:

Young man with autism: Dennis Buettner of county mental health recommends officers speak to relatives, if there is time, to prepare for how to deal with an individual in distress.

Excited delirium video:
Stockton Police Captain Scott Meadors praised the officers in this video for their calm, poise, planning and patience.

Video of Dennis Buettner of county mental health speaking at the training.

Scenario #1 acted out by Stockton officers at the training.

Scenario #2 acted out by Stockton officers at the training.

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Audio of last week’s Stockton mayoral forum: Delta College radio station is on it

KWDC 93.5 FM is the radio station at Delta College, where public candidate forums were held last Monday and Tuesday for those running for Stockton mayor, the City Council and the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors. The League of Women Voters organized the events.

If you didn’t get to attend the May 3 mayoral forum (or enjoyed it so much you just want to relive every priceless moment for the rest of eternity), KWDC has posted the audio. You can listen here.


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Read Tubbs’ introduction for Bernie Sanders

City Councilman and mayoral candidate Michael Tubbs introduced Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at the Vermont senator’s downtown Stockton rally this morning. Tubbs sent a copy of his introductory speech. You can read Tubbs’ remarks here.

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Rishwain’s plan for Stockton

At a San Joaquin County Taxpayers Association forum last night, mayoral candidate Jimmie Rishwain accused The Record of outright refusing to publish his plan for Stockton, which he waved in the air at the audience of about 100. Just for the record, I had never been given a copy of the plan. But I do now and if you click here, you can view it, too.

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