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Ulring’s bid in Az

The Stockton police union officers who served under former Chief Blair Ulring have blasted him to the Flagstaff, Arizona, newspaper, where here is one of two finalists for the chief’s job there. The story’s top says: Letters sent by members of the police union in Stockton, Calif., to Flagstaff officials have painted their former chief, […]

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Stockton in The Times

Word is that an LA Times reporter came through Stockton this last week for a story on Housegate. The sometimes sensational feud between City Manager Bob Deis and the police union recently hit the Sac Bee. That got picked up all over the place. A Fox News national crew was in court filming Friday’s hearing. […]

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Close to home

Today’s Page D6 of The Record in the far-right column lists the foreclosure of a home owned by Stephen Leonesio, president of the SPOA. Leonesio said it is a rental home of his and not his family’s residence. This is the result of a $3,000-a-month hit he’s taking due to cuts. Just today, Leonesio was […]

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The rift

David Siders, The Record’s former city hall reporter, dipped into his old beat from his perch at The Sacramento Bee, where he now covers Gov. Jerry Brown. He banged out this story detailing the fight between City Manager Bob Deis and theĀ  Stockton Police Officers’ Association, which Siders says is “approaching an all-out war.” The […]

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Unfair coverage

A reader wrote in today after seeing the story today about firefighters approving a contract that cuts their income by 15 percent. We’ve written about this considerably lately. This writer says she is the wife of a Stockton cop and feels, as you’ll read, that police a’re not getting enough ink considering the hits they’re […]

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Blansett on French

Retired San Joaquin County prosecutor Eual Blansett wrote to chime in on the story about David French. Blansett worked closely with French back in the day on the case of Eckhard Schmitz, a wealthy developer and child molester. The city has accused French, 69, of orchestrating the purchase of a home next door to City […]

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The link picked up the “spat’ between City Manager Bob Deis and the Stockton Police Officers’ Association.

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What happened last night

The proposal to adjust police Chief Blair Ulring’s pay — cutting some things, raising others — was defeated by a single vote. City Manager Bob Deis had recommended the changes because they would allow the city to hold on to Ulring, who would retire otherwise, and save the city another round of headhunting, or the […]

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Mediator selected

As City Hall budget presentations continue tonight, the police officers union and city negotiators are expected to start mediation this week. Union lawyer David E. Mastagni says both sides have agreed on mediator John LaRocco of Sacramento. Here’s his resume from the National Mediation Board. LaRocco’s also a professor at Sac State.

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Police negotations headed to mediation

With City Hall and the police union still at odds at the bargaining table, lawyers for the Stockton Police Officers’ Association last week asked city negotiators to consider mediation. (Click here to see the letter.) On Monday, city negotiators said: OK, but it will have to be fast, according to this letter. The outcome of […]

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