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Fiscal emergency notes

Stockton’s budget crisis is heating up. As noted in Sunday’s article about the bankruptcy option (and how it played out in Vallejo), the City Council Tuesday night is likely to declare another fiscal emergency, a move used last year to impose concessions on workers when City Hall couldn’t reach new labor agreements. In another telling […]

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More on proposed concessions

We reported this weekend on proposed concessions City Hall is asking from its biggest civilian union, the Stockton City Employees’ Association. Among the proposals: The city wants to eliminate retiree medical benefits for new employees; get rid of two incentive pay categories;  create a second tier of pension benefits for new hires; eliminate a July […]

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Union opposes extended City Hall hours (updated)

As you might recall, City Hall is considering extending office hours and eliminating the practice of closing alternating Fridays. Click here for a recap of the proposed options. In a letter to the lawyer for the Stockton City Employees’ Association last month (click here to read it), interim Human Resources Director Di Smith wrote that […]

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Labor challenges

One of the biggest challenges for City Hall during this budget cycle, as it tackles an estimated $34 million budget deficit, will be this round of labor talks. Only one major union has an open contract: the fire union. That in part explains why the proposed cuts, absent pay and benefit concessions, lean so heavily […]

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Looming budget fight

A recent blog post from the Stockton City Employees’ Association, the city’s largest union (by members, not dollars) sets the stage for upcoming labor negotiations. An excerpt: There is a growing sentiment among many SCEA members that they can’t concede much more and still pay for housing, buy groceries, pay their utility bills, and put […]

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Employees mourn loss of leader

City workers are mourning the unexpected loss of labor leader and longtime employee Alva “Wally” Storm, who died Nov. 20 after a sudden illness. Storm, past president of the Stockton City Employees’ Association, was 61. Storm is credited with the birth of today’s SCEA, the city’s largest labor union, which employees formed in 1999 after […]

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Union will revote on health concessions

After several city employees learned they could be laid off at the end of the month, their union members have decided to re-vote on a package of health concessions they rejected earlier this year. More info on the Stockton City Employees’ Association blog. The ballots are due Oct. 30, one day before the layoffs are […]

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SCEA concession ballot in the mail

In the mail today to 452 Stockton City Employees Association members is memo from union leadership detailing proposed labor concessions and a ballot to vote them up or down. The proposed Letter of Understanding, endorsed by City Hall, would have union members forego raises this year and next. It would increase by $50 the annual […]

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