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High expectations

City leaders have high hopes for new arena manager SMG. And the global company has promised to deliver. As noted in today’s story, Section 2.2 of its contract aims to temper those expectations a bit. An excerpt: … SMG is to operate the Facilities in keeping with the management goals set each year pursuant to […]

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Weekend items

• Christian Burkin has a great piece on the city’s decision to spend $100,000 a month on police overtime to try to quell recent violence in Stockton. • Here, you’ll find a brief update on the city’s efforts to change management at Stockton Arena. Long story short, officials think they can have it wrapped up […]

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Replay of mayor’s live chat (UPDATED)

NOTE: We made a mistake during today’s live chat that resulted in an answer from the mayor that did not completely address the original question. Please go here to read an explanation, and the chat below has been updated.

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Replay of today’s live chat

Is below. Thanks to everyone who participated. And for those folks who I promised to get back to, I’ll try to get more specific answers to you here on the blog as soon as possible.

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Cougars to stay put

The California Cougars are to remain at Stockton Arena for at least a year, the City Council likely Tuesday to formalize a one-year lease with the club. The franchise was purchased by Cabernet Sports Entertainment of Livermore in April, and that outfit’s change of the team’s name from Stockton Cougars to California Cougars had suggested it […]

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Golf cart into cement at Stockton Arena

From a police report today of an incident at Stockton Arena at about 9:40 p.m. Thursday involving three boys, two of them 13 years old and one 16:   Witnesses observed the suspects push a city-owned golf cart up the ramp at the Stockton Arena garage and coast down the ramp several times. The suspects […]

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KCRA stored

From a January staff report presented to the City Council before it agreed to lease to KCRA 3 / Hearst-Argyle Television Inc. space at Stockton Arena for three years for $1,000 a month.   KCRA 3 expressed interest in maintaining a strong presence in Stockton through the development of a three-year lease of storage space/installation […]

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More from City Hall: IFG on the table

8:10 p.m.: Human Resources Dianna Garcia is finished with her presentation. Given recent labor negotiations, she said, among the department’s recent accomplishments is “that I’m here.” Deputy City Manager Johnny Ford is presenting the city’s entertainment venues budget (pulled out of the former Parks and Recreation Department to stand alone this year). Revenues at International […]

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