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Marshall Plan committee

City Manager Bob Deis says he had trouble recruiting for this committee. Those he approached told him they didn’t want to help write yet another report that went on the shelf to collect dust. Here’s Deis’ staff report in which he rationalizes hiring a consultant to ride herd on the Marshall Plan. He also provides […]

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A response to Marshals story

Councilman Elbert Holman said he felt obligated to comment on a story about deputies from the U.S. Marshals Service coming to town. His comments came at the close of last night’s City Council meeting: As a law enforcement officer … for 34 yrs of my life, I want to applaud the Stockton Police Department for […]

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Marshall Plan v. Marshals Service

Today’s story intermixing these two names might have caused some confusion. But bringing in deputies from the U.S. Marshals Service has nothing to do with the city’s Marshall Plan, which has yet to be developed. Note the difference of one  letter “l.” Of course, they are both efforts to reduce crime in Stockton. Here’s the […]

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Violence is down

A reader called to share this story in the Monterey County Herald, which says gun violence in Salinas fell dramatically in 2011. Stockton should look and learn, the caller said. “This is dragging on and on without some real power punches,” she said of Stockton. The approach Salinas took was bringing in federal agencies to […]

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Crime prevention

Mayor Ann Johnston addressed the Marshall Plan on  Sunday’s editorial page in answer to non-stop criticism that the city hasn’t done enough to fight crime. The City Council’s committee on Community Improvement and Crime Prevention will meet at 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 19. The agenda says they’ll take a Crime Prevention Presentations by the Stockton […]

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Light Up the Night

Councilwoman Diana Lowery spent Friday afternoon on the Miracle Mile passing out light bulbs in her campaign: Light Up the Night – Crime Hates it Bright. These photos didn’t make the paper, so here they are.

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Stockupy speaks

Stockton’s Diana Buttner of the Occupy Stockton movement spoke to the Council tonight. She gave statistics of crime in the city and descried that there has been a lack of action from City Hall. She asked where is the Marshall Plan. As she read a statement, about 10 supporters gathered around her at the podium. […]

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A bright idea

Councilwoman Diana Lowery unveiled her “Light Up the Night” campaign recently aimed at fighting crime by asking neighbors to leave on their porch lights. Callers have asked how to get their free bulbs. Lowery said in an interview for the story that the campaign focuses on 5,000 residents in the University Neighborhood Renaissance, which is […]

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The rift

David Siders, The Record’s former city hall reporter, dipped into his old beat from his perch at The Sacramento Bee, where he now covers Gov. Jerry Brown. He banged out this story detailing the fight between City Manager Bob Deis and the  Stockton Police Officers’ Association, which Siders says is “approaching an all-out war.” The […]

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No council meeting tonight

Here’s the agenda.

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