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He is not Alan Greenspan

The most interesting Stockton race headed into November is for District 6 – Dale Fritchen v. Michael Tubbs. Reporter Roger Phillips explored the city races in this story. And this 2009 story explains Fritchen’s history with the B-word and his uttering of it in a budget meeting derailing a bond sale (allegedly). Fritchen’s response at […]

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Meat of the article

Bob Deis did not like the header to this story: Stockton City Council’s secret budgeting begins. He commented on it during Tuesday’s council meeting. We’re not secretly budgeting. It’s important that when you go through this budget document, there’s $521 million of proposed appropriations with all funds. Because we’re going through the 506 process, all […]

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Marshall Plan committee

City Manager Bob Deis says he had trouble recruiting for this committee. Those he approached told him they didn’t want to help write yet another report that went on the shelf to collect dust. Here’s Deis’ staff report in which he rationalizes hiring a consultant to ride herd on the Marshall Plan. He also provides […]

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Worth reading

Here are a couple of Sunday columns in The Record worth chewing on. Columnist Michael Fitzgerald considers assertions that the SPOA at heart really wants nothing more than to send the city into bankruptcy. The union denies this. The column follows a Saturday story aptly titled Police vs. Stockton, Round 1. Editor Mike Klocke in […]

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Tonight’s Council meeting

Here’s the Stockton City Council’s agenda. They’ll take up the speed limit on the Miracle Mile and the agenda for April’s One Voice trip to Washington D.C., among other items. The city will hold its final Council Meeting of the year next week, Dec. 13. That is expected to have some weighty issues on the […]

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The rift

David Siders, The Record’s former city hall reporter, dipped into his old beat from his perch at The Sacramento Bee, where he now covers Gov. Jerry Brown. He banged out this story detailing the fight between City Manager Bob Deis and the  Stockton Police Officers’ Association, which Siders says is “approaching an all-out war.” The […]

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Randy Hatch is a definite maybe

In an effort to suss our who might run for Stockton City Council, Randy Hatch said to put him down as a definite maybe. The Stockton planning commissioner laid his cards out on the table. The conclusion, he said, is that he’s totally up in the air. But he admitted thinking it over. Thinking through […]

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Deis’ performance review

STOCKTON – City leaders convened today behind closed doors to talk with City Manager Bob Deis about his job performance, according to a public meeting notice. More likely, the City Council will try talking him into staying. In August, he abruptly announced his March 2012 retirement. This came shortly after a controversial vote didn’t go […]

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Running for Stockton City Council?

Nobody’s yet come out saying they’re running against the four incumbents next year, despite a few rumors afloat. But in case you are, the City Clerk’s office at City Hall will take nominations for candidates Feb. 14 to March 8. And then call this reporter, please. It could be an interesting campaign season.

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Unfair coverage

A reader wrote in today after seeing the story today about firefighters approving a contract that cuts their income by 15 percent. We’ve written about this considerably lately. This writer says she is the wife of a Stockton cop and feels, as you’ll read, that police a’re not getting enough ink considering the hits they’re […]

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