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He is not Alan Greenspan

The most interesting Stockton race headed into November is for District 6 – Dale Fritchen v. Michael Tubbs. Reporter Roger Phillips explored the city races in this story. And this 2009 story explains Fritchen’s history with the B-word and his uttering of it in a budget meeting derailing a bond sale (allegedly). Fritchen’s response at […]

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“A week or two”

This is the deadline Councilman Dale Fritchen gave himself at last night’s town hall meeting for laying out his plans to balance Stockton’s budget without laying off any police officers. His rationale is that the council over the last three years has trimmed $90M, so the city can tough out another year of hard decisions. […]

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Councilman Dale Fritchen’s town hall

Who was there last night to listen and ask questions about municipal bankruptcy, you ask: Dean Andal Anthony Silva Sam Fant Jennet Stebbins Mark Stebbins Marcy Bayne Dave Renison Gary Malloy Paul Canepa Steve Leonesio Kathryn Nance Mark Anderson There were more – about 50 people – but these are some of Stockton’s who’s-who.

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Fritchen’s town hall tonight

Councilman Dale Fritchen gave a sneak peek into his presentation 7 p.m. tonight at Weston Ranch High. He’s making his case against bankruptcy for Stockton. He lists guiding questions on his Facebook page, and it looks like he’s got film. Fritchen asks: • What exactly is municipal bankruptcy? • How is it different from corporate […]

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Fritchen’s boycott

True, Councilman Dale Fritchen missed the closed session before Tuesday’s study session on the Climate Action Plan. But he said today that he’s not boycotting closed sessions. That’s a rumor, he said, like one that he opposed the AB506 to position himself for a run at the mayor’s seat and that he skipped the council […]

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Worth reading

Here are a couple of Sunday columns in The Record worth chewing on. Columnist Michael Fitzgerald considers assertions that the SPOA at heart really wants nothing more than to send the city into bankruptcy. The union denies this. The column follows a Saturday story aptly titled Police vs. Stockton, Round 1. Editor Mike Klocke in […]

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The lone dissenter

Councilman Paul Canepa flexed his civic muscle at last night’s council meeting, casting the lone vote against a $1,110 boost in the San Joaquin County Multi-Species Habitat Conservation and Open Space Plan Mitigation Fee. Nobody on the council was thrilled with a raise in the fee that developers pay anytime they disturb the earth. Councilman […]

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Fritchen: “Of course I’m crazy”

Drawing jobs to San Joaquin County was the focus of a forum Thursday night at the arena, which our reporter Zachary Johnson reported on today. A long line of people took their turn quizzing a panel of officials, including Stockton Councilman Dale Fritchen and County Supervisor Steve Bestolarides. Tense negotiations between the county government and […]

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Running for Stockton City Council?

Nobody’s yet come out saying they’re running against the four incumbents next year, despite a few rumors afloat. But in case you are, the City Clerk’s office at City Hall will take nominations for candidates Feb. 14 to March 8. And then call this reporter, please. It could be an interesting campaign season.

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Building re-election funds

With all four Stockton City Council incumbents seeking re-election next year, they’re beginning to raise campaign cash. A couple of notices that came across my desk recently: • Supporters of Councilman Dale Fritchen were asked to pay $100 per person for hors d’oeuvres at a June 29 shindig at the home of developer Bill Filios. […]

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