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Grab bag

•Four days off in a row at City Hall. Closed today; holiday on Monday. •Eight civilian city workers could lose their jobs by the end of the month, but some union members are pushing for a revote on a package on health plan changes to save the jobs. •The trial for Ramiro Reyes was postponed […]

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anti-Measure H awash in cash

Funded entirely by the fire union, the No on Measure H campaign reported more than $95,000 so far this election, according to the most recent campaign finance filings. (6MB file) It still has quite a bit of cash to burn in the final weeks before Election Day. It already has spent more than $53,000 ($38,672 […]

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Measure H ballot arguments

Click here to see the full measure language and an analysis by the city attorney. Click here to read the ballot arguments. You’ll see some prominent signatures siding with the city, including former Democratic state Sen. Patrick Johnston and former Republican Assemblyman and prominent conservative Dean Andal. Other business interests are lining up behind Measure […]

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More on the ticket issue

A year later, the ticket-taking saga still lingers. Though I was able to fit Mayor Ann Johnston and others into the story, I had very limited space to fit both sufficient background and context into the article, so many comments, including those from some council members, did not make it into the story. So here are some of […]

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Three city officials up for evals

Three council appointees are scheduled for closed-session evaluations later this month. They are: • Interim City Attorney John Luebberke • City Auditor Mike Taylor • City Clerk Katherine Gong Meissner

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