Clearing up today’s City Council campaign funds story

An omission by me in today’s article on contributions to the campaigns of Stockton City Council candidates:

As was reported, Armoto Partners this month made a $5,000 contribution to Rick Grewal, who is challenging District 1 incumbent Elbert Holman. Armoto Partners’ principal is the Arnaiz development corporation. But it also should have been noted that Holman this year received a $250 contribution from Matt Arnaiz on Feb. 11 and a $1,000 donation from Armoto Partners on Aug. 6.

Additionally, on a day of self-flagellation, candidate Gene Acevedo’s largest donor ($3,000) was misidentified due to a typo and should have been referred to as the San Joaquin Labor Coalition.

Regrets on both counts.

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Upcoming meetings: City Council; pedicabs; Measure A

City Hall is closed Friday, which means agendas for next week have been getting churned out yesterday and today.

The City Council meets Tuesday. You can view the agenda here.

At noon Wednesday, the legislation/environmental committee (Moses Zapien, Dyane Burgos Medina and Michael Tubbs) is scheduled to take a look at the city’s restrictions on pedicabs on Stockton promenades. The item comes after pedicab operator Elizabeth Wong Fontana spoke on the issue at last week’s council meeting. She wants more freedom to operate her pedicab business at city events.

Also Wednesday, at 6 p.m., the citizen’s commission reviewing the Stockton charter will hold its organizational meeting, and a work plan going forward is scheduled to be discussed.

The meeting of the Measure A citizen’s advisory committee at 9 a.m. Thursday could yield some interesting information. Included on the agenda are a review of the implementation of the Marshall Plan against crime and a presentation on the sales tax proceeds collection process and sales tax trends for Stockton.

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Silva on the crime rate: Now and then

Only hours after five people were killed in a four-hour span yesterday in Stockton, Mayor Anthony Silva used his Facebook page as a forum to accuse the current city council of soft-pedaling the city’s crime woes and to urge citizens to cast anti-incumbent votes in the election on Nov. 4:










Last December, though, the mayor sent out a four-page mailer in which he claimed a share of the credit for Stockton’s precipitous decrease in crime during 2013. He shared one page of the mailer last Dec. 29 on Facebook:

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Bizarre moment tonight with anti-gay zealot Vincent Sayles at tonight’s City Council meeting

Here’s an approximation of what just happened at the City Council meeting tonight:

SUSD candidate Vincent Sayles, who for years has posted anti-gay religious statements on his pickup truck, got up to make his biweekly comments. He said he chose to run for SUSD not because he thought he could win but because a local conservative encouraged him to do so.

Then Sayles made some odious remarks about former Councilwoman Susan Eggman, who is gay, and how her political success is an indicator of the decline of Western Civilization. He also made more general anti-gay remarks.

When Sayles was done, Councilwoman Dyane Burgos Medina asked, “At what point do we stop allowing something like that to be said?” City Attorney John Luebberke said it’s the “prerogative of the chair,” meaning the Mayor. Ralph Lee White called out, “It’s freedom of speech.” And, then, Sayles left for the night.

The consent agenda, by the way, has already been approved.

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Stockton Ports reach new agreement with city on ballpark use

A full story on this will be on the website tonight or tomorrow, as well as in tomorrow’s paper, but here are the basics:

STOCKTON — Though the city’s bankruptcy angst will continue for at least a few more weeks, one side issue in Stockton’s ongoing Chapter 9 recovery has been resolved.

After months of negotiations, the city and the Stockton Ports have agreed to amend the minor-league baseball team’s contract to play at Stockton Ballpark. Stockton officials say the changes will reduce the city’s current $400,000 annual subsidy to the team by about $112,500.

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Sawyer aiding Dist. 3 candidate Acevedo; they’re making Deis/Management Partners an issue

Read the release that just arrived in the Inbox a few minutes ago. Note: The “steps of City Hall” thing is not happening but the rest of the information in the release stands, Allen Sawyer said at 10:06 a.m.

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Stockton City Council special meetings

Yes, “meetings” plural — at 4 p.m. tomorrow and noon Wednesday. So far, very little information. Both are closed session and both contain agenda items related to the Stockton bankruptcy case, upon which federal Judge Christopher Klein is expected to rule Wednesday.

The Wednesday meeting is scheduled for only two hours after Klein is expected to gavel session into order that morning. More to come if we find out the scheduling of these meetings is more than a procedural move.

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Video of City Council candidates forum

Video courtesy of the San Joaquin Taxpayers Association (four segments). Second forum 6 p.m. Wednesday at City Hall.

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City Hall live — Public comment

Martha Pulido: Wants speed bumps by Rosa Parks Elementary. She has grandchildren there.

Sarah Williams: She spoke of the recent sale of a building and mosaics installed on building. Very upset. “The mosaics were finished under the direction of an official artist.” Her family was proud of its contributions and thought they would be part of a new police headquarters, but she wanted to know about the status of the murals that were created. “No one can tell me if any effort was made to remove or preserve the works. … I feel like our work has been thrown away, secretly, behind closed doors. … Every mural represents at least one person who put their faith in Stockton.” Mayor Silva said he was unaware but will look into it.

Bob Appler: Here for the VFW, invited audience to re-dedication of Veterans Monument by Civic Auditorium. Oct. 11, 1 p.m. He said it will be a chance to honor veterans from all wars.

Ahmed Salim: He spoke about the library. “It’s a pressing issue. We look forward to working with the City Council in a serious and purposeful way. We hope to work together to structure our library system to get the best results possible.”

Group of young people with Community Partnership for Familieshe said he once went downtown with his father and saw homeless people, and his father said he would have his back … and then things went downhill and the young man ran away. “Being homeless turned me into a criminal … I did it because I was desperate. This story is one story out of many. It happens every day.” And a young woman invited the council to an event at the “Voice for Change” event at University Park gymnasium from 5-8 p.m. Nov. 1. … It’s to support young people who are homeless.







Sergio Quiroz: He spoke in support of Merlo Gym and keeping it open.

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Video stirs emotions in Burgos Medina-Fugazi campaign for council

You can read today’s story here.

The video in question:

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