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Video highlights S.J. County’s flood risks

Lodi resident and videographer Cyndy Green has spent months roaming San Joaquin County in search of compelling flooding and storm imagery. The result of her labor: a 15-minute video she produced for the county Office of Emergency Services. Check it out. There’s some good information here about the region’s complex flood challenges.

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No pivoting on Smith Canal gate

Elected officials showed no signs of backing off the Smith Canal flood gate project on Thursday, despite a bit of added pressure from the community. Three separate times, the San Joaquin Area Flood Control Agency board — made up of members of the Stockton City Council and San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors — voted [...]

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Stockton of the future?

Let’s tour Stockton in the year 2100, should an unlikely but “plausible” 10 to 12 feet of sea level rise occur. Buckle up. (And by the way: You can look up your own neighborhood — heck, even zoom in on your own house — by clicking here and following the directions.)

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Holy CDEC*: New Melones hits 2M acre-feet

New Melones Lake soared past 2 million acre-feet of storage over the past few days, a level that no one thought possible (well, I certainly didn’t) a mere six months ago. The reservoir is now at its highest mark since 2011. And still rising. This afternoon’s heat has pushed inflow above 9,000 cubic feet per [...]

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State’s survey of other tunnel projects scrutinized

As the Delta tunnels hearings resumed in Sacramento this week, an engineering expert for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California testified that many other large tunnels have been drilled “without incurring risk or injury to project stakeholders.” But in their “detailed” survey of these projects spread across two continents, Delta tunnels proponents did not [...]

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‘I’m staying out of the twin tunnels’

That’s what U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein told the crowd at a town hall meeting last night in Los Angeles. Watch her remarks on this clip at 1:08:14 and 1:11:14 (hat tip to Restore the Delta).

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Searching for Delta asparagus

Update: Beyond just grocery stores, here’s a new story listing other places you can still get the good stuff. This month’s story on the steepening decline of Delta asparagus left out one important thing: Where can you still find it around here? I’ve spent the past several days trying to find out, sampling a dozen major [...]

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More on Delta tunnels impacts

Wildlife agencies are still writing the permits that would be required to build Gov. Jerry Brown’s Delta tunnels, but bits and pieces of the draft documents have been posted online, along with a report from a independent peer-review panel of scientists. While the scientists’ job wasn’t to directly weigh the merits of the tunnels, they [...]

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Latest Smith Canal court document

Stockton levee engineer Dominick Gulli — who applied for a contract to fix Stockton’s Smith Canal flood insurance problem, then sued when he wasn’t selected — has filed a third amended complaint at San Joaquin County Superior Court. The complaint appears to be shorter this time, but still covers a lot of ground (read it [...]

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Even in flood, smelt captured at Delta pumps

State and federal water exporters are approaching a key limit to the number of imperiled Delta smelt that can be “salvaged” (read: killed) at the south Delta pumps. Make no mistake, it’s been a great water year for people and fish alike. Conditions in the Delta for smelt and other species are the best they’ve [...]

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