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About that 40 percent number

It seems simple enough: The State Water Resources Control Board, arbiter of equitable water use in California, wants to leave 40 percent of the water in three streams feeding the San Joaquin River south of Stockton. To the surprise of no one who follows this stuff, it’s more complicated than it sounds. Let’s ignore, for [...]

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For Stockton, tunnels about quality AND quantity

One detail was omitted from last week’s write-up on the city of Stockton’s concerns about how the Delta tunnels might impact the city’s new water treatment plant. This is a bit wonky. Stick with me. The story is all about the city’s fear that water quality will deteriorate at the intake for its $220 million [...]

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Not giving up: Dino’s take on Prop. 53

Here is Dino Cortopassi’s full statement, issued late Wednesday, about the status of Proposition 53: “The closeness of the Prop 53 vote (currently 51% – 49%) means the final outcome will be delayed until 100% of all votes cast are reported.  “In the interim, my personal congratulations to each and every one voting Yes on [...]

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Big bucks against Dino Cortopassi

Opponents of Dino Cortopassi’s Proposition 53 have dumped more than $19 million into the race, including more than three-quarters of a million dollars on Wednesday alone, according to reports from the California Secretary of State. Gov. Jerry Brown has been hitting 53 hard. And man, is there a diverse group rallying around him on this [...]

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Swimming upstream on chloramines

With the election closing in, Mayor Anthony Silva continues to question the use of chloramines to disinfect Stockton’s drinking water despite assurances from multiple levels of government that the chemical is generally safe. “We haven’t finished the discussion on chloramines,” Silva says in a video posted to his Facebook page on Tuesday. “Do we know [...]

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Tunnels an ‘insurance policy,’ economist says

Twin tunnels economist David Sunding, a consultant for the state, ventured into hostile territory (well, San Diego) on Thursday where he pitched the project as a prudent investment. I say “hostile territory” because the San Diego County Water Authority and its wholesale provider, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, don’t get along. The Met [...]

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Stockton got its rivers back

One year ago today, Record photographer Cliff Oto took photos of the hyacinth infestation in Buckley Cove, at the west end of March Lane. The city had taken the unprecedented action of closing the public boat ramp there because the floating green menace was a threat to boaters’ safety. Cliff returned today to the same [...]

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Stockton MUD water savings fall to 11 percent

Add Stockton to the long list of communities where water conservation efforts are waning. Stockton MUD officials have released numbers for August showing 11 percent savings. One month earlier, residents saved 23 percent. In August 2015, during the worst of the drought, the number was 25 percent. And in June of that year it was [...]

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Cowin on tunnels subsidy: ‘I can put that to rest’

9:50 a.m. — Updated to fix typo in Cowin’s quote Mark Cowin, director of the state Department of Water Resources, told water planners in Los Angeles on Monday that the state will not seek a federal subsidy for the Delta tunnels. Cowin’s comments came after tunnels opponents last month released a draft economic analysis of [...]

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Easy does it

This undated photo, which I grabbed from a recent Port of Stockton presentation, shows the view from the bridge of a massive oceangoing ship as it attempts to navigate a hyacinth-choked Deep Water Ship Channel. Would you want to steer that thing in those conditions? The photo goes a long way toward explaining why the [...]

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