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Where does Erin really stand on the tunnels?

Erin Brockovich’s visit to Stockton on Monday was about the city putting chloramines in the drinking water. But of course, any water conversation in this town gravitates toward the Delta tunnels, too. Knowing that the tunnels would come up at the town hall meeting that night, I asked Brockovich earlier that afternoon how she felt [...]

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The good news on chloramines

I tried to get to the bottom of Stockton’s sudden chloramines controversy in a couple of stories that ran on Sunday. And for the moment, I’m pretty much tapped out on this subject. But let me add one more thought. While this story has gotten a bit ugly politically, and while the misinformation spread by [...]

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Here we go: Water exports cut to protect smelt

More and more worried about the fate of the diminutive Delta smelt, federal wildlife officials are requiring cuts in the amount of water that can be pumped south from the estuary starting Friday. While you often hear how smelt have crimped the state’s water supply — and they have, in the past — this is [...]

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‘So good it’s worth it’

I’m a bit late posting excerpts from a lively discussion on social media regarding efforts to “chomp down” (get it?) on pollution spewing from The Habit in north Stockton: • “Leave the Habit alone!!” (Lisa Gutierrez) • “Probably a vegan driving by complained of the burger smell.” (Sue Kramer Greenberg) • “It’s always so good [...]

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Last word on water hyacinth

Enviro Bill Jennings says I missed the mark in my recent stories dishing out blame for the hyacinth problem. In a nutshell: We’re all at fault, he says. While the stories focused in part on the bureaucratic difficulties in spraying the weed, Jennings says we should work toward preventing these outbreaks in the first place [...]

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Elected officials’ water use revealed

The Calaveras County Water District — the only major water provider in San Joaquin and Calaveras counties that initially declined to release the water use of its elected officials — has changed its mind. The district last week released water use data to The Record for two members of its Board of Directors who receive [...]

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Waves from ‘water hogs’ stories

Got some interesting comments today about Sunday’s package in The Record highlighting Stockton’s thirstiest citizens, San Joaquin County’s thirstiest elected officials, and the art of drought shaming: • One anonymous caller didn’t like our shining light on the fact that Lodi City Councilman and former state Assemblyman Alan Nakanishi was the third-heaviest water user among 22 [...]

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On the fourth hole, not a birdie but a fishie

Jim Marsh was “chasing a golf ball around Swenson Park” last week when, after clearing the water hazard on the fourth hole, he noticed some splashing and thrashing in the shallows. “I have seen many big carp there over the years so that’s what I expected to find,” he told me in an email. This [...]

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Where’s the runoff? Coming… maybe…

My wife and I have vacationed in Guerneville for the better part of 10 years, and I’ve never seen this creek — a seasonal tributary to the Russian River — dry in early December. “Wow,” I said last week, when we first laid eyes on it. True, it hasn’t rained much in Sonoma County. At [...]

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Recent sea lion sightings not unusual, center says

Sea lions have inhabited the Delta for far longer than any of us have, but a recent string of sightings reported to me and documented on social media got me wondering if anything strange is going on this year. First, Record photog Cliff Oto got this shot of a sea lion seizing a fish near [...]

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