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We want to save water — but how much?

Californians are well aware of the drought. More than two-thirds say it’s a big problem in their part of the state, with Northern Californians generally more concerned than Southern Californians, according to a Public Policy Institute of California poll released tonight. But the poll also reveals that most people aren’t sure exactly how much water [...]

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Sierra surprise: There’s water

Backpacking in drought years can be a drag. Your body demands fluids, and you long to drink from a cold and sweet source, but the mountains can offer only warm, tepid water from stagnant lakes. That’s why it was so exciting this weekend to find running water — and lots of it — at Bull [...]

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Bowl movement

If you lived through the drought of the late 70s or the drought of the late 80s and early 90s, you remember the ol’ brick in the toilet trick. Problem is, we now know the brick in the toilet isn’t such a good idea. Bricks decompose in water and foul up the plumbing. So, meet [...]

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Animation persuasian

The state has produced some fancy new visual simulations of Gov. Jerry Brown’s revised twin tunnels plan. The new-look intakes on the Sacramento River: The “end of the line” at Clifton Court Forebay: So you can read the 9,000-plus-page EIR over the next 40 days, or you can spend 7 minutes and 4 seconds watching [...]

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‘A major ruling’

Richard Frank, a professor at the U.C. Davis Environmental Law & Policy Center, weighs in on yesterday’s legal decision blocking the state’s process for curtailing water rights during the drought: “This is a major ruling, one that casts doubt upon the Board’s long-term ability to enforce its May and June 2015 Curtailment Orders against any [...]

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New look for Smith Canal?

Two visual simulations give us some idea of what the proposed flood-control gate at the mouth of Smith Canal might look like. First, a boater’s view from the middle of Atherton Cove, looking west toward Dad’s Point: Today Future with gate And now, a look from a private dock along Atherton Cove, a bit closer [...]

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‘The flying is so beautiful, it overpowers your fear’

Professional skydiver and BASE jumper Jhonathan Florez, who has Lodi connections, died in a training jump on Friday in Switzerland. We wrote about him in today’s newspaper. In this video, though, you can hear Florez in his own words describe what it’s like to jump, and why he did it.

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Delta voluntary cuts challenged

The latest lawsuit by a water district with senior rights is significantly different from its predecessors. While the districts all argue that the state’s curtailment of those so-called “pre-1914 rights” are illegal, the Byron-Bethany Irrigation District is the first to challenge the voluntary 25 percent reduction program in which more than 200 Delta growers have [...]

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Engineer: Backup water supply for Mountain House was ‘not considered necessary’

Lynn Sutton, a civil engineer who worked for Mountain House developer Trimark and for the Mountain House Community Services District from 1988 to 2003, comments on Sunday’s story about the master-planned community’s water problems: “When the community of Mountain House was first contemplated in 1988, I advised the then project manager for Trimark that, among [...]

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Confused about curtailments? Read the docs

Updated July 11 with judge’s ruling granting a ‘stay’ to the Westside Irrigation District, Woods Irrigation Co. and Central Delta/South Delta water agency I’m no lawyer. So I’m sure not going to offer an opinion on the new debate over exactly what it means to receive a “curtailment notice.” But I can post the documents, [...]

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