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In defense of stripers

Striped bass “are not the problem” in the Delta, writes California native fish expert Peter Moyle and other experts with the U.C. Davis Center for Watershed Sciences. South-of-Delta water users have long said that it makes no sense for the state to maintain fishing limits on stripers, because the fish are not native to the Delta [...]

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The reward for saving water…

No, not a rate hike this time. The California Water Service Co. threw a huge party for its central Stockton customers on Saturday at the Stockton Civic Memorial Auditorium. About 750 people attended, according to the San Jose-based company. Cal Water Stockton customers saved 22 percent from June through February, exceeding their state mandate of [...]

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Delta land buy still a ‘go’

Southern California’s huge water wholesaler declined to reverse course Tuesday on the purchase of roughly 20,000 acres of land in the Delta, a $175 million deal that has Delta advocates worried. A vote to pull out of the deal failed 54 percent to 29 percent, with another 10 percent abstaining. The decision came despite Stockton-based [...]

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Hyacinth hassle

In case you missed it, the state Department of Water Resources has purchased nearly 23 acres of waterfront property in Stockton but is declining to allow its sister agency, the Division of Boating and Waterways, to use the land to dispose of water hyacinth. Here’s an interactive version of the map pictured above. The blue [...]

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‘We cannot afford further delay’

Add state Sen. Lois Wolk and 10 of her colleagues to the list of those who want state officials to complete a long-overdue update Delta water quality standards. Wolk, D-Davis, sent a letter last week to the State Water Resources Control Board asking it to take action within one or two years. “We cannot afford [...]

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Tragic picture

It’s strange to think that this little spindly tree — the one bent toward the ground — started the devastating Butte Fire last summer. 70,868 acres burned. 549 homes destroyed. Two lives lost. Such a weak little tree. That weakness was precisely the problem, Cal Fire found in its investigation report released last week. The [...]

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No debate about water

It seems surprising that there were no questions about water at Monday night’s U.S. Senate debate, considering what is happening in Washington, D.C. right now. There were but two passing mentions of water in the span of 90 minutes: • Asked about income inequality, Democratic candidate Loretta Sanchez, of Orange County, talked jobs and, ever [...]

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The rarest of documents

Updated to fix link You don’t see this every day — an application for a permit to export groundwater from San Joaquin County. That’s a big deal. A county ordinance forbids exporting precious groundwater unless a permit with specific conditions can be issued. And no such permit has ever been approved. For the nitty gritty [...]

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Delta islands lawsuit: Read for yourself

Here’s the lawsuit filed by San Joaquin and Contra Costa counties, Delta farmers and enviros to block the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California from buying 20,000-plus acres in the Delta. And here’s a letter that accompanied the lawsuit.

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Diverse voices on Delta flows

In case you missed it, Delta advocates recently sent a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency asking for a long delayed update of Delta water flow and water quality standards. (A similar letter was also sent to the State Water Resources Control Board.) Somewhere around 150 organizations signed on, including a number in the Stockton area. [...]

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