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That’s California water for ya

San Joaquin County supervisors on Tuesday will declare this to be “California Flood Preparedness Week” and then, several agenda items later, will discuss the ongoing drought. Reminds me of this recent story by my colleague Roger Phillips. At a meeting in September, the Stockton City Council approved almost $50,000 to repair rainwater damage at City Hall; [...]

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Could desal solve our problems after all?

Every month or so someone sends me his or her “solution” to California’s water problems. Those quotation marks aren’t meant to sound snide. These folks are all a heck of a lot smarter than I am. Or at least, more determined. You’d have to be, to spend your spare time trying to figure this mess [...]

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Incoming invasive

Took a quick tour of hyacinth hot spots on the west side of town on Monday — here’s how it’s looking out there. In downtown Stockton, the marina is still mostly open, though some slips were choked with hyacinth on Monday: The Morelli boat launch just to the west is in somewhat worse shape: Moving [...]

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Why are we preserving stripers?

Longtime Lodi resident and recent Stockton transplant Joshua Hutchison cast a few lines my way about yesterday’s game warden story (see previous post). Hutchison asks whether striped bass populations really should be preserved by these wardens, given the fact that stripers eat endangered fish. This is a topic we’ve covered a number of times; I [...]

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‘The thin green line’

Enjoyed a ride-along last week with state Fish and Wildlife warden Perry Schultz, one of five wardens charged with protecting San Joaquin County’s natural resources. Here’s the story, and here’s a bit of video we shot out in the field.

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Stagg student tackles twin tunnels

Stagg High journalist Devin Wickstrom has finished a multimedia project on the twin tunnels. It’s tough to relate this issue to the general public — not to mention Stagg’s student body — but Wickstrom found some diverse voices for his piece, including a couple that you might not have heard before. Check it out.  

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‘Cash-for-grass’ pilot program in Stockton?

Tonight’s General Plan workshop didn’t produce a ton of news, though an official with the city’s Municipal Utilities Department did say the city is investigating a “cash for grass” program in which homeowners are compensated for removing water-guzzling turf from their yards. Tony Tovar didn’t sound too optimistic about the idea, which has proven effective [...]

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Heat be damned; turn down those sprinklers

With another 90-plus degree day in Stockton today (perhaps our last?) it’s easy to imagine that many people are probably still running their sprinklers at July levels. Not necessary, says Karrie Reid, an environmental horticulture advisor with the U.C. Cooperative Extension in Stockton. “They should have already dialed back a little bit in September anyway,” [...]

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October Sky

Doug Christensen, with the Stockton Astronomical Society, reminds me that Stockton will see two eclipses this month. What is this, Tatooine? Anyway, a total lunar eclipse will take place early Wednesday at the worst of all possible times — from about 3:25 a.m. until just after 4:20 a.m., Christensen said. That’s when the moon will [...]

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Light the halo; fight the drought

I knew I had good taste in baseball. With the playoffs beginning this week, I’m happy to report that my Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California of the United States are one four teams partnering with the Association of California Water Agencies and the state Department of Water Resources, urging fans to conserve water. [...]

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