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Let bygones be bygones on the Moke

After decades of fighting over the Mokelumne River, East Bay MUD, San Joaquin County and several local water districts signed a landmark agreement this week. More coming on this soon. But for now, you can read the formal agreement here.

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Sturgeon: Resilient to drought, but still at risk

Do you read the state Department of Fish and Wildlife’s weekly Q&A column? You should — there’s some great stuff in there. Last week the state responded to an anonymous reader wondering how sturgeon are faring during this drought. The good news is the fish are especially resilient, the state said, answering in part: “Sturgeon [...]

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Don’t forget the floods

Michael Cockrell, San Joaquin County’s director of emergency services, said Wednesday that only five California counties participated in Flood Awareness Week in late October. “That’s sad,” he said. Yes, we’re in a drought, but we know how quickly things change in California. At the same meeting where Cockrell made his comment, a FEMA representative noted [...]

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Always quick with a snappy quote, Dino Cortopassi was on his game Monday when he spoke to a coffee group about his recent “Liar, Liar” advertising campaign, targeting Gov. Jerry Brown for declaring a “balanced budget” earlier this year. Here’s my recap from today’s dead-tree edition of The Record, and here are the ads if [...]

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‘Tales of the San Joaquin’

A reader sent this video about the restoration of the San Joaquin River. It’s long-ish (about 20 minutes) but interesting, if you’ve got time.

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Hyacinth: A danger to pets?

I’ve heard folks suggest that hyacinth might be as dangerous for dogs as it is for boats. The theory is that pets frolicking in the Delta with their owners might be tempted to jump out of their boats and onto the floating mats of vegetation, mistaking the hyacinth for dry land. Hyacinth did endanger a [...]

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Remembering Steve Stocking

From mice to mountain lions, Steve Stocking was my go-to guy anytime I had a critter question. Steve died on Sunday. In 2010 he took me on a tour at the Delta College campus, showing off the college’s diverse urban forest — below is some video we took on that occasion. Speaking of trees, Steve’s [...]

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The analyst vs. the artist

I am your classic, analytical left-brainer. This is my definition of what a complex environmental plan looks like: Put a highlighter in my right hand, a beverage in my left, prop my feet up on the desk and I’ll devour that bad boy with pleasure (well, maybe that’s going too far). The artists with the [...]

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How the water bond played out

Some tidbits from last night’s water bond vote: • Twelve counties opposed the bond, 10 of which roughly make up the state of Jefferson territory in far Northern California. The other two? Calaveras and Inyo. • San Joaquin County voters were inclined to support the bond (59 percent), but were considerably less enthusiastic than other [...]

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At least the birds are happy

Ann and I took a run late Saturday along the levee on the south side of Brookside. Heading south, as we turned the corner and began to run alongside the Calaveras River, we were surprised to see close to two dozen great egrets and snowy egrets perched atop floating mats of water hyacinth. Each bird [...]

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