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Even in flood, smelt captured at Delta pumps

State and federal water exporters are approaching a key limit to the number of imperiled Delta smelt that can be “salvaged” (read: killed) at the south Delta pumps. Make no mistake, it’s been a great water year for people and fish alike. Conditions in the Delta for smelt and other species are the best they’ve [...]

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Smith Canal petition in the works

Levee engineer Dominick Gulli, who is suing to block the proposed Smith Canal flood-control gate, told officials last week that he has also started a petition. “It brings up many of the issues of the way you’re collecting this assessment” to pay for the gate, Gulli told the San Joaquin Area Flood Control Agency’s Board [...]

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Breathing room — but not enough

After coming within a few inches of capacity on Feb. 22, Don Pedro Reservoir has dropped about 11 feet. You can thank this extended dry spell for that. Officials have managed to dump about 138,000 acre-feet of water during that time. But is it enough? The Tuolumne River system will likely see anywhere from 2 [...]

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Some well-deserved recognition

One of the Delta’s most cherished critters is being memorialized on a postage stamp. The photo comes from Nebraska, but it’s a scene close to the heart of any outdoors-loving person in Stockton or Lodi, too. Michael Forsberg took the shot of sandhill cranes flying over the Platte River, officials said. The new stamp is [...]

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A full New Melones Lake in our future?

I asked the Bureau of Reclamation’s Ron Milligan on Tuesday if it’s conceivable that New Melones could fill up later this year — a question that would have been laughed off just two months ago. With a little more snow in the central Sierra, Milligan said, it is possible. New Melones was the last of [...]

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Flood, seen from the air

Check out this drone footage of the San Joaquin River flood south of Manteca:

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I’ve been writing about water for 10 years in one of the state’s most flood-prone cities. And I’ve never had to write about a substantial flood. I’ve written countless stories about planning for future floods, about the quality of our levees and the need for new flood control infrastructure. But an actual, honest-to-goodness flood? Never [...]

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Strange times as Delta rivers flow downstream

You know it’s a flood in the Delta when all of its rivers are actually flowing toward the ocean. Earlier this week, the Old and Middle rivers, which normally run backward as they feel the influence of the powerful state and federal export pumps, began flowing downstream instead. Evidently there is so much water coming [...]

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Weird times in California water

Not sure I’ve ever seen a more perfect juxtaposition of California water issues than on Wednesday. While Department of Water Resources engineers were inspecting a giant gash in the Oroville spillway, with the reservoir rising rapidly and a critical need to dump water downstream, the same state agency simultaneously announced a new report showing that [...]

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A full tank of water tower nostalgia

It’s been fun monitoring reaction on social media to my news over the weekend that a half dozen of Stockton’s largest and oldest water towers will give up the ghost over the next few years. A sampling from the Facebook groups Stockton History and Memories of Stockton: –”I’m 58 and that tower has been there [...]

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