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Ode to odor

Social media poet Kevin Hicks shares his latest work, inspired by that gooey, gummy mess at the downtown waterfront: “The algae in Stockton’s marina The most rancid smell you could ever know Reminds me of crissing S#&$ River While at port in Olongapo Is this what the tunnels will do By staunching the Delta water [...]

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Pigs, at sunset

This blog will be silent until Sept. 22, while I do a little adventuring. In the meantime, for an adventure of your own, check out “Evening Flight With Piggies,” by Adam Farrow. It’s a side of the Delta that most people never see.

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McNerney ‘supportive’ of water bond

U.S. Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Stockton, told me Thursday that he is “supportive” of the new $7.5 billion water bond. “It looks like it’s a good proposal. It’s got the right ingredients in it to help,” McNerney said. McNerney’s opponent in the November election, Republican Tony Amador, told my colleague Zack Johnson that he’s against the [...]

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Save some for the grass

This was the scene in front of the Weber Institute of Technology in downtown Stockton this afternoon. Not only is this sprinkler watering the sidewalk, but it’s drenching the parked car and the street beyond it. Watering of hard surfaces has been illegal in California since the State Water Resources Control Board passed emergency drought [...]

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Eggman, Olsen, others explain groundwater opposition

Democrat Susan Eggman, Republican Kristin Olsen and other Central Valley legislators are explaining their opposition to the recently passed groundwater bills. In short, their concerns boil down to increased costs that could be passed on to water users, and the haste with which the legislation was approved, in their view. Read more.

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Lodi uses more water despite drought

Lodi is the only local water provider to report an increase in water use in July 2014, compared with July 2013, according to data released Tuesday by the State Water Resources Control Board. Lodi is also the only incorporated area in San Joaquin County in which some homes still lack water meters. Coincidence? You decide. [...]

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What’s on tap — weekend of Sept. 6-7 and beyond

Leading off our calendar of events… fruits, veggies and fish! Saturday, Sept. 6: Organic produce stand opens for the first time at Boggs Tract Community Farm. 9 a.m. to noon. Fruits, vegetables, eggs and honey available. 466 S. Ventura Avenue. More details here. Saturday, Sept. 6: Grab a pole: It’s Free Fishing Day in California. [...]

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Brown: Tunnels plan ‘isn’t cooked yet’

It took less than five minutes for Gov. Jerry Brown and Republican challenger Neel Kashkari to clash over the twin tunnels during tonight’s debate. While Kashkari said he wants to take high-speed rail money and pump it into water projects, the tunnels apparently aren’t among the projects he would fund — at least, not now. [...]

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Groundwater: How they voted

More evidence that water issues transcend political affiliation. Assemblywoman Susan Eggman, D-Stockton joined Kristin Olsen and other Assembly Republicans in opposing last week’s groundwater legislation. Eggman voted no on both of the bills, which, if signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, would require local agencies to write groundwater sustainability plans and allow the state to intervene [...]

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Dump the bucket, raise a glass

Stockton’s Eric “Letter K” Luis found a way to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge without getting wet. Watch: In reality the ALS challenge is having virtually no impact on the state’s water supply. Still, Luis’s concern is understandable.   He writes: “As a grocery clerk, I’ve begun seeing people come in to buy entire carts [...]

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