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Lawsuits, get yer lawsuits here

8/24: Updated with Placer County Water Agency, Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District, city of Brentwood, North Delta Water Agency, Sacramento Municipal Utility District 8/23: Updated with complaints from Butte County and cities of Folsom, Roseville I’ll try to post all of the newly filed Delta tunnels lawsuits here. If I’m missing anything, please drop me a line […]

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A more nuanced message on Delta tunnels

Delta tunnels proponents really want you to read the latest blog post by fish experts Peter Moyle and James Hobbs. The project’s official Twitter account, @CAWaterFix, has tweeted links to the post six times over the past day. “Dr. Moyle & Dr. Hobbs explain why they are optimistic about #CAWaterFix from a fish perspective,” one […]

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Good gravy! It’s in the 80s

Notice anything different today? Stockton’s longest streak of 90-degree-plus weather in half a century has finally ended. July 1 was the last time we fell short of 90 degrees. Since then it’s been 93 degrees or worse. Such a 43-day barrage of above-average heat is unusual, even for the Central Valley in July and August. […]

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Litigation trepidation. I have it.

With¬†Lawsuit-Palooza Episode II expected in theaters on or before Aug. 21, I can’t help but wonder how impossible it’ll be to keep tabs on all of this. We’re talking Delta tunnels litigation now, and as former San Joaquin County Supervisor Larry Ruhstaller used to say, this will be like playing three-dimensional Tic-Tac-Toe in the dark […]

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Fact check on Devin Nunes

On the floor of the House of Representatives last week, south valley Rep. Devin Nunes was calling attention to all of the “wasted” water that flowed out to the ocean this year when he made an interesting comment: “Some on the other side of the aisle, they continually talk about global warming, and they continually […]

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More on the Delta tunnels JPA

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California today released the first of three “white papers” on the Delta tunnels, which are supposed to inform MWD board members as the district moves toward a September vote on the project. Most of what’s in there has been reported previously. But here are a few things I found […]

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Are we hypocrites?

San Joaquin County residents want a cleaner and greener transportation system, one which leads to fewer greenhouse gas emissions and less sprawl, a new survey finds. Eighty-one percent of us think reducing GHG emissions is either “important” or “very important.” That number is 64 percent when it comes to preserving farmland. We also strongly support […]

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Not exactly ‘whitewater’ rapids

Clark Fork, a major tributary of the Stanislaus River, was not only running high at the peak of last week’s heat wave, but also quite turbid and muddy. It was 90 degrees at 6,000 feet; evidently there was so much flow that the river and its tributaries, including aptly named Disaster Creek, were eroding their […]

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More confusion than clarity in tunnels EIR

The final version of Gov. Jerry Brown’s twin tunnels plan is better than earlier drafts but still contains “key flaws,” independent scientists say, including an environmental impact report that is so chock full of facts that it doesn’t tell a clear story. The latest draft critique marks the Independent Science Board’s fifth review of various […]

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Back on the porcupine beat

A woman called this morning. “This may sound strange,” she said, “but are you the person who wrote an article about porcupines?” I immediately knew what was up. Every once in a while someone calls me to report a porcupine sighting. See, I wrote a story in 2012 about how porcupines are increasingly rare in […]

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