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Imitation is the sincerest form of …?

These days it seems there’s a parody with every introduction of new products and the ad campaigns that go with them. The recent release of the Nikon Df is no exception. Photographer/educator Matt Granger based in Sydney, Australia (aka That Nikon Guy) put out a video in response to Nikon’s enigmatic Df video spots on […]

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Hey Rube!

There are some photographers who have more photography equipment than they know what to do with. They’re often people with a lot of disposable income making up for their limited skills by buying a lot of fancy equipment. The shooters at the Toronto, Canada-based commercial studio 2D Photography aren’t in that category. A quick look […]

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Video for the masses

At the couple of concerts I shot during the latest San Joaquin County fair there was a new phenomenon that I hadn’t seen in years past. In previous years, fans were allowed to approach the stage, grab a few pictures and then go back to their seats. The more popular the performers, the more people […]

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Careful with your creativity

A few months ago, Chase Jarvis, a photographer and director based out of Seattle, posted a video on how he uses an iPhone to keep his creativity fresh. My experience with my wife’s iPhone has shown me that it can be a fun device that can be used  with inventiveness and imagination. I’m looking forward […]

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