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“A bad day fishing is better than…”

There’s a saying that goes: “A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.” Not being an angler, I wouldn’t know if that was true, but I bet that fishermen Jason Lee and Simon Chen of Stockton were having second thoughts when they cast their lines from their small boat on […]

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Random Photo #11

In keeping with the spirit of my previous entry, I’m starting an occasional feature simply called “Random Photo.” They may or may not have an interesting story behind them, but they’ll be pictures that in one way or another have caught my eye in my wanderings around the city and county. A couple of weeks […]

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River cat

Egrets are a common sight along Smith Canal in Stockton. On the partially the submerged logs and tree branches that line the canal they perch themselves, motionless, like white flamingo lawn ornaments. In lightning bolt-like stabs they snag the unsuspecting fishie for a quick snack. I’ve shot many an egret on the canal and driving […]

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