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Readers Photo Challenge: Beyond a shadow of a doubt

Readers Photo Challenge: Beyond a shadow of a doubt “Shadows” was the subject of the latest Readers Photo Challenge. Although a shadow is intangible and has no weight or substance in and of itself, optically it can carry a lot of heft in a photo and can make a bold visual statement. Seventeen readers sent […]

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Silhouettes in profile

One of my favorite things to shoot or just to look at is a well done silhouette. A Nicely done one can be a strong compositional element and can make your subject really stand out. Some may think that shooting a silhouette is a tricky thing but it’s actually a relatively easy thing to do. […]

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Silhouettes can present graphically bold images. The dark outline of a person or thing can virtually jump out of the photo. For the challenge sunsets/sunrises were a common theme. The combination of a sun low on the horizon, dark foreground and brilliant colors in the sky makes evenings and mornings the perfect time for silhouettes. […]

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Admitting you have a problem is the first step

Tony Sedillo, left, and Aurelia Vrandecic-Sedillo of Stockton, take in a colorful sunset at Buckley Cove Park in Stockton. Hi, my name is Clifford and I’m a silhouette junkie. I like silhouettes because of the strong graphic element that they provide. Bold dark figures set against a colorful background make for dramatic pictures. To get […]

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