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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: The shadow knows

“Who knows what creativity lurks in the hearts of men. The Shadow knows.” – paraphrased from the 1930s “The Shadow” radio drama. “Shadows” is the subject of the latest Readers Photo Challenge assignment. Shadows are intangible and lack physical substance but can make bold visual statements nonetheless. Shadows are pretty easy to shoot. No special […]

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Little inspirations

The first unofficial rule of photography (coined by my college photography instructors Dick Fleming and the late Andy Delucia) is: “Always have a camera”. You never know when or where inspiration will strike you. Even when I’m on assignment, I’ll be attracted to something that isn’t part of why I’m there. It’s fortunate that it’s […]

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Self-portrait 101

(Camera: Nikon D2x, Lens: 17-35mm @ 17. Exposure: ASA 200, f/13 @ 1/250) Three easy steps to take a self portrait. 1. Use a wide-angle lens 2. Cast a shadow 3. Hit the shutter release button by accident.

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Only the shadow knows

I was looking for something that would show it was a mild sunny day, yet still winter-time. The University of the Pacific student in shorts illustrates that was a nice day and the shadow of a leafless tree against a wall of the Baun Student Fitness Center on the UOP campus in Stockton indicates that […]

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