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Readers Photo Challenge: Rule of thirds

The rule of thirds, the subject of the latest challenge assignment, is a compositional tool that many learn when starting out in photography. It states that if you divide up the frame into equal thirds with imaginary lines vertically and horizontally, your main subject should be placed at one or more of the intersection of [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Three is the magic number

The subject of the newest Readers Photo Challenge is the rule of thirds. It is a compositional rule of thumb of sorts. If you divide the camera’s frame into thirds with imaginary lines, both horizontally and vertically, where those lines intersect are what is know as points of interest. Placing your subject at or near [...]

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Composition 101: Thirds

Learning about composition can be one of the harder things in photography. There are very few rules, and most of them can be bent, if not broken. There are a few common sense things, such as don’t have a tree branch sticking out of aunt Martha’s head. (That’s more about being aware of what’s going [...]

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