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Random photo #18: Rain ride

On a rainy night last week, streetlights shimmered off of the wet pavement in downtown Stockton.

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Random photo #17: Enlightenment

I haven’t done a “random photo” in a while so here’s one that’s long overdue. They say that the road to enlightenment is a long and arduous one. No it isn’t. It can be found on a small hill at the west end of March Lane in Stockton.

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Random Photo #11

In keeping with the spirit of my previous entry, I’m starting an occasional feature simply called “Random Photo.” They may or may not have an interesting story behind them, but they’ll be pictures that in one way or another have caught my eye in my wanderings around the city and county. A couple of weeks [...]

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Random happenstances

One of my favorite things to shoot is the “enterprise” photo. Sometimes called “wild art” or “stand alone” pictures they are usually shots that run by themselves without a story, just a caption. They are usually “slice of life” pictures that show something interesting or picturesque (or both) in the community. It takes equal amounts [...]

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