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Practice makes perfect

One of the main goals of the monthly Readers Photo Challenge is to have you go out and actually take some pictures. Occasionally, someone will come up to me an say that they like the tips that are given in this column but they can’t take good pictures. To that I say “practice, practice, practice.” […]

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Travel Practice

May is coming to an end soon graduations will take place and then after that summer vacation and all the photos you’ll take while you’re on the road. Vacation photos are essentially the same as travel photography. Like all things, the more you practice at travel pictures the better you’ll get at it. But short […]

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Practice, practice, practice

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst” – Henri Cartier-Bresson I often hear people say: “I take terrible pictures.” When they say that an old joke comes to mind. A tourist happens upon famed violinist Jascha Heifetz on the streets of New York City. The tourist asks him how to get to Carnegie Hall to […]

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(Camera: Nikon D300. Lens: Nikkor 300mm. Exposure: 1/500th sec. @ f/8. ISO: 100) Overheard at a Sierra High varsity football practice in Manteca: Head coach Jeff Harbison to a defensive player who let a pass get by him — “You did everything right. Grow three inches!  Grow three inches before the first game and you’ll […]

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Life-sized Weebles

A Delta College defensive lineman knocks over a tackling dummy during practice at the college in Stockton.(Camera: Nikon D2x with a 17-35mm wide-angle lens: Exposure: f/8 @ 1/250th of second. ASA: 200) Remember the toddler toy called the Weebles made by Playskol? They were small plastic figures of people that were rounded and weighted on […]

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Crazy legs

(Camera: Nikon D2x with a 300mm telephoto lens: Exposure: f/8 @ 1/500th of a second. ASA: 200) Back in the day, when I was a young guy, athletic shorts were, well, short. Today, the legs of short pants, of all kinds, hang well below the knee. This makes for interesting tan lines as shown by […]

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Cone head

(Camera: Nikon D2x camera with a 17-35mm wide-angle zoom lens. Exposure: F/9 @ 1/500th of a second. ASA 200) If the maintenance department at Delta College is missing a safety cone, they need to contact the college’s athletic staff. This one (along with a few others) was set out to mark a drill during on […]

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