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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Wide open

Most of the challenge assignments are of a single subject. Sometimes its something that I think might interesting, other times it may be about some technique that I think may be worth trying out. This assignment, however, will be an open one, meaning the subject is what ever you want it to be. Sometimes I’ll [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Open up

This is the 43rd challenge and we’ve covered many different kinds of photography, so this assignment it will be open to any of the previous 42 assignments. In other words, the choice of subject will be pretty much up to you. The only limitation is the normal 2-week period in which to shoot it. You [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge: Open to all

My photo instructor Dick Fleming once hypothetically posited that given two photo students, one with unlimited resources (film, access to any piece of equipment, time, etc.), the other with limited means (1 camera & lens, only a few frames of film), the student with only a few choices would do a better job on the [...]

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