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It’s no secret that the newspaper industry has had its troubles for the last several years. The loss of advertising and classified revenue and the decline in circulation have been big blows to nearly every news organization in the world. Smarter people than me have tried and pretty much failed to come up with a […]

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Font of knowledge

(Camera: Nikon D300. Lens: 17-55mm @ 55mm. Exposure: 1/160th sec. @ f/15 w/ Dyna-Lite strobe. ISO: 100) From Helvetica to New Times Roman, fonts are the different styles type. Newspapers carefully and deliberately choose which fonts they use. The typefaces used in print have to be easily readable and efficient so as to not waste […]

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A non-photogrpahic (but newspaper related) rant.

(Camera: Nikon D2X. Lens: Nikkor 17-35mm @ 35mm. Exposure: f/2.8 @ 1/60, ISO 400) I get my news from a number of sources, radio, television, the internet and other newspapers. The Sacramento Bee has it’s “Ask Scoopy” (their mascot) question of the day on the weather page. Yesterday’s question was “What is Zulu (Z) Time?” […]

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Betcha can’t do this online.

(Camera: Nikon D2x camera with 80-200mm telephoto zoom lens. Exposure: f/2.8 @ 1/125th-second. ASA: 320) For the last few years newspaper circulation all across the country has been declining. Experts cite a number of reasons, with the popularity of the internet being the main one. There are many advantages that online news has over print. […]

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