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Moon shots

Last Monday we experienced what’s called a “supermoon.” It’s when the moon comes closest to Earth in its elliptical orbit (its perigee) appearing up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than when it is at its furthest point (apogee). It occurs, on average, once every 14 months, though there are some long periods without one […]

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Moon night

Getting a photo of the moon is a little different than getting your usual night shot. Typical night photography normally entails either using long exposures, or high ISOs (or both). A moon shot (apologies to NASA) involves daylight exposures. Why you may ask? Our only natural satellite is at an average distance of about 238,000 […]

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Heavenly bodies

Early last month I had read that spectacular celestial alignment would occur. The planets Venus and Jupiter were to appear close together in the western sky just after sunset for most of March. And aside for the moon, the two would be the two brightest objects in the sky. I was working the night shift […]

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Moon shot

A full moon has been celebrated in both fact and folklore. The moon gravitational field affects the Earth’s tides. There have been reports of an increase of crime during full moons. Romantic scenes depict couples parked at lovers’ lane under a full moon (granted, it’s often in some type of slasher movie and bad things […]

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Shoot the moon

(Camera: Canon 20D. Lens: Canon 300mm w/1.4 extender. Exposure: 1/8 sec., @ f/5.6. ISO: 800) Here’s one last look at Wednesday’s total lunar eclipse. Shooting the moon under normal circumstances is simpler than you might think. A long lens is all that’s required, and not a necessarily a very fast one at that. That’s because […]

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